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Their passionate encounter happened long ago by whatever measurement Claire Randall took. Two decades before, she had traveled back in time and into the arms of a gallant eighteenth-century Scot named Jamie Fraser. Then she returned to her own century to bear his child, believing him dead in the tragic battle of Culloden. Yet his memory has never lessened its hold on her…Their passionate encounter happened long ago by whatever measurement Claire Randall took. Two decades before, she had traveled back in time and into the arms of a gallant eighteenth-century Scot named Jamie Fraser. Then she returned to her own century to bear his child, believing him dead in the tragic battle of Culloden. Yet his memory has never lessened its hold on her… and her body still cries out for him in her dreams.Then Claire discovers that Jamie survived. Torn between returning to him and staying with their daughter in her own era, Claire must choose her destiny. And as time and space come full circle, she must find the courage to face the passion and pain awaiting her…the deadly intrigues raging in a divided Scotland… and the daring voyage into the dark unknown that can reunite—or forever doom—her timeless love....

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Voyager Reviews

  • Steph Sinclair
    2019-04-23 19:50

    Everyone wants Jamie's body. Randall, Lord John Grey, Claire, that teen girl and... Me. XD

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2019-05-21 03:00

    These books are becoming some of my favorite books of all time. I can't say for the rest of the series yet, but so far they are wonderful! For a good bit of the story we are told about what Jamie and Claire had been doing during their years apart. Not every little thing is told right away and I'm sure there is going to be some things later on down the road that might be brought up in other books. That seems to be the way it has been going. I thought I would going to keel over until Jamie and Claire were together again but I did enjoy the story up until then, with the exception of a few things. Also, it's so hard to know that they are all dead, well most, and Murtagh too =( Murtagh, it was so sad when Jamie was telling Claire about it later on. I cried my eyes out =( But Randall is dead! OMG! I was so happy and then weirded out for a minute that the evil bastard wasn't going to be around any more. Not that there aren't more evil bastards but still. The book also goes on to tell about Roger, Bree and Claire looking for clues as to where Claire might find Jamie and when they did and when she went back. OMG! "Is that you, Geordie?" he asked, not turning around. He was dressed in shirt and breeches, and had a small tool of some kind in his hand, with which he was doing something to the innards of the press. "Took ye long enough. Did ye get the--""It isn't Geordie," I said. My voice was higher than usual. "It's me," I said. "Claire."He straightened up very slowly. He wore his hair long; a thick tail of a deep, rich auburn sparked with copper. I had time to see that the neat ribbon that tied it back was green, and then he turned around. He stared at me without speaking. A tremor ran down the muscular throat as he swallowed, but still he didn't say anything. It was the same broad, good-humored face, dark blue eyes aslant the high, flat cheekbones of a Viking, a long mouth curling at the ends as though always on the verge of smiling. The lines surrounding eyes and mouth were deeper, or course. The nose had changed just a bit. The knife-edge bridge was slightly thickened near the base by the ridge of an old, healed fracture. It made him look fiercer, I thought, but lessened that air of aloof reserve, and lent his appearance a new rough charm. I walked through the flap in the counter, seeing nothing but that unblinking stare. I cleared my throat. "When did you break your nose?"The corners of his wide mouth lifted up slightly."About three minutes after I last saw ye-Sassenach."There was a hesitation, almost a question in the name. There was no more than a foot between us. I reached out tentatively and touched the tiny line of the break, where the bone pressed white against the bronze skin. He flinched backward as though an electric spark had arced between us, and the calm expression shattered. "You're real," he whispered. I had thought him pale already. Now all vestiges of color drained from his face. His eyes rolled up and he slumped to the floor in a shower of papers and oddments that had been sitting on the press--he fell rather gracefully for such a large man. I thought abstractedly. It was only a faint; his eyelids were beginning to flutter by the time I knelt beside him and loosened the stock at his throat. I had no doubts at all by now, but still I looked automatically as I pulled the heavy linen away. It was there, of course, the small triangular scare just above his collarbone, left by the knife of Captain Jonathan Randall, Esquire, of His Majesty's Eighth Dragoons. His normal healthy color was returning. I sat cross-legged on the floor and hoisted his head onto my thigh. His hair felt thick and soft in my hand. His eyes opened. "That bad, is it?" I said, smiling down at him with the same words he had used to me on the day of our wedding, holding my head in his lap, twenty-odd years before. "That bad, and worse, Sassenach," he answered, mouth twitching with something almost a smile. He sat up abruptly, staring at me. "God in heaven, you are real!""So are you.: I lifted my chin to look up at him. "I th-thought you were dead." I had meant to speak lightly, but my voice betrayed me. The tears spilled down my cheeks, only to soak into the rough cloth of his shirt as he pulled me hard against him. I shook so bad that it was some time before I realized that he was shaking, too, and for the same reason. I don't know how long we sat there on the dusty floor, crying in each other's arms with the longing of twenty years spilling down our faces.*Sob* There is more to it before and after but you can read all of that. I can't stand it. I cried my eyes out once again. I'm going to always cry in these books. So then they are back together and right off the bat they are running around trying not to get killed, although, there is some time to find a room and make love and eat and relax a little. Then they are off again. Omg! And little Fergus is a grown man. I mean of course he is and I still love him. I love him even more now. Jamie and Fergus are into smuggling and whatever else they can do. Eventually, Jamie and Claire go back home to Lallybroch taking little Ian home. Yes, Ian grew up too although he's only 14 or 15. Jenny and Ian and all of their kids are still there. And some other stuff that goes down there that I won't get into. Jamie, Claire and Ian set out to get the rest of this gold Jamie had hidden and Ian wanted to go out to get it and of course he gets nabbed by some pirates and taken out to sea. And thus begins our journey across the waters to find Ian. They do eventually find him and I was shocked to hear who had him and how they were crazy. Anyway, they make some stops along the way, get separated for a bit, run into John Grey who was a young lad the last time he was seen in the first book or was it the second? Who cares. He was sort of over Jamie when he went to jail. Yes, Jamie spent some time in jail while Claire was away and sired and damn kid boy doing something really stupid. He could have just grabbed the damn letters and went on about his business like he was trying to do. But, that's neither here nor there. I'm sure there is a reason for everything. Although, he sired the kid when he was working at a plantation and not in the actual jail cell. LolClaire and Jamie meet up with John Grey again later on and he's really kind to them. God, I'm all over the place in this review! I don't care, it is what it is. They have to deal with all kinds of things and Claire almost dies twice. It's like geez, they never get a break. But, no matter what, their love never dies. ❤"If you say it," I said, "I'll have to believe you.""You will?" He sounded faintly astonished. "Why?""Because you're an honest man, Jamie Fraser." I said, smiling so I wouldn't cry. "And may the Lord have mercy on you for it.""Only you," he said, so softly I could barely hear him. "To worship ye with my body, give ye all the service of my hands. To give ye my name, and all my heart and soul with it. Only you. Because ye will not let me lie--and yet ye love me."I did touch him then. "Jamie," I said softly, and laid my hand on his arm. "You aren't alone any more."He turned then and took me by the arms, searching my face. "I swore to you," I said. "When we were married. I didn't mean it then, but I swore-and now I mean it." I turned his hand over in both of mine, feeling the thing, smooth skin at the base of his wrist, where the pulse beat under my fingers, where the blade of his dirk had cut his flesh once, and spilled his blood to mingle with mine forever. I pressed my own wrist against his, pulse to pulse, heartbeat to heartbeat. "Blood of my blood . . ." I whispered. "Bone of my bone." His whisper was deep and husky. He knelt quite suddenly befor eme, and put his folded hands in mine; the gesture a Highlander makes when swearing loyalty to his chieftain. "I give ye my spirit," he said, head bent over our hands. "Til our life shall be done," I said softly. "But it isn't done yet, Jamie, is it?"Then he rose and took the shift from me, and I lay back on the narrow bed naked, and pulled him down to me through the soft yellow light, and took him home, and home, and home again, and we were neither one of us alone.There are just not words for the love these two have, for the things these two have gone through, for anything really. I love them and always will. And, as you know with an 1000, plus page book, this review barely scratches the surface! And now they have landed in America . . . . MY Blog: Melissa Martin's Reading List

