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Sisältää novellit: Kammottu talo (The Shunned House, 1937)Arthur Jermyn (Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family, 1924)Rotat seinissä (The Rats in the Walls, 1924)Hautaholvissa (In the Vault, 1925)Varjo Innsmouthin yllä (The Shadow Over Innsmouth, 1931)Cthulhun kutsu (The Call of Cthulhu, 1926)Dunwichin hirviö (The Dunwich Horror, 1928)Kuiskaus pimeässä (TheSisältää novellit: Kammottu talo (The Shunned House, 1937)Arthur Jermyn (Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family, 1924)Rotat seinissä (The Rats in the Walls, 1924)Hautaholvissa (In the Vault, 1925)Varjo Innsmouthin yllä (The Shadow Over Innsmouth, 1931)Cthulhun kutsu (The Call of Cthulhu, 1926)Dunwichin hirviö (The Dunwich Horror, 1928)Kuiskaus pimeässä (The Whisperer in Darkness, 1930)...

Title : Kuiskaus pimeässä ja muita kertomuksia
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ISBN : 9789518874105
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Kuiskaus pimeässä ja muita kertomuksia Reviews

  • Hanna
    2019-02-10 04:06

    This was my first experience with Lovecraft's works. I must say that people were right. He was a good writer. I've heard Lovecraft to be good but I got surprised how good he really was. I've never read anything so enjoyable and addictive from the early 20th century. These short stories are masterpieces! And I read them quickly.I already knew something about the Lovecraft's mythos. I've played many table top games which are based on the Cthulhu mythology. So I did have somekind of a clue what to expect. I've also seen some movies which I think are based on some short stories or are at least inspired by Cthulhu mythology. I really don't know what more to say... I'm going to read more Lovecraft, I will play the games with more enthusiasm and with more knowledge about the world, and I'm also going to watch more movies (I think there's a new movie coming...?). I can't even say which short story was the best in this collection. The Whisper in Darkness was maybe little too scifi for me but not too much, it was still horror, and nice and interesting to read.

  • Sohvi
    2019-02-07 02:43

    Lovecraft oli mielestäni älyttömän hyvä kun olin teini. Silloin se tuntui erilaiselta ja jännältä kauhulta ja vetosi ihan tosi voimakkaasti pieneen teinigoottiin. Ja tällä lorella on edelleen aika iso soft spot sydämeni populaarikulttuurilokerossa, mutta näin aikuisena huomaan itseasiassa pitäväni paljon enemmän johdannaisista kuin alkuperäisteoksista. Lovecraftin maailmoista ja hirviöistä on tehty joitain aivan nerokkaita fanituotteita ja se on saanut kokonaan uuden elämän uusissa muodoissa. Kirjailijan suurin ansio on ehkä ollut välillinen. Taso on vaihteleva, sen muistinkin, pääasiassa häiritsee kaavamaisuus jota en muista teininä havainneeni. Jokainen novelli on rakennettu samalla tapaa. Kuvailua on paljon ja järkyttävä paljastus tulee yleensä kahdella viimeisellä sivulla tai ihan viimeisissä lauseissa. Oletettavasti 16-vuotias minä oli niin vaikuttunut ettei silloin haitannut, nyt tämä aiheutti aika paljon silmien muljauttelua. Ylikuvailun muistin jo teinivuosilta, samoinkuin rasismin. Tosin täytyy myöntää, että en muistanut/ollut nuorempana tajunnut että se rasismi on todella niin läpitunkevaa kuin mitä se on. Suomenkielinen esipuhe Jalavan kokoelmateokseen on myös aika hillitön taidonnäyte siitä, miten koitetaan kiemurrella rasistinen kirjailija ja hänen ajatusmaailmansa jotenkin hyväksyttäväksi tai kuitata asia sillä, että kauhukirjailijalla kuuluukin olla kamalia mielipiteitä. Ehkä sitä voisi vain puolustelematta todeta, että tällä tyypillä oli tällaisia tosi kamalia mielipiteitä ja ne tulee läpi näissä teksteissä aika vahvasti, kuluta viihdettä kriittisesti.

