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Une Britannique incontrôlable. Un homme écrasé par la responsabilité...Mais aussi, une Chloé étrangement adorable, un Bennett perturbé, une Sara sur les nerfs, un Max juste comme vous l'aimez, une Hanna devenue tour opérateur, un Will en chef cuisinier, une Ruby ivre, un Niall content de lui, et George (oh, George), transformé en van de location vraiment beaucoup deUne Britannique incontrôlable. Un homme écrasé par la responsabilité...Mais aussi, une Chloé étrangement adorable, un Bennett perturbé, une Sara sur les nerfs, un Max juste comme vous l'aimez, une Hanna devenue tour opérateur, un Will en chef cuisinier, une Ruby ivre, un Niall content de lui, et George (oh, George), transformé en van de location vraiment beaucoup de vin.Le dernier roman de la série Beautiful....

Title : Beautiful
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Beautiful Reviews

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    2019-05-19 04:01

    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Publisher}This wasn’t what a fling should be. He wasn’t casual, forgettable. He wasn’t flaky or flippant. He was attentive, he was considerate, and—holy fuck—he seemed more committed in spending time with me than he was to sleeping, to eating, even to finding closure with Becky. It was almost as if this was what he wanted.But only temporarily.Christina Lauren has delivered the PERFECT ending to one of my most beloved series of all time. They gave me a new couple to adore and brought back all of the characters that I have grown to love over the past several years. It’s kind of bittersweet as well because although I really loved this story, I know that this is the end of the line for the BEAUTIFUL BASTARD series and I don’t know that I am truly ready to say goodbye to it!! It was easy to fall for every single Hero, but my #1 guy will always and forever be Will Sumner, and we get a hefty dose of Will in this last installment!! But ladies, get ready to fall for Hanna’s older brother, Jensen Bergstrom!!Pippa Cox finds herself at a crossroads in her life at the ripe old age of twenty-three. She’s just kicked her boyfriend out of her apartment after having caught him in the act with another woman and for quite some time her job hasn’t been all that fulfilling to her. So her best pal Ruby Stella – Niall’s wife, convinces her to come out to Boston and join her and some friends on a road trip across the East Coast where they will stop at a few wineries before ending up in a luxurious cabin in Vermont. On her plane ride over to Boston, she finds herself seated next to an extremely gorgeous American but ends up getting plastered during the flight and doesn’t leave the best impression on him. Little do they know that they have friends in common and that they’re actually being set up on a blind date since Jensen’s little sister, Hanna, invites him to come along on the road trip with them as well.Jensen’s life has been all about work for far too long. His divorce from more than six years ago left him disillusioned since his wife just up and left without a real explanation as to why she wanted out. So Jensen has given up on the idea of love and gets his needs satisfied about once or twice a month with a casual friend who is like minded as him and isn’t looking for a serious commitment. Hanna and Will constantly worry about Jensen. They’re hoping that Pippa will be the woman to rescue Jensen from a solitary and empty life.Awkwardness soon turns into an easy friendship between Pippa and Jensen as their trip across beautiful New England embarks. The trip starts off being loads of fun for the three couples until halfway through their itinerary they run into an old acquaintance that isn’t all that welcome but this only ends up pushing Jensen and Pippa closer to one another. Soon enough they are giving in to their smoldering attraction for each other and these scenes made me feel like the pages were burning right there within my hands!! They agree to enjoy the rest of the trip as lovers but with the understanding that at the end they will go their separate ways. But what happens when something that starts out as fun might actually end up being that one and only soul deep love that everyone dreams of finding? Will Pippa and Jensen be able to get over their individual hang-ups and can they even try their hand at a long-distance romance??!!I don’t know if there is anyone out there who has not read any of the books in this series yet, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you add it to your TBRs!! You really are missing out!!!BEAUTIFUL is available now! Amazon US: iTunes:

  • Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    2019-05-09 00:51

    ➦Jensen... Jensen, Jensen, Jensen. What can I say about Jensen? He's all like...➦Everyone tells him "Jensen, get your head outa your ass! Loosen up a bit!" But Jensen doesn't listen, he's all like... "F U guys, I got work to do"➦So needless to say, Jensen is a pretty dull boy.➦His sister tells him "Come on a ROADTRIP with us, Jensen! There will be WINE and, by the way, here's my hot crazy single friend Pippa!" Jensen didn't know what hit him.➦So, how about it, 2 weeks of wine tours with friends and a crazy chick? He totally signs up for it! Goooo Jensen!➦How will it end? I should probably mention that Pippa and Jensen live on different continents and we all see the problem with that, don't we?➦This was a lovely conclusion to the 5 book series, all standalones, by the way. It's a fun and sexy read with not too much drama. There was a bit of drama, but hey, they dealt with it. ➦I think the fans of this series will be thrilled with the happiness overload in the multiple epilogues for every couple in the series. I, personally, couldn't very well remember all the characters but the epilogues were short and sweet and I didn't mind them. :)➦So if you want to find out what made Jensen a dull boy in the first place, go ahead and give this one a shot :) Pippa's character is very vibrant and eccentric but at the same time very caring and sweet - you can't help but like the girl.

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    2019-05-06 19:47

    ➳The fifth and FINAL installment to the Beautiful series has finally hit new adult shelves, and it has broken many hearts by letting us know that this series is saying a loving goodbye but keeping the wonderful memories of each individual couple, flowing strong...➳Christina Lauren have concluded this series with a head on strong game! Pippa and Jensen are two unexpected characters that I did not 100% believe would ever, EVER match. Both of them are from different poles of the earth, one from the South Pole and the other from the North Pole, but what brings them together is that they both fit emotionally. ➳So the story... Pippa is a British descendant who encounters her boyfriend (ex later on) in her bed "shagging" another woman. This is where the story initially starts off. She yells at him, tells him to move out, etc. I found it rather funny the way she kicked him out. This is where we come to understand Pippa's character. She is so full of energy and selfless love, but most importantly she is LOVES sex hahahaha! She also has lesbian mothers which I found rather refreshing reading about, and anti-cliche. Jensen on the other hand, is a man on a mission to become partner at his firm. His head has been focused strongly on his job that he did not take the time to appreciate the bachelor life after he got a divorce from his ex-wife, Becky. He is the older brother of Hanna, also known as Ziggy. Jensen and Pippa meet sitting next to each other on a airplane flight to Boston to meet common friends that they did not know they both had...➳Their airplane encounter does not fittingly suit Jensen because he thinks that Pippa is a creature from another world. She is candor with him about her ex and her current life, while he just simply listens but tried to avoid by listening to music. When they both landed, they did not realize that they had mutual friends... This is when the rest of the gang comes in! Bennett and Chloe, Max and Sara, Will and Hanna, and Niall and Ruby. Their love is still there, and in this book even though we do not read their perspective stories as the previous individual books provided, their love and passion for each other is still there and shown with a strong charisma. ➳All the couples (not including Chloe and Bennett because Chloe is FINALLY pregnant in this one) with the addition of Pippa and Jensen, have planned to go on a winery tasting trip. Throughout the trip, Pippa and Jensen come to a conclusion that their relationship for the next three weeks could lead to them having a fling which they both encouragingly support, but what they did not know is that they would come upon Jensen's ex-wife with her current husband Cam. This leads the "couple" to saying that they are married and the face marriage leads them to have feelings for each other that they did not want to share with each other. In the back of her mind, Pippa believes that Jensen is not in a current state to ask for more than just a fling, but when you come across his pov you realize that she is wrong;➳"Pippa was sexy; that wasn't the issue. She was beautiful; that wasn't the issue. At issue was her type of beauty, her type of sensuality-flamboyant, loud, bright-and how I knew, in my bones, that she wasn't right for me. At issue was also my ambivalence about relationships, and the odd, instinctive recoil I had developed as a response to them..."➳Throughout their vacation, or as Pippa would call it- their holiday, in the back of their mind they would also be thinking upon the days that they had left together. How they both have learned that needing each other is something that is there, it's present and living, like the air depends on their connecting love;➳"I was chatty, he was thoughtful. I was eccentric, he was classic. But when we came together, we worked."➳Can we talk about the EPILOGUES?! Yes that's correct! Multiple epilogues that I did NOT expect at all! Christina and Lauren have brought us an abundance of epilogues that lead to the finale of this series, making you bawl your eyes out and cry a river full of salty tears! Epilogues all coming in with different perspectives leading to one finale scene that makes you wish for a life like theirs...➳At the end of the day, I laughed, I screamed, I loved, and I also cried over this story. To me this story was simply in a positive way. I can go all out and also say that I was expecting more books to this series but oh well... I WILL come out and say my future prediction though... Mock my words, because Christina Lauren better come back in the near future with the love stories of all the children being all grown up. I predict that they will, and their love will also keep a memory and sweet spot in my heart just as the Beautiful has done today!➳Hero rating: 5.0➳Heroine rating: 5.0➳Sexual tension rating: 4.0➳Sex scenes rating: 4.0➳Sex scenes frequency: 4.0➳Plot rating: 4.5➳Dialogue rating: 4.5➳Storytelling rating: 4.5➳Story ending rating: 5.0➳Order Links:➳Amazon➳Amazon CA➳Amazon UK➳Target➳B&N➳iBooks➳Kobo➳GooglePlayThank you to Christina Lauren for hosting a giveaway today and for the chance to participate and win! I cannot wait to get the other copies of the series!

