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Stealing from a warlord and giving him the one finger salute as I made my getaway was not the brightest thing I’d ever done. Okay, it was an incredibly stupid stunt.Did I mention that this particular Coletti warlord is the most feared in the entire galaxy? That Zarek’s the ultimate predator and even the other warlords are scared spitless of him? That he never ever stops unStealing from a warlord and giving him the one finger salute as I made my getaway was not the brightest thing I’d ever done. Okay, it was an incredibly stupid stunt.Did I mention that this particular Coletti warlord is the most feared in the entire galaxy? That Zarek’s the ultimate predator and even the other warlords are scared spitless of him? That he never ever stops until he either captures or kills his prey?Yeah, I have the big, bad after me and all because of one little finger. Okay and a Ditrim crystal the size of my fist. Am I worried? Of course, only an idiot doesn’t fear a very angry Coletti warlord. But, I am very good at what I do. Bad news is, so is Zarek....

Title : the warlord s comeuppance
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the warlord s comeuppance Reviews

  • Samantha K
    2019-03-22 14:06

    This is a true sci-fi romance, not erotica, and it was awesome! Gail, you are my new favorite author! Wow! She can write! She gave us a strong heroine who actually resisted being "mated" to the hero. (That seems to be a novel idea with a lot of authors.) Detja was smart and so hilarious in all her antics to get away from Zarek. He, of course, was fixed on the "mine" mentality (loved it!). The combination made for some super sexy and exciting reading. I also really appreciated that their relationship was developed before they were physically together. To top it off, there were, of course, plenty of laugh out loud moments that were so fun to read. This was a fun book to read and I highly recommend it.Comment Comment | Permalink

  • Laura (Kyahgirl)
    2019-03-24 12:05

    3.5/5; 4 stars; B+This book took me by surprise. I haven't read anything by this author before or heard any buzz. I really enjoyed the book because, if you can have a 'romp' in the sci-fi genre, this would be it. A light hearted, funny, irreverent story that had lots of fast paced action, strange creatures from other planets, psychic abilities, and just fun. Many of those who write sci-fi/romance/erotica get too focused on the erotica aspect and the space adventure aspect suffers. Not so in this case. I liked that and will defintely read more by this author.

  • Angela James
    2019-02-25 17:45

    This book showed a lot of potential. Unfortunately, though I try very hard not to say this often, this book was in need of a strong editor. It's told in first person, in the voice of the spunky heroine. She stayed spunky throughout, but unfortunately, her voice had only one note, so it got a bit wearing. Each time the heroine is in danger, her internal narrative gives us an "eep!" (and she's in danger a lot), she has catch phrases like "he's a cranky butt" which I suspect the author is using to establish the heroine's voice but overuse of anything is still overuse. Last, there's no clear goal, conflict, or motivation (not to pull out that term but it's the best way to say it). Yes, there's conflict, but it's not a conflict you're ever left feeling won't be resolved, and it's quite muddy. You don't start out the book, or at any time during the book, feel "this is what they're hoping to accomplish or this is what we want to happen". Mostly you're just along for a jaunt across space. In addition to that there's no character development and while we do get a good sense of the heroine, there's not a lot we learn about the hero, other than he's a lot more patient than most saints. We don't see any true relationship development, other than sex.Ultimately, I think this author shows tremendous promise, but needs a story with more focus and a skilled editor to help her get there while also working with her on some craft. I didn't dislike this book, but I was always conscious of its flaws as I was reading and I didn't have a sense of satisfaction over either the plot or the relationship arc when it ended.

  •  Sara
    2019-03-24 18:06

    Someone called this a sci-fi romp, and that's exactly what it was. The action was insanely fast-paced, kind of reminded me of watching a Jackie Chan movie, with the action and humor (though this was far more technology and less acrobatics). The psychic sex was hot. The relationship between the main characters was a lot of fun. The heroine over-used phrases so much it drove me crazy (something I've never even noticed in any other book). The action was a bit exhausting. But I had a great time, and would recommend it.