  • Stephanie *Very Stable Genius*
    2019-05-08 00:48

    Just finished the third tale of Jamie and Claire in Voyager, I must admit it was my favorite so far. ……………Spoilers…………………………………..can’t write these and not have them………………………Awe damn, not again. “Hello Claire, nice to see you yet again.” “Stephanie? How did you end up here? I don’t see that strange vehicle you usually use to time travel.”“I had to return the time mower. The owner was not amused by my ‘borrowing’ it. He mumbled something about a restraining order, hooligans and red heads; I must have mentioned Jamie and his kilt. Anyway, pretty sure the corn liquor has finally done some permanent damage. I have no idea how I ended up here, where ever and when ever here is. Fill me in Claire?”“Well, we’re in Scotland in 1700’s, I came back to find the love of my life and baby daddy to my daughter Brianna. I found out through records that he survived a super bad battle I was sure he was killed in. We determined that time runs parallel by 200 years, give or take, so we both aged at the same rate which was handy.”“How did you get back? Did you use the stones again Claire? I went to check them out right before I landed here. How do they work?”“As far as I can figure, you have to focus on a certain person, place and time period, walk through the stones and WOOSH, with a little blacking out and vomiting you are when you want to be. You can even break the 200 year rule by doing that.”“Are you sure the blacking out and vomiting aren’t from your excessive drinking you mentioned during our last visit? (Glug, glug, glug.) So, I must have gone through the stones when I was reading the third book about you and Jamie. I was focused on you, walked through the stones and here I am, feeling fine.”“Wait, there’s a book out there about us? Weird.”“I know, right? It was at the part where you were back in 1950ishes and you had your other husband help ‘relieve’ you of an overly heavy-with-milk breast in a way I found uncomfortable. You really didn’t do that………did you?”“Yes I did Stephanie, it was so hot!”“Claire! My god women that was for the baby!!”“Oh Brianna had plenty.”“Ewwww. Moving on, so what are you two up to this go around? I lost my book when I came across time.”“Would you prefer the long version or the short? I’ve got all the time in the world.”“Ha ha, very funny Claire, nice little time traveler joke, just the condensed version please.”“Okay then. I go back and find Jamie. Lots of sex. I bring penicillin and photos with me. We live in a brothel for a while. Lots of sex. Jamie has a pet Chinese man who has a thing for women’s feet and creeps everyone out. Jamie is both a printer and a smuggler and his print shop is burned down. Lots of sex. Jamie’s nephew is kid napped and we get on a ship and go to the East Indies to look for him. Lots of sex. We run into people Jamie has met before, which is odd since we are way the fuck in the East Indies. Lots of sex. There are escaped slaves everywhere who practice voodoo. Lots of sex? They turn people into zombies whilst wearing crocodile heads on their heads…………”“STOP! Just stop it Claire, I really can’t absorb this. Bringing photos and penicillin back to the 1700s? I’m sure that’s going to be fine (insert sarcasm here.) And the rest of it? Damn women you have a strange existence, time for me to leave.”“Crap Claire! Please, for love of god and all that is holy help me get out of here.”“Sure thing Stephanie…..first drink this bottle of brandy…..”This book was fun. Crazy fun.

  • Mo
    2019-05-14 03:36

    This was another five star read. I mean, how can it not be. The effort this author has put into the books is unbelievable. Not sure how long it takes her to do her research.“It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach” Twenty years have passed and Claire returns through the stones. I thought their first meeting fell a little bit flat for me! Maybe my expections were too high.Plenty has happened in the twenty years that Claire and Jamie have been apart. Some of the things I wish didn’t happen, but c'est la vie! “Do ye not understand?"he said, in near desparation. "I would lay the world at your feet, Claire-and I have nothing to give ye!"He honestly thought it mattered.As with the other books, Jamie is swoon-worthy. Everything he says is beautiful. It is fiction so some of the stuff is to be taken with a grain of salt. I mean some of the coincidences were a bit much. (view spoiler)[John Grey on the same boat as Claire was on: of all the islands in the Caribbean she finds the shipwreck of the original boat on THAT island: Lawrence shows up and he has already met Jamie years ago in Edinburgh (hide spoiler)]Again, the attention to detail in these books is wonderful. The first two books, I found the beginnings a little show but not with this one… it was an adventure nearly all the way.“For so many years, for so long, I have been so many things, so many different men. But here," he said, so softly I could barely hear him, "here in the dark, with you… I have no name.” I shook so that it was some time before I realized that he was shaking too, and for the same reason. I don't know how long we sat there on the dusty floor, crying in each others arms with the longing of twenty years spilling down our faces.Each book has taken me five or six days to read, so you will need patience and time and dedication. But they have been worth it so far.I might take a wee break now and read something else but I look forward to returning to another adventure with Jamie and Claire."Do ye want me?" he whispered. "Sassenach, will ye take me - and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?” ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nicole
    2019-04-25 20:43

    The Outlander series is definitely one of my most recommencded series of books. I might even love these books more than Harry Potter - and that's saying something.The Outlander books are set in the 1700s. They start off in Scotland, but later travel to Paris, Jamaica and the American Colonies.Claire and Jamie, the book's two main characters are fantastic. They're deep, smart and action-oriented, yet very real. As their relationship evolves over the series of books, it evolves realistically. They grow together.The historical aspects of the novels are great as well. Gabaldon really does her research, and it's really fun to see how she weaves real historical people and events into the story lines. If you love history, you'll love these novels.And yes - there's romance, too. But these novels are NOT the historical romances usually referred to as "bodice rippers." Much more intellectual than that. Sure, there are some steamy parts...but they're interwoven in a way that makes sense to the story, not the central part of the story.Definitely on the list of my favorite books of all time. They take some effort at between 700-1000 pages each. But so worth it.

  • Kate
    2019-05-16 23:44

    Gabaldon's sex-ridden, hugely researched, academically adventurous, time travel/sci-fi meets historical romance novels qualify as trash novels for lit nerds -- they're absolutely a guilty pleasure. From clan warfare to herbal medicine to genealogy to British history to WWII, the books are packed with information (what little Gaelic I know started with these book). Bonus: the heroine gets to have many, many rolls in the hay with a handsome hard-bodied Highlander. Can't really go wrong.The books were recommended to me while I was living in England, and a lucky thing, too, because had I taken one look at the Fabio-in-a-kilt-of-passion American paperback cover I would have refused to read it (note: the British version was called Cross Stitch and the cover had a less-than-sexy field of heather on it). For a while I was caught up on the series, but I lost interest once the Frasers headed to America.They are long books but the pages turn quickly. Gabaldon has a way with characters and her prose flows along at an engaging clip. Oh, but if you get all squeamish about buggery, don't bother -- the negative reviews of these books always focus prudishly (and tediously) on one specific encounter in an otherwise pretty rampantly heterosexual landscape.