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-04-22 03:44

    4 StarsThis series has sadly come to an end with this last pairing of Jensen Bergstrom, Esq. (Hanna’s brother from Beautiful Player) and Pippa Bay Cox (Ruby’s friend from Beautiful Secret). These two meet on a flight from London to America. The encounter of these two strangers is pretty funny and awkward so imagine both their surprise when they run into one another again on a fabulous two week vacation with the crew of the previous books! It seems that Jensen and Pippa are quietly being set up by the group yet would it be that bad to be the uptight and sexy Jensen’s “holiday girl”? Is Jensen prepared to handle our quirky Pippa? As the group enjoys some truly beautiful places Jensen and Pippa gravitate towards one another. Jensen has a ton of baggage while Pippa hopes that more comes out of this wonderful two week fling. ”It’s too bad I’m too eccentric for you. It’s too bad you’re too busy for me. It’s too bad I’m only learning my heart and you have yours rolled up in bubble wrap.”The road trip/vacation was a complete blast. While Pippa is a witty and lovable heroine who I adored. Jensen was very late on picking up that a relationship with Pippa was possible and something he wanted. I wished there were more scenes with them as a couple or that Jensen woke up so much quicker about his feelings.The ending of Jensen and Pippa’s story includes epilogues for all of the couples of the series and were just terrific. I’ve enjoyed this series and the journey as all of the characters have developed and grown along the way. As for Jensen and Pippa, they definitely lucked out landing a spot with this beautiful group! ”I was chatty, he was thoughtful. I was eccentric, he was classic. But when we came together, we worked.”Thank you Christina Lauren for such an enjoyable series!

  • TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover
    2019-05-01 01:55

    NOW LIVE! | 4 - 4.5 Stars It's pretty depressing knowing this series has come to an end, but what a way to go. As always, Christina Lauren delivers fun, sex, laugh out loud scenes, and one of the greatest casts there ever was. Basic plot: Jensen (brother of Hanna from Beautiful Player) meets eccentric Pippa (friend of Ruby from Beautiful Secret) on an airplane and comes to find out she is the friend of his sister’s friends. Jensen is a workaholic. Pippa wants a change. Will, Hanna, Ruby and Niall plan a road trip and convince Jensen to come along. During the trip, Jensen and Pippa have a little fling, and Pippa helps Jensen loosen up and have some fun along the way.As I worked to disentangle us, she gazed at me, bemused. "This makes me wary of ever dabbling in bondage with you."Silence greeted us, and I unlooped the seatbelt from her neck before looking up and around us at the other passengers."We're not alone, are we?" she playfully stage-hissed."There are others," I confirmed. "They're regarding you with curiosity.""And mild horror," Niall added.What I loved: Basically everything. The fact that we get more Will Sumner is reason enough to read this. But Jensen and Pippa were absolutely ADORABLE together. "Your hair like this makes your eyes bluer," he continued, and my mind hit the brakes. "Makes your lips pinker. Makes you look too perfect to be real."Pippa was laugh out loud funny. Jensen, while sometimes being uptight, was sexy as all hell once he opened up.Beside me, Jensen laughed. "Your random metaphors are beginning to make sense to me.""I'm slowly blackening your intellect.""Is that what you're doing when you're fucking me senseless?"The ending was without a doubt my favorite thing about this. It features a few short epilogues from some series favs.Why not 5 stars? While I LOVED how much the rest of the gang was involved in this, I wished there were more scenes with JUST Jensen and Pippa. I don't feel like I got a good grasp on either of their characters fully, not in the way I did with the rest of the cast in the other books in this series. The ending was a tad rushed as well. A lot of time was spent on the gang during their road trip, but once they are home, scenes with just Jensen and Pippa were kind of rushed and skirted over. To me, this felt a little more like an epilogue book, and less than just Jensen and Pippa's story. This series remains one of my all-time favorites and I dare anyone who has followed this gang all along not to shed a tear after reading the last page. I’m so sad to see them go, and foresee many re-reads of this incredible series in the future. "They're insane and overbearing, but...I think you'll fit in perfectly."She pulled back in mock insult. "You think I'm insane and overbearing?"No. I think you're fun, and smart, and wild." I leaned forward, kissing her nose. "I think you're fucking beautiful."Beautiful is out October 4th! |*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*Find Me On:Instagram ❤ FB Page ❤ FB Blog ❤ Blog