  • Sophia
    2019-03-06 16:50

    I've enjoyed this humorous, sexy and light sci-fi series since someone recommended Vexing Voss to me, but didn't have the opportunity to read the 'big bad' Overlord and Detja's story for some time. Chronologically it is a prequel to Just My Luck, but technically it is the second book published for the series. There were hints in the other books that Detja led Zareth on quite the merry chase and it sounded so fun that I was thrilled when I finally scored a copy of this one.In appearance, Detja is a delicate and petite looking female from a race not recently known for female warriors, but Detja is different. Whether it is because she is a throw back to different times or because she was reared by a lethal flesh hungry outcast from his own race. Detja has knocked around the galaxy honing her skills and her gadgetry, thieving as she goes, just happy as a lark until the day she stole from the wrong person.Stealing from the fiercest Coletti warlord might not have been the smartest thing she's done and then giving him the one fingered salute as she made her escape just tagged her. Now, not only does she have most of the galaxy's policing force on her tail, but also a determined Coletti that has decided that he values anyone who can lead him on such a merry chase. The chase tightens when Detja's adoptive dad brokers a mating contract for her with Zareth, the warlord because he must return to his people to rejuvenate. His race goes on a mad feeding frenzy if they put off this event so he does what he has to for Detja's protection.Detja doesn't want the warlord as a mate because he doesn't seem to want an equal and partner. She refuses to curtail her life to fit his and runs. Her escape is hindered by encounters with other aliens, the Alliance, other Coletti and most definitely by the male determined to have her. His psych skills are off the charts and he is slowly, but surely forcing his way into her mind and keeping track of her. He will have her in the end, but her continued resistance and skills have earned his respect so that he might want more in his mate.I will confess that Vexing Voss remains my favorite of the series so far. While I had a good time reading Zareth and Detja's story, I did want a bit more because I really liked them. They were in the chase mode so much that establishing their characters, backgrounds, backstory and a stronger relationship was hurt a bit. I got the general idea so I wasn't lost and yes there were hints so that I wasn't entirely in the dark about their history and feelings, but a lot happened off scene and in passive voice too that I was curious about. For example, like Detja, I wanted to explore Zareth's past with his previous mates and get a few more on scene moments with the two of them connecting and getting to know each other. Now that being said, I didn't feel disconnected from the story. It was all told from Detja's point of view and so I got to know her well and got to know the others through her eyes. Detja was a rocking heroine with her sass and her mad skills. She was a great adventuress and I loved how she got herself in and out of jams with her weapon 'toys', her cunning and just sheer luck. She cracked me up the way she handled the tough males around her and didn't take getting pushed around because she was small. She totally was worthy of a guy like Zareth and because of her own history wasn't put off by his ruthless qualities though she tried to temper them a bit. And hot, Zareth knew just how to rev Detja up so that she was left a puddle of goo on the floor just from his long-distance lovemaking. It was also fun meeting Sariel, Captain Tan, Voss and Jayden at an earlier time. Detja paved the way for these guys really appreciating independent and capable females. So all in all, I had a good time for Detja and Zareth's adventures and continue to love the series as a whole. I am so eager for the next installment in this fun, passionate sci-fi series with the domineering warlords and the women who match them now.

  • Gail Koger
    2019-02-22 19:08

    Chris at Night Owl Reviews:Confident in her abilities, Detja steals at her discretion. Raised by Adan, a Katanic shape shifter, she has seen it all. Her adopted father is feared by all, yet he loves her. So when he sells her to her latest mark, for one credit, she's horrified. Zarek is a Coletti, one of the most feared warlord's in the galaxy. And he's focused on her as his mate. Determining him suitable, Adan makes a deal for her since he will be otherwise occupied and unable to protect her. So begins a chase across the galaxy, man after woman. Hunter after prey. Evenly matched, who could possibly be the winner? > > Full of acerbic and at times dark humor, this was a great read. Detja and Zarek are the parents of the hero from "Just My Luck" Telling the tale of how they came to be a couple was appreciated and enjoyed. > > Detja's attitude gets her far, but the direction is usually that of trouble. Loaded with weapons at all times, her attitude and manner were entertaining every step of the way. Using her diminutive stature as a tool, she manages more mayhem that a group of large warriors. This not only intrigues Zarek it attracts him. Having lost two mates prior, he is very interested in her ability to take care of herself and fight by his side. A courtship like no other, Detja's stubbornness meets its match and she goes down fighting. But she does fall and she's not alone. A great entertaining read.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-03-03 14:01