  • Crystal Starr Light
    2019-05-10 00:36

    When we last saw Claire and Jaime and the gang, Claire had just finished telling her story about Jaime and Scotland to her daughter, Brianna, and a researcher, Roger. They decide to find out what happened to Jaime. Apparently, he did NOT die in the Battle of Culloden...but is he still alive in the 1760's? And does Claire want to leave behind her life in the 1960's--including her beloved daughter--to return to a man who may not love her anymore?The Outlander series has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. I wasn't a big fan of Outlander, but I figured I'd give Dragonfly in Amber a chance. WOW, that book was amazing, and it ended on one helluva cliffhanger. Pretty much since then, I have been ITCHING to start reading "Voyager"--the biggest drawback has been (besides nabbing an audiobook version from the library) the length.Well, I finally had a chance (between all the Book Club books I've been reading) so I jumped upon the chance to listen to Davina Porter transport me back to Claire and Scotland and Jaime...only what I ended up getting was certainly not what I was expecting.I see it this way: if you go into this expecting just about anything to happen, you will do fine. If you don't mind voodoo magic, racist portrayals of all races, lots of lying between a couple that supposedly loves and trusts one another, and a 15 year old boy kidnapped and raped by a much older woman, then you will probably find this book up your alley. Unfortunately, that was not what I was expecting.Part of what bothered me were the characters themselves. You would think when a person ages, that person would become more confident in themselves, more stubborn and less likely to take crap from people. But I didn't find Claire to be that way at all. Instead, she puts up with things I wouldn't have even bothered with (more in a bit). And Claire sure makes her decision to time hop back to the 18th century easily. Isn't there a conflict about the way women are treating back then in comparison to how she is treated in the 1960's? Isn't she afraid or worried about losing her life or identity? By the way it doesn't even cross her mind, I guess not, it's all about a man and being back with him. Jaime has always been a protective husband, but here he blatantly lies or withholds the truth from Claire. He comes across as domineering, jealous, and hypocritical. Oh, yeah, and everyone wants him, INCLUDING MEN. Brianna is such a Mary Sue. Beautiful hair, long legs, spitfire, "smart", can charm people without even having to work at it, bland personality. Practically every male gets a hard-on just looking for her. Frank turns into Cheater [email protected]$$. Not that I exactly blame him; he and Claire had a very rocky relationship, one that she didn't exactly help along. There is a Mr. Willoughby, a Chinese male who is hideously stereotyped. And I'm not saying that the characters say stereotypical or racist things about him; no, his entire CHARACTER is one racial stereotype after another. EMBARRASSING. There were loads and loads of other characters, but honestly, I can barely remember them (or their character seemed pointless).Now, I will say I do like how Claire and Jaime are having these adventures and they aren't some young teenaged punks. They are mature adults, in their forties/fifties. That's awesome and I highly applaud this move. However, I doubt that a 50-year-old Claire would be THAT highly desired by nearly every male she comes across.One of the things that drove me most nuts was the Jaime/Claire relationship. The problem I had with it was this: Jaime and Claire have been apart for 20 years, and yet they barely spend any time getting to know each other again or having ANY problems getting back together. They have an awkward night together, have amazing sex, and POW! They are an item. I would think that after 20 years, they would have changed drastically--maybe they were more or less serious, or had different interests, or had grown more mature. But it doesn't seem that either Jaime or Claire had to struggle much to "get" the other.And this leads into the next part: Jaime lies or withholds the truth on at least TWO occasions and both times Claire swallows the apology and moves on with barely a blip. The first time this happens, Jaime doesn't tell Claire that he has a wife. This isn't a mere oversight; he spends quite a few days with her, and she has to find out when his second wife bursts into his home at Lallybroch. They have a brief spat, she leaves, he gets shot, she runs back, they kiss and make up, happily ever after. NO! This is UNACCEPTABLE. He should NOT LIE ABOUT A SECOND WIFE. No matter how much he didn't "LOVE" her or some bull.The second incident is about Jaime's son, Willy. That is yet another blowout that Claire learns AGAIN from someone else. And yet AGAIN, barely a blip, and then Claire and Jaime are back to clawing at each other's clothes.And lastly, you mean to tell me these two people, who spent TWENTY YEARS apart, didn't find ONE SINGLE PERSON in those twenty years to FALL IN LOVE with and marry? I know that Gabaldon was trying to make it seem like the love Jaime and Claire had for each other was eternal and blah blah blah, but geesh, I just don't buy it. I can't imagine that Claire would have remained chaste for twenty years (what was up with the Frank/Claire intimate scene after Brianna's birth? Did they reconcile or no?). Same for Jaime.Plotwise, be open for anything to happen. And I mean ANYTHING. I'm talking shipwrecks (at least two), ocean-crossings, seasickness, VOODOO CEREMONIES AND TALKING TO BRIANNA FROM BEYOND TIME, child rape, a child being kidnapped, imprisonment, smuggling, piracy, a slave trade market (including a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE scene proving the "breeding qualities" of a black man--absolutely DREADFUL), drunken and high priests, everyone and his mother knowing Jaime or being from Scotland, plucky prostitutes, and more. Honestly, I had no idea what would happen at any time, because Gabaldon would just pick something out of the Plot Ideas Hat and toss it into the mix.And final pet peeve, I swear. A good portion of this novel involves Jaime and Claire racing to the Caribbean to find the missing Ian, their nephew. Only, they have plenty of time to bumble around, getting Fergus and his wife married, cavorting with drunken priests and more WHILE A CHILD IS BEING MOLESTED. And the worst part is, Jaime and Claire rarely seem to be that affected by this. They don't worry about what is happening to Ian. They don't stay up late at night, wondering where he is and what to do. No, instead, it's business as usual--hijinks and adventure and plenty of hot, hot, hot sex to boot.I know this has been harsh review, and I really hate to be this way, particularly about a book that I was so anticipating. But I can't help but be honest about how the book affected me. I really did want to like--no, love--this book. I was excited to go back to Scotland. I was chomping at the bit to have Claire and Jaime reunite. And if I hadn't cared about the story, about the characters, I don't think I would have bothered so much with this review.This book (series) has loads of fans; if you've already read the first two books, then I do recommend reading this, just so you can see Jaime and Claire reunite. And hey, you may end up liking this more than I did. And even though I didn't much care for this book, I'm still gonna give Drums of Autumn a chance--eventually.

  • Alisa
    2019-05-04 01:48

    I have to say that I was generally disappointed by this third book in the series. I was SO excited to read it, but the first half dragged and the second half was just ridiculous most of the time. I'm ok with SOME unlikely siuations (after all, the whole premise of the book is unlikely!) but this was just non-stop. She kept resurrecting characters from earlier in this book or previous books and it often made little sense as to why they suddenly appeared. I felt like the last 200 pages were the foundation for the next Pirates of Caribbean movie - adventure! danger! love!. It was definitely MUCH longer than it needed to be. I felt like she kept adding these ridiculous situations just to make it a longer book but not for the purpose of the story.I'm really not sure I can go on to the 4th book --don't really see the point. But I am just a bit curious if its gets better?

  • Holly
    2019-04-27 22:59

    Okay, if I had a half star I would give this one that extra half. But only because there are pirates.Things that irritated me:"Och lassie, I swear I'll never lie to ye." "Oh, sorry, I didn't tell ye about that extra wife because I was afraid ye'd hate me. But that's all the secrets." "Och, I'm sorry I didn't tell ye about having a son, I was afraid ye'd hate me. But that's all the secrets, I swear."Also, John Grey better show up a lot more in the next book, because I fail to see how he could possibly be a character so beloved he warrants his own series. He's pretty much thrown in there to prove that not all gay men are sadistic incestuous rapists.Oh wait, he's also in there as a way to work in an awkward conversation about how overly long books aren't in need of editors, because it's all about character development, and how characters in books aren't really modeled after the author's wishful perception of herself, and her sick fantasies about spanking her ideal love monkey real life people.

  • Anniebananie
    2019-05-07 21:46

    Immer ein sehr monumentales Gefühl einen solchen Wälzer zu beenden 😍 und die Geschichte um Claire und Jamie ging so spannend weiter wie sie im zweiten Band endete. Man kann es nicht anders sagen: Diana Gabaldon kann einfach schreiben. In 'Ferne Ufer' besuchen wir zusammen mit Jamie und Claire so viele alte und bekannte aber auch neue und unbekannte Orte. Und dabei denkt man jedes Mal, dass man hautnah mit dabei ist, weil einem die Umgebung so toll geschildert wird, dass ich bei den Szenen auf See teilweise fast genauso seekrank wurde wie Jamie! Auch konnte man viele geliebte und vielleicht auch nicht so geliebte Charaktere spielten wieder ihre Rolle aber auch viele tolle neue wurden vorgestellt. Und das Ende war - wie nach den ersten beiden Büchern nicht anders zu erwarten - wieder ein fieeeeser Cliffhanger 😱🙆🏼

  • Karen
    2019-04-25 19:54

    I'M ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!! I don't even know where to begin with my review. I suppose I'll have to think on it a bit... JUST KNOW... there are not enough stars in the sky. As I work my way through this series.... I am just dumbfounded at the awesomeness before me. And this book, by far my favorite so far in the series... words cannot express my love for these characters, and this story. But again, it's one of those stories that enraptures those ONLY that it's meant to. And I am definitely on that list!!!!!![image error]