  • Angela
    2019-05-14 00:00

    Beautiful follows the same CL pattern, the-you know what you're getting into and are completely 100% okay with that- style. As in most (all) quirky, personality powerful, funny girl is going through some big life change and is looking for something to mix it up. Guy's chin deep into work and is taking life too seriously. Pippa is exactly as I said; funny, quirky, and has an overwhelming (but good) personality. After finding her boyfriend in bed with another women she decides she needs a break from her everyday life. She is going to head state side and see some old friends and go on a wine tour. Jensen is also your classic Beautiful guy. Super sexy, dry but cute humor, and weighed down with work. The meet-cute between the two however, was a fun new way for Christina Lauren. The two have a hilarious meet on their flight back to the US. Jensen never thinks he'll see the embarrassing Pippa again, but of course is wrong. I loved both of these characters so much, but they weren't my favorite two in the Beautiful Series or in the Wild Season Series either. Both had a little bit of flaws. Pippa's personality is cute..... but sometimes I think it was a little too much. Something about her over need to be "unique" sometimes got to me. Jensen has a similar, but different issue for me. He was a little too dry? I say that with a question mark because I don't know if that is the right word. I think he was charming, handsome (of course), and had a nice bit of humor to him... It was just his way of avoiding things or brushing them off that left me a bit put off.  Don't take that the wrong way, I still loved these two characters. I'm a big sucker for opposites attract stories, and this the true definition of one. When these two spend time together you'll undoubtedly be rooting for them to happen. Their need to have fun and enjoy vacation will really rub off on you. When it came to Beautiful's plot it's really cutesy. As you could have probably guessed Jensen ends up going on the wine tour too (don't know why I said guess, I've made it very clear they are both on it by now lol). And of course since they go on the tour with a bunch of couples the two are kind of paired off.... so this leads the two slowly but surely falling for each other (trust me you read the synopsis you know that's where it's leading). Everything from the moment  they meet, to the moment they meet again, to the end of the trip is filled with adorable blush worthy moments. Another thing that happens in the Christina Lauren form is that there is a bit of a surprise... not so much a plot twist like in a lot of the other ones, but there is a nice surprise. It's a little less "realistic" than I would say some of the other ones have been in the past, but it made this story classic fun. Going from wine vineyard, to cottages, to more wine vineyards really gave this plot a little something extra. It was nice getting a change of scenery and getting it often. I loved the start of this book with how things really just took off no beating around the bust, the middle made me feel like I was touring with them, and the end is what I wanted. The only downside was this book wasn't as steamy as some of their others. Yall know I love my steam, so was hoping with this being the last in the series they wouldn't hold back... Sadly felt they kind of did. At least they brought back dry humping and made that super sexy.I know this review seems a little back and forth. I say I loved it, but then I give a few negatives. I just felt like these are things I need to warn about, because even though this is very CL there are things that they tamed down some. It was still such a good time read for me, and was the first time in a bit that I've had a lot of fun reading. This isn't one of their books that you can go into without reading the others (like pervious ones) I would suggest reading the others in the series first or you might be confused some. Other than the few VERY minor things that I didn't love I would highly recommend this book to fans of this series or anyone who loves new adult. Sad to see this series come to an end, but excited to see what these two writers give us next. ; Read this review and others over on my blogBetween the sheets & covers blog Between the sheets & covers blog Between the sheets & covers blog