  • Noora
    2019-01-24 04:49

    Note: This review is my own personal opinion about the book, not a fact or a professional review. Sorry Lovecraft's stories, I don't think it will ever work out between us and this was one of the hardest book to rate (first I gave it just one star but then decided to give it the two star rating because I really liked some parts).Lovecraft's writing just didn't work for me and I had to struggle to finish most of the stories. There were good parts and even a few whole stories but two my favourite stories "The Rats in the Walls" and "In the Vault" where more like Poe-style fanfiction with a great twists in the end. I started thinking about my reading experience and I just felt bad that I didn't enjoy H.P. Lovecraft's stories when so many horror readers think he's one of the master's of horror with Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King etc. "Why can't I just like this even when I try so hard??! Book, please give me something good!!"Only answer I could figure out is that I don't like the alien kind of horror creatures at all and Lovecraft's style is like reading a journal you found somewhere with old dates, details and places that doesn't concern you at all and you're not feeling the situation yourself. ("If the guy wrote this part down he didn't die here...") I just can't take monsters or aliens seriously even in fiction when I maybe should. Just call me the Boring and Serious Sceptic Scully if you want. They just don't scare me one bit (quite the opposite) and the only alien that has scared me is in the first Alien movie and the characters are in space (what makes more sense like daah).I enjoy the type of horror where the villains are more humane or aren't shown at all. The Tell-Tale Heart with the fright of getting caught and nagging guilt after a murder and The Shining with the normal-looking dad who then wants to kill his whole family (because of a haunted hotel and stuff but still) are like these. That's truly scary because under the supernatural elements there are still the "monsters" who live inside people and just get out for some reason and sometimes there isn't a reason at all. Ugly monsters in books are quite boring in my opinion because then the story starts to remind me of a shoot-them-up game when it's just running away from ugly things that aren't humans anymore. I'm not saying I wouldn't wet myselself after seeing one but I think it's more likely to come across a serial killer than a monster with tentacles.With games these moster-type villains work really well if there's a backstory and a group of survivors that interact while greating drama (plus you can usually shoot the things or dash for your life to hide in lockers) but in Lovecraft's stories it's usually just the main character figuring things out and then running away from scary monsters. Then there's that obvious racism the reader should forgive from early 1930's stories but damn, every horror situation happens because: a) someone travels far away from white peopleb) someone travels to just plain weird place with different peoplec) gets stuff from other than white peopled) has relations other than white peopleThis is if you rate Lovecraft's stories "are they scary to me" -scale but Lovecraft is more like scifi/horror/pulp/mythology mashed up so it should be rated by only is it scary or not. I just didn't find the stories intresting but I acknowledge Lovecraft's influence to modern literature and I wouldn't be reading Stephen King's stories without Lovecraft so thank you H.P. for your huge legacy but your writing isn't just for my personal taste. Sorry that it had to be this way, but I don't want to force myself to read something I don't enjoy and the experience isn't entertaining at all.

  • Tsuhonets
    2019-02-08 00:46

    I liked this collection quite a lot. What especially fascinates me in Lovecraft's writing is his style of subtly building up the atmosphere by hinting to things. And even if this style, and some others of his writing tricks repeat in basically every story, I haven't found it boring yet.The translation was also very pleasant to read, the language, I believe, re-creates the feeling of the original versions to the greatest possible extent. So in this book the translators did a good job at least (although, the publisher of this book is much bigger than the one of Emmett's book).From the stories in this book, my favourite was The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It was a very thrilling. Even if, after all, I don't find the Cthulhu thing so interesting, the horror/thriller element in the stories still brings enjoyment, and is mainly the reason why I have done my best to read through the parts I consider boring.The least likeable story was The Dunwich Horror, not surprisingly. The sci-fi elements in this were too strong for my liking, and the story was not thrilling enough. Yet, according to the translators' forewords, it's one of the most popular writings of Lovecraft... Well, people have different tastes I guess.

  • Matti Karjalainen
    2019-02-17 04:58

    H.P. Lovecraftin tarinakokoelma "Kuiskaus pimeässä ja muita kertomuksia" sisältää kahdeksan legendaarisen kauhukirjailijan kirjoittamaa novellia vuosilta 1924-1931. Joukkoon mahtuvat muun muassa klassiset kertomukset "Cthulhun kutsu", "Dunwichin hirviö" ja allekirjoittaneen suosikki "Varjo Innsmouthin yllä".Kaikki tarinat on suomennettu aikaisemmin, mutta ne yhteen kokoava uusintapainos on ollut enemmän kuin paikallaan. Kiitos vaan, Jalavan väki!

  • Reetta Saine
    2019-01-21 08:50

    Viimeinkin pääsin käsiksi "Lovecraftin eksistentialistiseen kauhuun" ja hyvä niin. Rotat seinissä jäi pyörimään mielessä, Hautaholvissa muistutti enemmän perinteisempää kummitusjuttua ja rotuteoria-novellit hiukan hyytivät. Kuiskaus pimeässä ei varmasti ole rauhoittanut Pluton löytäneiden mieltä v. 1930...

  • Laura
    2019-02-03 01:08

    Finally I met Cthulhu itself.