  • Natalie
    2019-05-12 03:37

    ★★★★ ! Voyager, book 3. Claire and Jamie are finally reunited after twenty years apart. Has their love managed to survive the 20 year long separation?"It has always been forever for me, sassenach."Voyager is definitley my new favorite book in this series. It was pretty much perfection for me and it pains me not to give this 5 stars. I have absolutely no complaints about the first 50-60%. It was still good after that, but I significantly lost interest to my big dismay. But this is still one of the best books I've ever read. I found Voyager much mor fast paced than Dragonfly in Amber, which was probably a big reason I loved it as much as I did. The writing was, as usual, flawless and brilliant. I also found that the time jumps from Jamie and Claire, added to the story. Their respective stories were both compelling and engrossing."I shook so that it was some time before I realized that he was shaking too, and for the same reason. I don't know how long we sat there on the dusty floor, crying in each others arms with the longing of twenty years spilling down our faces."Jamie and Claire are now twenty years older, but still (about 200 years) apart We get to learn about their seperate lives in their separate times. Other characters are also slowly introduced, like their daughter Brianna. It breaks my heart that Jamie wasn't able to raise her. I knew he would have been a wonderful father too Bree. I wanted to like her, but unfortunately I got the impression that she's a spoiled brat; resentful towards her mother and loyal towards her (step) father. I hope that changes in later books. I want to love Jamie's daughter. She has grown up in the belief that Frank is her real father and the truth is naturally a big shock for her. Unfortunat, I despised Frank more than ever in this book. But I love to hate him, I guess. He is needed for the story.“Do ye want me?" he whispered. "Sassenach, will ye take me - and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?” While Claire has become a doctor and raised their daughter with her now decesead husband Frank in the 20th century, her beloved Jamie has been left alone, presumed dead, in 1745. He has survived a certain death against all odds. Not knowing what has happened to his wife and unborn child.This book is told in alternate POV,s and I'm happy to say that Jamie's were some of this books highghlight's. Jamie continues be the endearing, perfect swoon worthy hero. A little older, but still our same Jamie. Only a bit wiser and more mature. And if possible, even MORE irresistible. And yes yes, that (you know what scene I'm talking about, I know what scene I'm talking about) was perfect and epic!"Then kiss me, Claire," he whispered, "And know that you are more to me than life, and I have no regret.” Diana Gabaldon mastered the twenty year absence between Jamie and Claire brilliantly. She deserves a standing ovation.! Also, Voyager had so many touching and emotional moments that made me tear up.. I loved it. Some parts bored me but overall this was a amazing story. Highly recommend!MAGNIFICENT, SENSATIONAL, BRILLIANT!

    2019-05-14 19:58

    Review brought to you by OBS staff member HeidiBeware of SpoilersVoyager is the third installment in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Voyager picks up where Dragonfly in Amber left off. Jamie and Claire have just parted ways…him to go back and face his grisly death on Culloden field and her to go back through the stones at Craigh na Dun so she can bring her and Jamie’s child safely into the world.The book then takes us through the next twenty years, telling us what exactly happened to the separated lovers. Jamie was rescued from certain death by an unlikely source and was returned to Lallybroch, where his sister nursed him back to health. Then, he lived in a nearby cave for several years until he decided to have one of his tenets turn him in so his people could have the reward money. From there, he goes to prison and when the prison is shut down is sent to work at Hellwater. He is then blackmailed into taking one of the owner’s daughters’ virginity, which results in him fathering a son, Willie. The mother is then killed for it by her husband after the birth and Jamie kills her husband to save Willie. After the boy’s resemblance becomes too obvious he talks to the owner’s wife and gets pardoned and then sets out on his new life.Meanwhile, Claire goes back to her marriage to Frank and they raise her and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, together. Claire goes back to school to become a doctor and starts working at the hospital. Frank is killed in a car accident and she then takes Brianna on the trip to Scotland, where she eventually discovers, thanks to Roger Wakefield, that Jamie didn’t die on Culloden field.Roger, Claire, and Brianna work hard trying to follow what happened to Jamie after Culloden and discover that he would still be alive if Claire had stayed with him in his time. After much debate, she decides to take a leap of faith and go back to find him.Claire travels to Edinburgh and finds Jamie is a printer under the name of Alexander Malcolm and also a smuggler under yet another alias and that he lives part-time at a brothel, where he hides his smuggled alcohol.Claire and Jamie quickly fall back into each other’s lives, like they were never apart, even though Claire keeps finding out more and more about Jamie’s new life at every turn. Like the fact that he married Laoghaire.When Laoghaire’s brother comes with a lawyer to make a settlement to make up for Jamie dishonoring her, it leads Claire, Jamie, and their nephew, young Ian, on a mission to retrieve a treasure to pay Jamie’s debt. But Ian and the treasure are taken by pirates and Claire and Jamie set out to recover him.I know that many people love this series and just talk about how great it is. I thought the first one, Outlander, was really good, but that Dragonfly in Amber was good, but had some boring parts…and this one I just found to be OK. I just hate seeing this series slowly going further and further downhill for me. In the previous books Jamie was an outlaw but for things out of his control and in this one it just feels that he chooses to be an outlaw and to do everything in a shady way and the more I learned about his new life, the less I wanted to know him. I thought that Claire was too lenient with Jamie at his aversion to tell her the truth at every corner…like finding out he had remarried wasn’t important and finding out about his son from someone she didn’t really even know. I just expected her to make him grovel at least a little while, but she never really did.The return of Geillis Duncan was quite the surprise, even know they made her the big villain of the book. I’m a bit tired of John Grey’s constant reappearance…and I could really do without his crush on Jamie (does every strong military character have to be gay?). But at least Jack Randall didn’t make an appearance in this installment…although I have no doubt he will in the future.I’m finding myself losing interest in the series…I know I just made a herd of people gasp in horror. Maybe it’s because the books are so long or just because Jamie and Claire frustrate me with the way they behave at times. So I’ve decided it’s time to take a break and I’ll come back to it later. Maybe after a break I can take a renewed interest in Claire and Jamie and the story in general. At least I hope so!

  • Lucia
    2019-05-19 19:47

    UPDATE OCTOBER 2017:It was even better second time around. I had missed so many details first time I read it. “Only you," he said, so softly I could barely hear him. "To worship ye with my body, give ye all the service of my hands. To give ye my name, and all my heart and soul with it. Only you. Because ye will not let me lie--and yet ye love me.”EPIC STORY. PHENOMENAL WRITING.This is without a doubt my all time favourite series!To read my reviews of previous books, click on pic: .

  • Viri
    2019-05-12 01:40

    ***4.5 mis hormonas no tienen nada que ver STARS***¿Quién ama a Jamie Fraser?YOOOOO siii 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻😏¡Que me haga mil hijos! 🤰🏻Esste... digo, que es un maldito el Canijo!!!! (Que mal pensadas eh! )Mira que hacerle eso a mí Claire! No no no, Jamie Malo 😤😤😤He durado meeeeeeses con este libro. Pero es por mis locuras solamente. Pues lo fui leyendo junto con la serie 🙃QUE PEDAZO DE LIBRO SEÑORAS Y SEÑORES! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Es que es imposible describir las sensaciones, emociones y demás que generó en mi. ❤️💔😛Hay intriga, emoción, aventura,😍personajes inolvidables y una ambientación tremendamente bien cuidada, detallada, IMPRESIONANTE.🙌🏻Ay! Mi cora!!!!Sin miedo a equivocarme puedo afirmar que hasta el momento es mi libro favorito de la saga, ❤️❤️❤️quizás sea porque aquí volvemos a conocer a los protagonistas, vemos que han cambiado con El Paso del tiempo y que su vida no ha sido color de rosa.🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏻😍Diana Gabaldon me ha sorprendido con una narración muy ágil y fluida que francamente no le conocía.👏🏻 Sip, amo el primer libro, pero hubo momentos en que la narrativa era demasiado densa, descriptiva y pesada para mi gusto. Cosa que no sucede en este libro. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️El único pero que puedo ponerle es el final, pues ODIO LOS FINALES ABIERTOS, 🙄pero sabiendo que está historia es INTERMINABLE, supongo que debo pasarlo por alto.😅Un libro imprescindible, ❤️un amor épico que supera las barreras del tiempo. 😍💕Personajes de los que te enamoras fácilmente y situaciones la mar de divertidas, emocionantes y un poco (demasiado) fuera de lo común.⛰🏝⛵️🏕PD: el libro, aunque suene como fan negada... es mucho mejor que la serie, el primero me había sorprendido por su insuperable adaptación pero en este me he sentido un poco decepcionada pues mi imaginación supero con creces a las imágenes de la serie. 🤷🏻‍♀️Eso sí, JAMIE FRASER es un bombón y lo será con 20,30,40,50, o los años que tenga. 😛😛😛😛🤤Fin del comunicado