  • Pearl Angeli
    2019-05-19 03:44

    4.5 Stars!What a beautiful conclusion to the series! Although this book centered around Jensen Bergstrom and Pippa Bay Cox, there was also a HEA epilogue for all the characters in the series. Talking about Jensen and Pippa's love story, well, these two are an odd couple. Jensen is a workaholic guy and is all so serious about his career and this is because of his failed marriage. Pippa, on the other hand, is a sassy, hilarious, and fun character who easily moved on after her boyfriend cheated on her. Their paths have crossed when they were on their way to Boston and their seats on the plane were just next to each other. Little did they know that they are bound to meet again in Boston for a local tour together with their common friends.I didn't expect to adore this book as I found Jensen's character in the previous books and novellas to be quite boring, but wow! I was so surprised to find him interesting here. Yes he was totally reserved when it comes to opening his heart to relationships, but he has a soft heart for Pippa. I found Pippa's character to be amazing as well. She was just so chill about life and moving on that even if she had potentials to become broken hearted, she just remained calm. This book was also hot. There were sexy times thrown in places but unlike the previous books, they were just light which was okay with me. :)The epilogues in the last chapters were AMAZEBALLS! I love the HEA of all the characters.. especially George and his new boyfriend. LOL. I will definitely miss these characters and their crazy shenanigans!

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-04-28 20:57

    There may be some Minor spoilers ahead!!!Wow....Beautiful is the 5th book in the funny, sexy, quirky, witty Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren.I am pretty sad that this series ends with the last couple Jensen Bergstrom, Esq. (Hanna’s brother from Beautiful Player) and Pippa Bay Cox (Ruby’s friend from Beautiful Secret).So, what's the plot here????A road trip with friends............he needs to loosen up....she's getting away from a gone bad relationship.......... I leaned my head back, sighing happily. “This is so much better than going through my flat to figure out what the Wanker left when he moved out.”Jensen startled beside me. “Sorry, what?” he asked, pulling out an earbud.“Mark,” I clarified. “The Wanker. Didn’t I tell you?”Looking amused as he let his eyes scan my face—deciding I was drunk, no doubt, but I didn’t bloody care—he said gently, “You hadn’t mentioned it, no.”“Last week,” I told him, “I came home to find my boyfriend shagging an unnameable twat.”Jensen, professional workaholic, stand-offish - Ruby, out-going, bohemian, eccentric, original. “It can be,” I said. “It’s often short for Phillipa, but in my case, I’m just Pippa. Pippa Bay Cox. My mum Coco is American—Colleen Bay, where I get my middle name—and she always loved the name Pippa, just like that. When my mum Lele got pregnant from Coco’s brother, Coco made her promise if it was a girl, they would name her Pippa.”He laughed. “Sorry. Your mother was impregnated by your other mother’s brother?”Oh, dear. I always forget how to delicately lead into this story . . .“No, no, not directly. They used an actual turkey baster,” I explained, laughing, too. What a mental picture I was painting. “People weren’t always as open to two women having a baby together back then as they are now.” Two total opposites but somehow they just bring out the best in each other...especially Pippa getting Jensen's sexy and fun side out!!!This has to be my favourite book in this series. From the beginning.....Chapter 1........I was totally hooked by these two lovable characters....Their first meeting at Heathrow Airport and on the plane was an absolute laugh a minute....“Oh, champagne!” I said, clapping. “That seems a fitting way to begin a holiday!”I bent, digging into my purse. “How much?”The man stopped me with a hand on my arm and abemused smile. “It’s free.”When Pippa discovers the identity of her travelling companion.....and he's going on the road trip with the group!!! It was so hilarious. And believe me....there is a lot of humour and funny moments in this story.The gang's wine road trip was amazing. I loved reading about the wine farms and the area and there are some lol moments .......... I loved the ending.............the short epilogues from of the couples I have come to love and enjoy........Bennett & Chloe, Max & Sara with baby, Will, the kitchen god and Hanna the trip planner, Niall and Ruby so in love and even George finds his true HEA!!! How cool was that!!!!!What a great series!!! What a fabulous cast of characters!!! It's so more of my favourite gang!!!If you haven't read this series.......let me say...I highly recommend you do!!! It's not a Pulitzer prize-winning series...but it's a damn feel good series!!!!