    Zarek is a male I'd probably not want to confront. However, in book two, he's not as scary alpha male so I can understand why Detja is a bit irreverent with him. This story is a fast and easy read. I found Detja to be kind of homicidal female. I like this about her. It's all kill, blow up and kill. This story is not as jam packed as the first story, but it's still fast paced. Detja tends to bring the worst out of males. They want to kill her. Well, actually, they want to either fuck her or kill her. If they can't do one, then they do the other. The sex in this story is not as prevalent and it's fine. I do enjoy the ghost hands. Phantom sex is awesome. Although I recommend Zarek to spend more time smacking Detja's ass both from his ghost and real hands. She needs it. While I understood Detja, she didn't do much for me. Her hacking skills were a fun touch as were her demolition skills. Her adoptive father is interesting. I wish we could learn more about him and his species. His rebirth opens up many questions which are not answered. Perhaps in book four, we'll learn more about him and his act of betrayal. This book is filled with a sassy sexpot driving males bonkers. It's a good thing there are so few females in this world. If there were more like Detja, it could spell disaster. Recommended for space opera lovers who love irreverent fearless females. *I received this book as a gift from the author.

  • Angela
    2019-03-19 18:02

    Overlooking the need for a re-edit and the over usage of "Eeep" & "color me..." I liked the sassy, mouthy girls in this series. I find myself grinning at "little Flowers" irreverent attitude. Her stubbornness not to bend. You feel how it is that Detja survived and thrived.I kind of felt that Zarek was scarier in Books One and Three. I like the kick ass story and adventures Detja found. And while not my favorite book out of the series, not a bad story either.some small thoughts....I believe this should have been book one in the series and book one should be book two. Book three is right where it should be..... Mmmmmmm Voss!

  • Kris England
    2019-03-11 13:05

    Loved the snarky heroine and her love!

  • Marie
    2019-03-05 12:55

    I just loved this book. This author has become a must read. This story was a lot of fun. it was quirky, funny whitty and there was a lot of you go girl LOL. This is a must read.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-06 11:51

    The action, humor, powerful warriors and snarky women continue. This is chronologically first in the series - the story of how Dejah and the Overlord [Talree's mother and father from book 1] got together.FYI - the first two books are REALLY hard to find - copyright issues I believe - but you really can start with #3 Vexing Voss and not lose out. You will, however, pine for the first two... CW01 The Warlord's ComeuppanceCW02 Just My LuckCW03 Vexing VossCW03.5 Black Friday Coletti StyleCW04 Reality BitesCW05 Just DessertsCW06 Wulf & the Bounty HunterCW07 Game On Askole

  • Starry
    2019-02-26 18:57

    Detja and Zarek!(mom and dad of Talree-from last book)Stealing from a warlord and giving him the one finger salute as I made my getaway was not the brightest thing I’d ever done. Okay, it was an incredibly stupid stunt.Did I mention that this particular Coletti warlord is the most feared in the entire galaxy? That Zarek’s the ultimate predator and even the other warlords are scared spitless of him? That he never ever stops until he either captures or kills his prey?Yeah, I have the big, bad after me and all because of one little finger. Okay and a Ditrim crystal the size of my fist. Am I worried? Of course, only an idiot doesn’t fear a very angry Coletti warlord. But, I am very good at what I do. Bad news is, so is Zarek.________________________________________________________________________________________________REVIEW:First thing I have to say about this book: Loved it! I felt that every character played an important part that was needed in the book to make it more amazingly interesting to read. I LOVE Detja, she's so fierce and independent, worthy enough to be Zarek's mate. And Zarek? I mentally drooled when Zarek was described! He and Detja went so well together, and the adventure that they both went through made the book so exotic. I recommend this book to everyone! So don't waste your time and go out and get the book to read!! 5 stars!~~SPOILERS:Detja, also called "the ghost", is a master thief and magician of illusions. Her father, a Katanic shape shifter, begins to lose control of himself and must return to his home where he was banished from. Adan(her father) gives her to the Warlord Zarek for him to care for and mate with. Sariel- Askole's deadliest warriorVoss- Zarek's second-in-commandJaylan-Zarek's best trackerDetja gets into a handful of troubles throughout the book, which makes the book more fun and exciting.