  • Ashley Brooks
    2019-05-20 23:58

    I can't stop reading these damn books.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-27 01:57

    At long last, my love affair with these crazy Scottish novels and their hunky hero (and sassy heroine) has come to a squeaking, grinding halt. I tried to ignore the unusually frenetic pace, but when the plot began frantically bouncing from one eyebrow-raising, skepticism-inducing mishap to the next - well, let me enumerate: (1) Jamie survives the slaughter of Culloden (well, of course he did! He's the strongest, burliest, cleverest Scot in Scotland!) (2) Claire survives her third, apparently death-defying trip, through the stones (okay, she's tough too, I'll go along with that), then (3) finds Jamie, witnesses a murder, hangs out in a brothel, loses a nephew, gets caught in a fire (Jamie miraculously survives breaking glass and crumbling stairs), saves the nephew (who set the fire and killed suspicious seaman IN said fire) then (4) finds out Jamie's been married (to the erstwhile Laoghaire of novel #1 who is, yes! the very selfsame who tried to kill Claire, (5) they are ambushed while smuggling liquor into Scotland (you thought Jamie was a convicted Jacobite sympathizer? Well, yes, but he's also now a liquor smuggler AND a printer well-known for publishing "seditious" material), (6) we witness a gruesome hanging, (7) all flee to France, (8) ah, wait - lose above-mentioned nephew AGAIN (who had been sent to recover treasure guarded by seals),(9) are in pursuit of nephew's kidnappers, taking them to the Caribbean islands...but wait! (10)Claire is needed aboard a British man-of-war to single-handedly stop an epidemic of typhoid fever (and she'd better do it or all of the able-bodied men will be pressed into the British navy, and Jamie will be hanged!), (11) she meets the new Governor of Jamaica (who happens to be the same John Grey who we met in novel #2! And is also the selfsame John Grey who was the Governor of Ardsmuir, where Jamie was held prisoner, and hold up! ALSO, the same guy who turns out to be homosexual AND is also in love with Jamie! (He IS the hunkiest Scot in Scotland, after all). This is also the same man who happens to be stepfather to (12) Jamie's son (Oh, did I mention? Jamie had impregnated a bratty 17-year old girl - because yeah, that's in character. Don't worry, this is all before Claire steps through the stones again, and he was under threat of blackmail, so his honor remains intact).(13) Claire jumps ship and surprise! survives swirling currents, a tropical storm, and ends up on Haiti, where (14) she happens to run into her previous ship and crew, and where (15) Jamie happens to also jump ship (after a failed attempt to rescue Claire from the man-of-war), and becomes captain of a group of French soldiers within several hours (huh??) followed by (16) a run-in with a notorious serial killer, (17) a meeting with the infamous Geillis Duncan (who just won't die!!) (18) several more murders, (19) a party at the Governor's house (John Grey gets to look longingly at Jamie a few times, and remember their brief kiss...a likely scene, since Jamie was tortured by a sadistic homosexual in novel #1), (20) a slave market, (21) a Chinese man, (22) a wedding, some more steamy scenes, followed by a (23) Caribbean seance and slave uprising, (24) recovery of the kidnapped nephew, (25) imminent capture by the British, (26) a close chase by the man-of-war (the same previously afflicted by typhoid fever)(27) another ridiculously big storm [oh, there were some pirates in there somewhere where Claire is struck by a cutlass (don't worry, she thought to bring penicillin with her this time. That, and a peanut butter sandwich. I'm not kidding. Definitely would be my two top choices if I were traveling through time)].(28) Claire is struck by a falling mast (don't worry, Jamie is superhuman and saves her) and lastly, (29) the resolution of the ridiculously huge storm and the novel, which has blown them and their tiny boat to....America!Hey, I know all about willing suspension of disbelief, but this was a bit much. Good-bye Outlander, and your ridiculous plot points, crammed cheek-by-jowl. We had a good run while it lasted.

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    2019-04-28 22:57

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeAfter finishing the audiobook for the previous book in this series, Dragonfly in Amber, I found it very hard to move on to something else. My mind was still with Jamie. Even though I had planned to take a bit of a break between books, I ended up waiting only a couple of weeks before starting Voyager. I remember falling in love with this book the first time I read it and I am happy to say that I still am in love.My teenage daughter asked me what this book what about and I really had a hard time answering that question. It is about so many things. Mostly it is about Jamie and Claire. I love the fact that in this book that are no longer as young as they were in earlier books. They are in their 40's and have done a bit more living. I think that their maturity really shows in how they handle everything. This pair have both lived a remarkable lives up to this point. There were high points in this book and low points but beyond everything their love for each other never waivers. I think that the biggest strength of this book is how clearly the characters' emotions are felt on the page. The scene in the print shop made my heart melt. I have read the book before so I remembered that scene but it still got to me. This book is long. There are so many different things happening in this book and after one situation is dealt with they move on to the next one. I did start to feel a bit exhausted from this book towards the end. I still enjoyed every moment but I was starting to feel like I might deserve a medal once I reached the end. I do feel like this book has a more natural stopping point than the previous book. I plan to take a bit of a break before jumping into the next audiobook although I don't plan to wait very long.The narration for this audiobook was nearly perfect. Davina Porter is the perfect choice for this series. She is Clair and Jamie and all the other characters to me at this point. I never tired of listening to her voice and sometimes listened for up to four hours per day. I am amazed by how well this narrator is able to perform so many different voices and accents. I always knew exactly who was speaking and felt myself being pulled into the story. This audiobook is truly a wonderful way to experience this novel.I do highly recommend this book. This is not a series that you would want to read out of order and I don't think that this book would work at all as a stand-alone novel. Anyone who has enjoyed the first two books in the series will not want to miss this installment. This is the kind of story that fans read and re-read and find enjoyment in it every time. Initial ThoughtsI loved it but I have to admit that this book was starting to feel a bit long. Wonderful story, wonderful characters, and an excellent narrator...but did I mention how long this book is. Full Review to be posted soon.Before ReadingBecause I need a little more Jamie in my life....

  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    2019-05-13 21:52

    Not a true review...Random thoughtsHighlights- Jamie and Claire’s reunion- Jamie’s third person POV, including what happened to him during the years of their separation- Lord John Grey’s role in Jamie’s life- The hunt for the hidden treasure - Information about time-travel- A prophecy is told- A surprise character from Outlander returns.IssuesThe book had over-the-top angst with a series of coincidences, old acquaintances entering the story, and back-to-back obstacles. Jamie and Claire can’t seem to catch a break. I've always loved the humor Jamie displayed but the additional humor is this book seemed a little silly.What I LikedI liked how Jamie and Claire’s reunion wasn't easy. They obviously never stopped loving each other, but they were strangers to another with 20 years of life’s experience separating them. As time passed, they hit their stride again with Jamie and Claire finding their stride as a couple with issues still to work through. (view spoiler)[I loved the scene where Claire finds out about Laoghaire. So much anger and passion! It was hard seeing Jamie as a smuggler, at first. Honor has always seemed so important to him. Then, it became understandable. He grew harder and is a survivor with his family well-being at the forefront of his actions. (hide spoiler)]I also loved the added dynamic of Lord John Grey. The intense emotion that Claire and Grey provoke in one another is riveting. I’ll be closely watching these characters’ interactions with fiendish delight.Why I’ll Keep Reading(view spoiler)[What happened at Culloden? Did Jonathan Fraser save Jamie’s life? Why is Jamie’s grave in the same kirkland as Fraser’s? Where is Claire’s grave? Why isn't she buried next to him? Does she go back to the future? What will come of the prophesy? Who will be king of Scotland?How is Claire different from other time travelers? Will the blue aura she had in common with Master Raymond be explained? (By the way, I’m sad Master Raymond is gone.)Why didn’t Claire tell Jamie about Laoghaire’s actions in Outlander? What will trigger the eventual telling? (I peeked at spoilers and know it will come up in Drums of Autumn.) Will Claire meet other time-travelers? Can it only happen at Craig na Dun? What about those crystals/stones Master Raymond gave Claire? What about the black diamond?Will Claire and Jamie have an HEA? I hope so! (hide spoiler)]

  • Natasha Polis
    2019-05-12 00:01

    THIS BOOK WAS MASSIVE!!! The first half of the book was so good and made me so happy after the heart wrenching ending from Dragonfly in Amber. But then, the last half of the book was so slow. Even though it was super entertaining, the "Voyager" part of the book really dragged on. I feel like Diana could have moved things on a bit. The first book is still my favorite, it's nice to go on these adventure with Jamie and Claire, I just don't know how I'm going to relate to the characters now that they are older. It's still a 5/5 stars for me because the storytelling is wonderful, and I can't wait to continue on the series.