  • Michelle
    2019-04-28 20:52

    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewIt’s no secret that I absolutely adore and love reading Christina Lauren’s book. The Beautiful Bastard Series will and always be my favorite series!!!! It’s a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to the cast that have fictionally become part of my book world. So when I read Beautiful, I knew I had to savor every word, banter, and romance that Christina Lauren had written. Beautiful introduces a new couple to the group: Pippa and Jensen. Both characters were introduced in the previous books of the series. A lively cheeky Brit and a reclusive single man...of course, you know that Christina Lauren will dazzle their fans with one unforgettable beautiful romance.The first meeting of Jensen and Pippa was one of the most awkward and funny interactions ever. Pippa didn’t talk nonstop on their flight to Boston and Jensen he was thinking what can I do so this lady can stop talking. So you can imagine how awkward their initial meeting was and then to later discover that they have mutual friends the following day at a party. Pippa is in town so she can hang out with her best friend, Ruby and her man Niall. She will be joining Ruby, Niall, Will and Hanna on a winery road trip. So when Hanna asked her brother Jensen to come along, it seems everyone is all coupled off leaving Jensen and Pippa to interact once again. Well in true Christina Lauren fashion, they beautifully tell the blooming romance between Pippa and Jensen. Without spoiling any details, since this is the last book of the series, I will just tell you that you must savor and love every page of this book. FYI, Pippa was a riot of fun as her vibrant personality made a colorful splash in this book.The writing was phenomenal. The characters were a riot. This book was lighthearted and absolutely fun and cheeky! As for this series, it was amazing!!!! So if you are looking for a romance that will have your heart and make you blush, then I highly recommend you check out this book and series.Christina Lauren

  • Bibi
    2019-05-01 03:50

    Sniff. Awwwww. How sweet. This was such a sweet and funny story, and Pippa and Jensen were perfect for each other. They will, however, have a whopper of a story to tell their kids and grandkids, should they ever have to retell their first meet and the road that led them to each other. They may very well be my 2nd favourite couple (Hanna/Ziggy and Will are my ATF). Sigh...Meanwhile, we get sucked back into the lives of the extended cast of the Beautiful series and it felt like a homecoming of sorts. They felt so real, the group chemistry and dynamic made me want to be their friend; more importantly, we were given a court-side view into their road trip and that was a gift from these authors who gave us a last hurrah before pulling the curtain on such a "Beautiful" series. Thanks so much Christina Lauren.I absolutely loved this book. It was so mature without needless drama or angst. Just two people who were reluctant -at first- to open their hearts to finding true love. I'd like to think it wasn't proximity that made them fall. I'd like to think it was a perfect aligning of the universe notwithstanding that, for many years, they'd had the same circle of friends. Ultimately, the timing was perfect and everything clicked. Am I rambling? That's cos I got really sentimental with this book and truly have a new appreciation for these author duo, who have written yet another perfectly beautiful love story.

  • Ramona
    2019-05-21 04:07

    I am so sorry for this poor rating, it was unexpected and sad to give only 2 stars, but I really struggled.. I thought that maybe the beginning was slow and it will be more dynamic as the plot progressed, but it wasn't like that.Everything happened too fast, the dialogues were boring, I had to skip various pages to survive and even with the skipping I didn't left anything aside..which is odd, because if nothing happens for pages and pages, maybe the scenes are not so important and don't need to be in the book.I just didn't connect with the story, it was slow and uneventful, without spice, just flat.. Mostly, I didn't connect with the characters.. I liked Pippa, I think she deserved this 2 stars.. she was funny, cheerful, smart, a pleasant heroine to watch.. but it ends here.. I couldn't make up my mind about Jensen, he was so confusing and his obsession for work was frustrating. He literally put Pippa aside because his work was more important.. what??? And I didn't enjoyed how Pippa went after him and Jensen didn't move a muscle.. he didn't understood the connection and the intensity they had, and waited until the last pages to come to his senses. I hate this type of heroes..and if I think so, he should of fought harder for her.. it was a very strange relationship.The sex and romantic scenes weren't that hot, compare them to the previous books and you will see the difference. There were not so frequent and lacked feeling.. they didn't impressed me at all.I think is better to finish here, because I loved the series too much to ruin my opinion of it based on this last book. 2 unexpected stars.. For more reviews please check

  • J. Grayland
    2019-04-25 20:53

    What a fantastic and wonderful way to finalize this series, I have loved and enjoyed every one of these books and it was an ingenious way to bring all our favorite characters back for a final good bye.This book in the series followed the slow burning romance between Will's best friend Jensen and Ruby's best friend Pippa who we have met in previous books, when six of the friends decide to take a wine tasting road trip together and both Jensen and Pippa get much more than they bargained for. Great story line, awesome characters and brilliant narration by Grace Grant and Sebastian York, with Jonathan Cole and Jeremy York as a bonus.