  • Pamela
    2019-02-23 16:53

    A huge thank you to the author, Gail Koger, for giving me a copy of her novel, "The Warlord's Comeuppance." This is a sci-fi/romance that includes one very feisty, stubborn, and full of surprises heroine and one very large and sexy hero. Who wouldn't want a sexy man in their life who's able to make you feel his tongue and hands touching you all over, giving you orgasms, yet is not there with you in physical form? Sign me up. If you love quirky, sexy, erotic (explicit sex without going overboard) sci-fi/romance novels, I suggest you give this a go.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-23 10:58

    Second in the Coletti Warlords Series, even though it happens before Just My Luck. This story is Talree's father Zarek, the Overlord of the Coletti Empire and Detja, the Farin thief.Detja, a complicated female, also known as The Ghost, is on a mission to retrieve a medallion stolen from her friend, when she runs across Zarek, who has actually been looking for her.Adnan, a shapeshifter, has been a father to Detja since her own parents were killed when she was little. They share a psychic bond and this is both a good & bad thing. Good in that he can save her if necessary and bad in that he eats people and now needs to go regenerate or he becomes a killing maching, so must sever their connection. He can't leave her all alone & picks Zarek to look after and bond with her. She of course doesn't agree that she needs anyone and is particularly afraid of what will happen if she bonds to the most feared person in the galaxy.Loved this latest addition to the Coletti world, and looking forward later this year to the newest - Vexing Voss.

  • Tammy Ramey
    2019-03-09 11:52

    Book #2 in the Colletti Warlord'ss series from Gail Koger is a wonderful look into the Overlord that usually scares the snot out of the rest of the universe. However one small thief doesn't seem to be afraid of him at all and he is at a complete loss as to how to deal with that. Leave it to Detja to teach him how. LOL! i loved this book, and was happy to see a softer side to Zarek as in the first book it was a bit hard to like him at all. Detja was hilarious and put the entire known universe thru its paces and still came out the winner. she is defintely the right mate for the Overlord of the Colletti.this series is fast becoming one of my favorites and these 2 characters are at the top of the list also. if you like this type of book then you should grab this one and be prepared for the hilarity to commence. if you don't usually read this type of book, give this one a try as it is not the usual romance novel. :)

  • Bridget
    2019-03-23 10:51

    After reading Just My Luck, I decided to check out this book as it was next in the series. Funny story, I have already read it years ago. Still a good buck that made me laugh even knowing what was going to happen. I read it originally before Goodreads and keeping track of things like that. Anyhoo, I digress. This book is about Talree's (book one hero) mom and dad. How they met and fell in love which of course is how we got Talree. I was impressed with how the H/h get together. Sometimes an author finds something that works in book one and you basically get the same story regurgitated over and over in the sequels. Nope. Gail Koger gave a unique spin on why the Heroine would need the Hero. I wondered at the beginning why a woman who is familiar with Coletti Warlords is not showing much self preservation with one, but you have not met her Dad. I think I will have nightmares about him. Great book, happy with it even as a re-read. Moving on to book 3.

  • Angarad
    2019-03-25 16:54

    I finally got my hands on this book after a very long wait. Thanks Ms Koger for giving this copy after winning the FB contest!!!Zarek is THE threat, ultimate alpha among all the Colettis. His mate needed to be just as dangerous and more than a bit crazy. And Djeta is that and more!! I had some great laughs while reading this book. Just like Kaylee and the other Sirens, she attracts trouble everywhere she goes and is pretty handy with grenades and other offensive techs. I really liked Adan and was surprised he isn't mentioned in the other books. I hope we will get more books and more new characters in this serie.

  • Toni (U.A.C.)
    2019-03-02 17:58

    Prequel. Detja and Zarek's, parents of Talree from Just My Luck, story of how they hook up. Would have liked to know more back history of the Colettis and the Alliance. BUT I still thought this was funny and enjoyable enough that I definitely want to read about Kaylee's relatives HEA, hope that this is in the works. Side Note: Cover is awesome!, but I didn't think that Just My Luck's cover was as horrible as some people thought. Did it look like every other young GQ model cover that most have? No, but still looks good as an older, mature, sexual man who knows what he wants and how to make you do it. Just my opinion...