  • Britany
    2019-05-04 23:39

    Loved getting wrapped up in the world of Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall. Fast forward twenty years later after the last book, and Claire decides to go back through the stones to find her long lost love. In the beginning I fell right in and never wanted it to end. However, this was the first book in the series where I began to feel it was all a little much. Over the top- constantly falling into situation after situation that all felt a little too convenient. I also (for the first time) felt that this book was too long. Too many pages spent on details that made me lose interest. Thinking I need to take an Outlander break before starting the next one.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-05-15 21:47

    I think I may be one of the few readers of this series who made it this far… only to say I have now had enough. There is something intangibly wonderful about the relationship between Jamie and Claire. It has sustained me through all of the things I have found frustrating about these books. That dynamic is still there and this book gives us the reunion we didn’t get in the last story. But so much of the book either frustrated or upset me that in the end, I must conclude that it is time to part ways.As with the two previous installments, it takes absolutely forever to get to the real meat of the story, the part people are actually waiting for. In Outlander, it was Claire going through the stones and meeting Jamie. In Dragonfly in Amber, it was the flashback of how Jamie and Claire were separated. Here, it’s Claire’s inevitable decision to go back in time again to reunite with her husband. So many pages to wade through to get to the real beginning of the story. It’s not only Claire’s “present day” story, but Jamie’s flashback one that fills the first third of the book. His story was more interesting than hers, but I still felt like I was waiting to get to the good stuff. The reunion was satisfying, though honestly, I am still not over the duration of their separation. The two of them wear their hearts on their sleeves and their love feels so real.The story follows the two of them as they relearn each other and try to find their place in the world. At first it seems that may be Lallybroch, but that doesn’t last –and they end up in a life and death rescue mission that takes them to the high seas. I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot, but as I explain my issues, I will inevitably fail. Consider yourself warned.Major issue one: Jamie keeps secrets from Claire. This man’s undying love for his wife is the heart of the series. But over and over again, he leaves her in the dark about things that (once revealed) break her heart and leave her feeling betrayed. Some of things we knew about as readers. Others blindside us right along with Claire. I understand these books need conflict to sustain them, but I don’t need my blood pressure shooting up every time we learn of some encounter Jamie had with a woman (or man) in his past that has serious repercussions to his relationship with Claire. For a man who values honesty so much, he uses the “I was skeirt to tell ye” excuse way too many time. Fail, Jamie. And fail Diana Gabaldon for making this their story.Major issue two: Jamie is still doing dangerous shit. Really? You could have lived a straight up life, free of danger, but nah… comfort’s for wussies, right?Major issue three: John Grey. What is it about Jamie that makes all the men go crazy for him? That the man falls in love with Jamie annoyed me enough, but Jamie’s offer to him –what is revealed at the end of the book—I call bullshit. After all Jamie endured with Randall, I simply do not buy it. And Grey’s jealousy and whatnot of Claire? Dude. She is his wife. Just no.Again, I am 100% invested in Jamie and Claire, but I’m just not enjoying where Gabaldon is taking the series. Many, many fans loved this book and I really do see the draw. The negatives just don’t outweigh the positives at this point. I should have stopped at book 1. I could have walked away satisfied. If only I had known….

  • Tatiana
    2019-05-06 00:54

    Well, I am back to rekindle my love for Jamie Alexander Fraser. The second book left me in such an emotional turmoil, I just had to know how the drama ends. I cheated and flipped through pages of "Voyager" to get closure some weeks ago but now it is finally time to read and enjoy the book in full...Once again, Gabaldon doesn't disappoint. She has a talent for characterization and is a stellar storyteller, there is no doubt about it. Once again, she takes us on a fabulous adventure through times and countries. The first third of the book follows the stories of Claire and Jamie as they live separately for 20 years in their own worlds. I thought I would dislike this segment, but in fact it is by far my favorite part of the book. There is a lot of sadness, tragedy, loneliness and longing on these pages, as Jamie and Claire mourn each other's loss. When our couple get together, Gabaldon takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride as Jamie and Claire try to re-discover each other and come to terms with their dark secrets of the past and their time apart, they are also forced to undertake a lot of traveling when all they want is to be together. Not to give anything away, but prepare yourself for an intense adventure through brothels, slave markets, sea voyage, Jamaican forests, etc."Voyager" is a great book, but again, I can't give it 5 stars. First, the shift in POVs. It bothered me some in "Dragonfly in Amber," but there is more of it in "Voyager." For the most part, the book is written in 1st person from Claire's POV, but some parts are written in 3rd person from the POVs of Jaime, Roger, Clare, and even Lord John Grey, even though he is a very-very secondary character. I am not going to say that the story itself suffers from it, but it creates a bit of a sloppy narration IMO. The other thing I didn't care for is the presence of mysticism. Granted, the time-travel itself isn't really something real, but the ending of the book just has way too much of "unrealness," too much of unexplained paranormal, in fact so much that I found it a little hard to swallow. Were Gabaldon not such an engaging writer, I probably wouldn't have forgiven these flaws. But she is one, and in spite of the flaws, "Voyager" is an irresistible combination of adventure, history, tragedy, violence, love, humour, and (last but not leas) smut. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will undoubtedly read next installment - "Drums of Autumn."Reading challenge: #1 - V

  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    2019-04-21 23:49

    Ha sido muy emocionante volver a revivir este libro, mi favorito de la serie junto a Forastera. Eso sí, releerlo en inglés ha sido como leer un libro nuevo, hay una gran diferencia con la traducción antigua.He tenido momentos en los que no podía con mi vida de la emoción y otros en los que he recordado por qué siempre digo que la Gabaldon es una rollera, este libro podría ser menos pesado (literal y metafóricamente) si esta señora supiera resumir y evitarnos tanto detalle.Pero no puedo bajarle las cinco estrellitas porque ningún libro de la serie te llega tanto al corazoncito como éste, con esa primera visita a la imprenta... Too much!!Hay muchas sorpresas, cabreos, personajes nuevos adorafollables (Lord John!), personajes viejos adorafollables (Fergus!), personajes nuevos de "contigo no, bicho" (dichoso chino...). Hay mucho de todo y yo le tengo tanto cariño que le respeto la puntuación original. Además es el libro que me hizo compañía en uno de los peores momentos de mi vida y su lectura me ayudó cuando más lo necesitaba. Lo que no consiga Jamie Fraser...

  • Beatriz
    2019-05-03 21:58

    Maravilloso. De los tres libros que llevo leídos de esta saga, éste es por lejos el mejor. Tiene absolutamente todo para ser una novela íntegra: aventuras, misterio, intrigas, momentos emotivos y sobrecogedores, descripciones históricas y de época impecables, nuevos personajes y el reencuentro con otros, donde, por supuesto, destaca el de Claire y Jamie (creo que ese capítulo lo leí como tres veces para no perder ni el más mínimo detalle), logrando un exquisito equilibro entre la timidez de volver a reunirse y la pasión que los une en forma casi instintiva. Además, la autora sigue traspasando su estilo mordaz e ingenioso a los diálogos, haciendo que la lectura, a pesar de lo extensa que es, en ningún momento decaiga. Realmente recomendable.

  • Mitzi
    2019-04-27 23:04

    Voyager is book 3 in Jamie and Claire series. It is one of my favorites!With the help of Roger and Brea doing historical research, they think they have found Jamie alive in Scotland and working as a printer. And so this book takes Claire through the stones once again and back to Jamie (at long last!). It also gives us insight to some of the events that happened to them during their 20 year seperation; Jamie after the war held up in a cave for 7 years, him being a prisoner at Ardsmuir and then a indentured servant at Hellwater in England.Claire's loveless life with Frank, becoming a Dr and Surgeon, and raising Breanna.But the adventures are just beginning again for Jamie and Claire. Again this book involves murder, history, travel, the witch Gellis Duncan and more. Great story!!!