  • Beverly
    2019-05-04 03:07

    When I became addicted to reading again a few years ago, I just followed a few people on Goodreads. One of my friends read Beautiful Bastard, so I did too. Now over 3 years later I am reading the conclusion to the series and I’ll be honest it makes me a little emotional. First, I love my Goodreads friends who introduced me to so many amazing reads and have become real friends to me. Second, I am so thankful I discovered Christina Lauren. Beautiful is the conclusion to the series and it’s pretty freaking fantastic in my opinion. If you have followed the series you know Jensen, he is Hanna’s brother and Will’s best friend. He is a workaholic and completely dedicated to his career. He truly has no life outside of his friends and work. He isn’t even looking for love or to start a family, he is completely closed off since his wife left him six years ago.Pippa is on holiday in Boston with her friend Ruby. After finding out her boyfriend cheated on her and she is just looking for an escape. Randomly she meets Jensen on her flight from London to Boston and she makes quite an impression. She is drunk and rambling, basically spilling her guts about her entire life. It’s honestly hilarious and completely cringe worthy for poor Pippa. As fate would have it Jensen will be seeing the crazy woman from the plane again and he learns this just before they all leave on a two-week road trip/wine tour. Legit people, it’s fantastic. Their adventures made me laugh out loud! Seeing Will and Hanna (my favorite couple) gave me all the feels all over again! Jensen doesn’t even know what to think about Pippa and while Pippa is attracted to him she is too independent and confident to worry about what he thinks.I loved Pippa and Jensen. They are complete opposites but are perfect for each other. Pippa is carefree and fun, but she is also loyal, loving and just a fantastic person. Jensen is the opposite of carefree and fun, he is driven, focused and a complete type A, but he is also fun, loving and caring. When these two are paired off together sparks fly and a real connection is formed, but what could really come between them, she is from London and he lives in Boston. I have loved this series and this book, with it’s extended epilogue just made me smile so BIG and even tear up. I completely fell in love all over again with these guys and I am so happy to read their happily ever afters. I absolutely recommend this series that just got stronger and stronger with each book!ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Bindi Boo
    2019-04-20 04:00

    5 million starsFreaking LOVED this one. Jensen and Pippa were what you call classic "opposites attract". So real, so fun and so intense- i adored them together. What started out as a casual fling became something more serious as they both realised how much they needed each other. And those amazing end to an already AMAZING series. This Beautiful Series is one of my top favourite series. Each book and each character hold a special place in my heart. Will be looking forward to re-reads in the future when i need a bit of this zany, fiesty and funny bunch. ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE and a Top 2016 read for me

  • London
    2019-05-01 01:40

    How many more times do I have to read shitty romance like this? I'm sorry but when the heroine has been cheated on by her boyfriend I want the hero in the story to be the guy to sweep her off her feet! I don't want a pansy ass, high maintenance, prissy bitch that pushes the heroine away.Pippa leaves London for a two week long vacation with the rest of the couples in this series after catching her boyfriend cheating. Jensen is Hannah's brother who is extremely stuck in his workaholic ways. He ends up meeting Pippa on the mini vacation and what started off as a holiday fling turns into more. Or more like the heroine leaving London because of one man only to come to the US and chase after another.I do not under any circumstance want to read about her attempting to contact him after they go their separate ways and him telling her he's going to be busy. I definitely do not want her to then be given his address by his sister and go to his house anyway. What the fuck?How absolutely pathetic. How is this romance? Why on earth are authors these days obsessed with writing about heroines that are chasing after the hero like a poor pathetic dog. Have some self respect! I didn't mind the hero until we got to the separation and he doesn't even bother going after the heroine. He missed her but not enough to pursue her on his own. You know what this tells me? It tells me that he didn't give a shit about her and would have been fine with never seeing her again. When she's the one that calls him when she gets back to London I wanted to vomit. She does it not once but TWICE! Even when she thought her call had been ignored. STOP BEING SO FUCKING PATHETIC!!I NEED the hero to be the one chasing the heroine. I want to read about a real man not some dull loser who doesn't care to pursue the woman he wants. At the very end of the book he finally goes after her but it was too little too late. I just didn't feel any real connection between the two characters at all. It definitely felt rushed and didn't have the same relationship development the past couples in the series had.What a disappointment