  • Rhonda Jones
    2019-03-12 11:45

    The heroine Detja is fearless and snarky. But even better than her courage is her intelligence. She can get out of situations that appear to be insurmountable. Detja has strong psychic abilities that enable her to communicate telepathically with her adopted father, a truly scary and deadly alien. For these reasons, she is pursued by the Colletti Overlord. He wants her as his mate, and will not take no for an answer. What a wild ride this book took me on. Action on every page, LOL scenes, bloody entrails, world hopping, a terrifically fun read. Oh, and did I mention erotic? That Colletti Warlord does not fight fair! Great Book!

  • Kristin
    2019-03-14 15:52

    "The Warlord's Comeuppance" is the prequel to "Just My Luck" (Talree and Kaylee's story). I was so happy when I found out that the author was going to be telling Zarek and Detja story. I found the book to be just as entertaining as "Just My Luck". In this story she devles more into the background of the warlords and introduces a few new characters while incorporating several of the originals from the first story. I love this series and would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to see where it goes next!

  • Diane T.
    2019-03-20 16:06

    I will admit to being let down by this tale. It was a good book but I expected a great book and it just didn't quite get there. Having read "Just My Luck" (this book is a prequel to it), I was really looking forward to learning more about the the Overlord (better known as the Big Bad). This story was full of action and some hot sex (it is but it didn't seem to have much substance. At the end I was left knowing little more about the Overlord than I had known before I even started his story. Since he was the hero of this tale, I found that highly disappointing.

  • Netanella
    2019-03-22 13:00

    Knocked down from 4 to 3 stars because Detja just got tiresome by the middle of the book. "Ooops," she did it again - an almost tireless litany of Detja kicks everyone's ass while using her lipstick/nerve gas/wrist com link/Jem earring while covered in alien innards and pretending to be a meek female. By the 50th repetition, it stopped being cute and became childish and stupid.Okay, so I didn't like Detja. I did enjoy the book, however.

  • Kim
    2019-02-23 17:13

    I have never laughed so much reading a book. Definitely a keeper that I will read over and over again. Will definitely buy each and every book by this author in the furture. Koger's characters are so original and the storylines so compelling that you could loose yourself for hours just reading. Best kind of book.

  • Daria
    2019-03-14 13:03

    fast and hotwow!! can you say fast paced!!! From the first lines its moves with gusto. I just loved it and had soo much fun reading it. (I read it in one night!) The sex wasnt mind blowing, but the story carried it. Both the lead characters well along with the rest of the characters meshed well with the story line just made you want to keep reading!

  • Brenda Borton
    2019-03-07 12:04

    Ms. Koger has done it again! Another awesome book! Her female characters are strong, smart and have a great sense of humor - but I guess you have to if you deal with Alpha males - especially Coletti.I encourage anyone looking for a great read and laugh out loud moments to make some time and read all the Coletti Warlord books.

  • Eya
    2019-02-25 19:14

    I'd be a liar if I didn't give this three stars. It may be formulaic and over the top, but it's also hilarious like hell. I went through several laughing fits that had my husband looking at me kind of weird and that alone deserves praise :) Fun read.

  • Marianne
    2019-03-09 18:13

    I just love this series. I started out backwards and read Vexing Voss first but they are all great books with strong, dynamic, funny female leads and hunky, scrumptious alpha males. Combine that with a great storyline and I am a forever fan.

  • Janette Hosein
    2019-03-03 17:13

    I adore this book! Just my luck was my fav koger book and was excited to see where she went with her next book. I was disappointed when I realized it was backwards lol but she nailed it. I ended up loving Z and D's story. Loved how she never gave in and constantly kept him on his toes!

  • Dorothy Williamson
    2019-02-22 15:55

    I truly loved this! What an exciting page turner. It is even better than her previous books. Just read it! You'll love it!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-24 16:46

    Awesome!!!! Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Gail Koger's imagination and incredible writing talent. I can't wait for her next book to come out. I couldn't put the book down.