  • Holly
    2019-05-10 03:50

    4 - 4.5 stars.So...I seem to always have the unpopular opinion.For me, the previous book, Dragonfly in Amber was a much more interesting read for me. I preferred all the quiet, emotional moments in DIA than the seemingly over-the-top adventures in the second half of Voyager. Not to say I didn't still devour this book like a starving man. As with the first book, I found myself being extremely frustrated with Claire throughout Voyager. Constantly doubting Jaime when he has proven himself time and again to her. Yes, the situation with (view spoiler)[ LegHair (hide spoiler)] was messed up. BUT....she was gone for 20 flipping years!!! He wasn't supposed to have a life without her? It's not like her life didn't continue when she left him. And while she was admittedly far from happy with is extremely selfish of her to just assume that if Jaime did survive that he would remain alone forever. But...I digress. That is obviously a sore subject for me, Claire's double standard way of I will leave it alone now.Anyway, I liked the addition of the new characters...especially LJG. I for one think John Grey is in incredibly interesting addition to the series, and while I realize that fans either love him or hate him...i personally love him, and am even more excited to read his side books that tie into the main series.So, to wrap up....I enjoyed Voyager quite a bit. Was it without bumps in the road for me? No. Did I find myself wanting to punch Claire in the face at times? Yes. But, the overall world that Gabaldon has created here is addictive and well written enough to keep me coming back for more.

  • Jasmin
    2019-04-23 03:44

    WARNING: First part of this review (if this could still be called a review) will sort of be a homage/ temple for worship to my beloved James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, the most gorgeous and swoon worthy hero ever existing in literature!♪♫♪ Ain’t no other man can stand up next to youAin’t no other man on the planet does what you doYou’re the kind of guy a girl finds on a blue moonYou got soul, you got class, you got style in your bad assAin’t no other man, it’s true.-Christina Aguilera, Ain’t No Other ManIf I’d be singing a song about Jamie, it would honestly be the one above. And never had I thought that I could fall in love more with Jamie. But wow. I was wrong. And since I have to ease a bit off my chest, I am INSERTING A SHORT LETTER TO JAMIE.Jamie,Oh, how I love you! Where could I buy a seed that I could plant and and then grow into you? I want you so badly that I think I will become a spinster, unless I meet you. Or someone almost as you. Oh, how I wish to go to Scotland and go to Craigh na Dun and time travel to your arms. Blast your faithfulness to Claire! Unfortunately, I see yer faithfulness as a verra verra negative thing. But at the same time, it’s a verra verra good thing, since that makes ye verra honorable. I love you. Though you will never love me back. I swear I won’t go back in time and stab Claire. I love you so much that I would never want to see you hurt. But know this, as I think of you, I always have a smile on my face, though I know you would only make my heart break, since you can never be mine. I wish you the best in your travels. Lovingly yours, JasminPS: I LOVE YOU JAMIE! I WISH YOU WOULD LEAVE CLAIRE AND PICK ME INSTEAD!OKAY. I AM STOPPING NOW, BEFORE ANYONE REPORTS ME AND SAYS I AM DELUSIONAL AND IN NO SHAPE TO BE IN HUMAN COMPANY.Okay, Jasmin, relax. Breathe in, breathe out. Gather your wits and stop showing the people how stalker-ish you are.Voyager is a masterpiece.It is absolutely beautiful that it deserves more than five stars. Actually it’s even better than that. If I could just pluck real stars from the sky, I would offer all that I can carry and more to Diana Gabaldon’s feet. That is how marvelous this book is. The book is well researched and vivid in detail. Still wordy and lengthy, but for me, it’s a good thing, because all those words help me see the bigger picture. This book isn’t just romance, though there’s a healthy dose of that. It’s also about loyalty, family and politics and so much more. And I could also feel so much more coming. I would love to give a plot overview, but how? Where would I start when I see every word and every page important?Diana Gabaldon, has killed me three times already! The endings she makes are fantastic cliffhangers that make me want to die! It is seldom that an author could make me thrash around my bed, due to sheer frustration, and clearly she is one of them. The ending made me want to smash things. But Diana deserves the honors of killing me, because what she gave me is priceless. She gave me Jamie. And she also gave me an epic love story.

  • Ashley Marsh
    2019-05-20 21:44

    I don't know how she manages to fit so much into one novel. I love exploring this world with Claire and Jamie. There are so many twists and so many things to look forward to in the next five books. I'm just genuinely enjoying the journey these books are taking me on. I wholeheartedly recommend picking up Outlander and continuing on. With this one, I also suggest pushing through the first 250 pages or so, if they seem a little slow. It's all worth it in the end and it all fits together so nicely.

  • Beatriz
    2019-04-19 22:51

    https://beahreads.blogspot.comLer o terceiro volume da série Outlander é basicamente experimentar a mesma sensação que Claire deve ter sentido ao atravessar o círculo de pedras em Craigh na Dun: perder-se inteira e completamente em um universo extremamente diferente de sua realidade. "O Resgate No Mar", ou "Voyager" título original do romance, iguala-se com esmero as obras antecessoras de Diana Gabaldon. Nessa nova e empolgante aventura, Claire e Jamie deparam-se com situações aterrorizantes de serem enfrentadas, principalmente agora que ambos devem encarar a estranha realidade de viverem separados um do outro. Afinal, após a guerra em Culloden, Claire viajou novamente para seu tempo, acreditando cegamente no fatídico destino que aguardava Jamie nessa brutal batalha que dizimou todos os clãs e cultura das Terras Altas. Sem olhar para o passado, Claire viveu 20 anos em seu tempo, criou sua filha Brianna e permaneceu casada com Frank durante todo esse período. E é apenas após o falecimento de seu atual esposo que Claire finalmente retorna à Escócia para pesquisar sobre qual foi o verdadeiro destino de Jamie Fraser. E felizmente, para sua surpresa, nossa atual médica descobre que seu segundo marido não morreu na guerra como ela imaginara. Inicia-se então todo um trabalho de pesquisa entre Claire, sua filha Brianna e o historiador Roger para descobrir o verdadeiro paradeiro de Jamie. Uma vez encontrada e comprovada sua existência, Claire depara-se novamente com uma decisão que mudará toda sua vida: atravessar novamente o círculo de pedras e reencontrar-se com seu grande amor ou continuar nos anos 60 e permanecer ao lado de sua filha Brianna? Infelizmente, todo meu carinho por essa obra não permite que essa resenha seja livre de spoilers, portanto só prossiga na leitura desse texto caso você tenha lido "O Resgate No Mar - Parte 1 e 2".(view spoiler)[ O começo de "Voyager" retoma com perfeição toda a angustia e sofrimento já experimentados pelo leitor ao finalizar a leitura de "A Libélula No Âmbar" (clique no título para ler a resenha). Claramente já consciente de que Claire e Jamie viveram separados por anos e anos, tudo o que nós mais queremos é ler sobre esse iminente reencontro do casal. Porém, para nossa ansiedade, Diana Gabaldon utiliza aproximadamente umas 400 páginas para narrar os fatos mais importantes que ocorreram na vida desses dois protagonistas enquanto eles viviam isoladamente.E é justamente nesses capítulos que alguns personagens importantes são apresentados na trama; como o famoso Lord John Grey. Assim como, infelizmente, outros secundários voltam para reassumir seus postos, sendo Laoghaire e Geillis Duncan as principais estrelas dessa obra (abro aqui esse parênteses para registrar o quando eu detesto Laoghaire). Apesar de alguns capítulos sobre esse período de separação serem difíceis de ler, eles foram "um mal necessário". Afinal é impossível ignorar 20 anos da vida de uma pessoa e retomar imediatamente as coisas como se nada tivesse acontecido. E Diana Gabaldon faz um trabalho perfeito em sumarizar esses anos, tanto que consegui até mesmo aproveitar essa parte do enredo, pois o leitor fica curioso em descobrir como Claire e Jamie viveram desde então. Confesso que os capítulos de Claire e Frank não foram tão sofríveis de ler, afinal nessa altura do campeonato já estava conformada que eles ficariam juntos e criariam Brianna. Portanto, não afligiu-me terrivelmente essas cenas. Na vida de Claire, o acontecimento que mais me impactou durante a leitura foi o fato dela abandonar sua filha e resolver voltar definitivamente para o passado. As partes entre ela e Brianna foram realmente tristes, pois ainda que a jovem garota compreendesse a necessidade da mãe em voltar para o século e o homem que ela pertencia verdadeiramente, foi difícil ignorar que a menina acabou perdendo tanto seu pai quanto sua mãe. Admirei muito o bom coração e a compreensão de Brianna nessa obra, pois sendo eu mesma filha única, sei que ficaria chateadíssima se aos 19 anos minha mãe me abandonasse por outra pessoa e me deixasse literalmente sozinha no mundo. Por mais que Claire faça todos os arranjos para que sua filha fique com a casa e tenha todos os meios possíveis para se sustentar, nada equipara-se a presença de uma mãe. Apesar de sentir a dor de Brianna com a perda dos pais, nenhum sofrimento foi maior do que ler as cenas nas quais Jamie deitou-se com Geneva e juntos eles tiveram o menino Willie (p.s: único conforto desse livro foi saber que Geneva morreu após o nascimento do menino - e eu não me arrependo nem um minuto por comemorar seu falecimento, afinal não precisávamos de outra mulher atrás de Jamie). Conclui-se então, que o período de 20 anos de Jamie, foram doloridos demais para mim. Afinal só infelicidade aconteceu na vida desse homem. Ele machucou-se gravemente na guerra; passou anos morando em uma caverna; foi preso; teve que separar-se de seu filho; protagonizou um casamento fracassado com Laoghaire e várias outras desventuras ocorreram até o retorno de Claire. Sem falar na presença aterrorizante de Lord John Grey no início desse romance, uma vez que esse personagem era basicamente um eco de Black Jack. Porém, felizmente a autora resolveu criar um vínculo de amizade forte entre ambos os rapazes e nós leitores não fomos obrigados a ler novamente Jamie sendo torturado ou estuprado por outro homem, fato que foi de grande alívio para minha mente. Ainda que separados, Gabaldon criou certos paralelos na vida desses personagens. Portanto, algumas coisas que Jamie fazia no século passado, Claire também acabava por replicar a mesma ação no presente. E isso gerou basicamente uma reação cíclica, dando a sensação de que a vida deles estava sempre intercalada de alguma maneira. Sem falar nos momentos graciosos nos quais Jamie, sempre lembrando dos ensinamentos de Claire, procurava desinfetar os objetos ou saía procurando folhas para escovar os dentes e alimentos próprios para evitar o escorbuto entre seus amigos da prisão (*suspira encantada*). Então, diferente do que imaginei, adorei essa parte inicial da obra. Afinal de contas foram todos esses acontecimentos que moldaram e modificaram Jamie e Claire, transformando o reencontro dos dois em algo bonito, porém bem realista de ler. Na minha opinião, o ponto alto da obra em geral, foi ler o desenvolvimento do relacionamento de Claire e Jamie. Gabaldon faz um magnifico trabalho ao não romantizar de maneira açucarada essa nova relação entre ambos. Afinal, tanto Claire quanto Jamie não são mais aqueles jovens de vinte e poucos anos que casaram-se e vivenciaram uma estória de amor única. Então, quando Claire vai novamente ao encontro de Jamie eles basicamente iniciam um novo relacionamento. É hora de deixar para trás aquela imagem idealizada e maculada que ambos guardaram em sua mente e seu coração por 20 anos e descobrir finalmente como funcionar juntos novamente. Foi o primeiro livro da série na qual senti que Jamie, apesar de amar Claire, relutou bastante em aceitar sua presença. Pois, verdade seja dita, ele nem sonhava que um dia sua esposa voltaria para ele. Enquanto Claire teve tempo para preparar-se mentalmente, Jamie foi pego de surpresa e o rapaz acabou ficando receoso de expor imediatamente todos os acontecimentos de sua vida à moça. Então, para mim a cena épica desse livro, foi quando finalmente todos os segredos entre eles foram revelados e juntos eles reencenaram seus votos de casamento. Foi naquele momento específico da narrativa, que o leitor tem certeza de que nada nem ninguém separará esses dois novamente (amém)."Pressionei meu próprio pulso contra o dele, pulsação contra pulsação, batimento contra batimento.- Sangue do meu sangue... - murmurei.- Ossos dos meus ossos. - Sua voz era grave e rouca. Ele se ajoelhou subitamente diante de mim e colocou as mãos entrelaladas dentro das minhas; o gesto de um escocês das Terras Altas ao jurar lealdade a seu líder. - Eu lhe dou meu espírito - disse ele, a cabeça inclinada sobre nossas mãos. - Até o fim de nossas vidas - eu disse suavemente. - Mas nossas vidas não chegaram ao fim, Jamie." Além de toda a questão psicológica que envolve relacionamentos e o desenvolvimento dos personagens, Diana Gabaldon novamente nos surpreende ao criar inúmeros problemas na vida de Jamie e Claire, principalmente durante a parte final da obra na qual eles foram resgatar o Jovem Ian que fora sequestrado e estava em um navio em direção a África. Em um momento de honestidade, confesso que adorei todo o trabalho de pesquisa que a autora claramente fez para descrever esse novo país assim como seu povo e cultura, porém as cenas no navio e nesse local tiveram ação em excesso para o meu gosto. Sem falar que eu sempre sinto falta do cenário Escocês nas obras de Diana Gabaldon, então esses foram os únicos pontos negativos da leitura para mim. E também a adição de Marsali, esposa de Fergus, foi algo não muito agradável. Filha de Laoghaire, a jovem menina era rude com Claire no início e posteriormente ela continuou me irritando com sua mania infantil de chamar Jamie e Claire de "papai" e "mamãe", literalmente queria amordaçar a moça. Pobre Jamie e Claire não conseguiam ter um minuto de sossego, porque a cada capítulo alguma coisa pior do que a outra acontecia. De toda essa parte final, o que eu mais gostei foi a cena de Geillis Duncan fazendo seu bizarro ritual de magia para voltar novamente ao futuro. O misticismo e toda a atmosfera sombria realmente marcaram o tom perfeito para o desfecho da narrativa. "O Resgate No Mar" é um livro perfeito e completo do começo ao fim; tem drama, romance, aventura e até mesmo ficção científica; foram mais de 1000 páginas de puro entretenimento e imersão completa nesse universo criado com maestria por Diana Gabaldon. A habilidade da autora em fazer o leitor engajar-se com seus personagens transforma, não só essa obra, como toda sua série em uma maravilhosa experiência de leitura. Toda sua escrita é feita com extrema perfeição de detalhes, tanto descritivos como psicológicos, fazendo com que até mesmo as cenas mais cotidianas sejam fascinantes para o leitor. Isso sem comentar a inegável evolução que esses livros veem apresentado. A cada obra, o universo de Jamie e Claire expande-se cada vez mais. Novos personagens aparecem, assim como diferentes países são inseridos e explorados no decorrer da narrativa. Fatos que novamente exemplificam a habilidade da autora, que em nenhum momento ficou estagnada ou presa em sua própria ideia inicial (em suma, uma salva de palmas à Diana Gabaldon). Portanto, estou com o coração partido por ter finalizado esse livro, tamanha familiaridade havia criado com todos os personagens dessa série. Abrir essa obra todos os dias, era como aproveitar o efeito de um verdadeiro bálsamo para minha mente e coração. Estou extremamente ansiosa para ler o próximo volume, no qual aparentemente um encontro entre pai e filha promete destruir ainda mais meu emocional. Sem mencionar o vasto leque de novos casais e suas tramas que intercalarão a narrativa com Claire e Jamie (afinal, eu já estou no ship de Roger e Brianna desde o livro passado). Sendo assim, conclui-se com essa leitura que "Outlander" é atualmente a melhor série de livros existente e todos vocês deveriam ler esse livros e maratonar o seriado agora mesmo na Netflix. Aliás, é exatamente isso que eu farei agora, rever todas as temporadas do seriado, porque eu simplesmente me recuso a voltar para essa infeliz realidade onde não existem pedras mágicas ou Jamie Fraser. (hide spoiler)]