  •  Megan • Reading Books Like a Boss (book blog)
    2019-04-25 21:58

    *Audiobook comments below too!BEAUTIFUL was such a fun send off to the whole Beautiful series gang. My absolute favorite couple, Hanna and Will, were prominent characters in this one and I just had a blast reading (and later listening) to Beautiful from beginning to end.Jensen and Pippa are the two love birds in Beautiful, but their first meeting is anything but romantic. On his way home to Boston from London, Jensen finds himself stuck next to an eccentric English woman who can't seem to stop talking about her crappy ex-boyfriend. Fate has something in store for them when their paths cross again.  Jensen is married to his work and Pippa just wants to get away from the unhappiness at home. Jensen and Pippa join Hanna, Will, Niall, and Ruby on a road trip to wineries all over New England. A little lot of wine plus this gang equals pandemonium and a whole lot of fun!This book was seriously so entertaining to read. Sometimes when authors pen final series books it can feel really forced, like their trying to cram too many character cameos into one book. Christina Lauren found a happy medium between writing a story featuring a new couple and providing a goodbye for the other characters in the series. Though, I could have done without the final epilogues for all of the couples at the end.While at the winery, Jensen runs into someone from his past, which forces him to tell a little white lie which leads to other lies. I won't tell you what it is so you'll be surprised, but it definitely forces Jensen and Pippa to get really close really quick. What I liked so much about this book was how Pippa really complemented Jensen. He's been so focused on his career and protecting his own heart than with settling down. Pippa has just the right amount of quirk and go-with-the flow personality to make Jensen relax and let loose. The karaoke scene was one of my favorite moments.Some of my and others' complaints about other books in this series is the lack of plot and abundance of sexy times. This book had just the right amount of sexual tension, steaminess, and "get to know you" time that I love.I hate to be a broken record with my criticism of Christina Lauren's books but the conflict in this book needed some work. The source of conflict towards the end of the book was a little nonsensical. The transition from them being lovers on vacation to acquaintances in Boston seemed out of place. I wanted Jensen to fight a little bit more instead of waiting for Pippa to take the lead.This book was a blast to read, really. I actually laughed out loud several times at the situational comedy! I loved seeing so much of Will and Hanna and I really liked how everything worked itself out. So sweet! Read this if you want the following: Funny, sexy, a couple who makes each other laugh, drunken karaoke, and SO MUCH WINE!! Audiobook Comments: Two of my favorite narrators combine forces for the Beautiful series sendoff!! Their performances are entertaining and engaging, filled with great comedic timing. Though, I wasn't totally convinced of Grace Grant's English accent but that wasn't enough to keep me from enjoying this audiobook. Grant's portrayal of Pippa's free-spirited personality is spot-on. While Sebastian York's straight resonant delivery is perfect for Jensen! Grace Grant and Sebastian York are always a hit for me, and make my audiobook adventures that much more fun.* I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion in any way. Thanks to Gallery for the review copy!Read this Review • My Website • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • Instagram • Subscribe by Email****************★★UPCOMING BOOK RELEASES★★****************

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    2019-04-29 04:04

    4.5 Stars! (ARC provided by author)"She's out there. Whoever she is."Pippa Cox is a 26 yr. old free spirited, flamboyant, self assured, gorgeous woman from London. She works for an engineering firm & lives with her boyfriend until she one day walks in on him cheating on her. When some friends invite her on a holiday touring wineries across the East Coast, Pippa decides time away is just what she needs. On her flight to Boston to meet up with her friends, Pippa sits next to a hot businessman. She has a little too much to drink & begins to precede to tell him all her problems. This beautiful stranger is Jensen Bergstrom, a lawyer from Boston. Jensen is tortured throughout the flight stuck listening to this chatty, loud Brit. Jensen is the oldest of five siblings & the responsible one. He used to be a player, but since he divorced six years ago, he's become a workaholic. His career is his life with the exception of spending time with his best friend Will who is married to his sister Hanna. Hanna is always lecturing Jensen that he needs to be more spontaneous & social. He's too set in his ways. He's been single so long, he's in a rut. He's a home body who acts like he's old. He casually dates, but never lets himself get too invested. His sister invites him to take a two week road trip touring breweries & wineries up the coast. He knows he needs more balance in his life & to have a little fun, so he agrees to go. He soon learns the eccentric drunken woman he met on the plane is also going to be on this vacation. She's a talker who says exactly what's on her mind. She knows how to have fun, & Jensen begins to think maybe this trip won't be so bad after all. Pippa has quickly developed a major crush on Jensen. They get to know each other better while traveling together, & start to open up more to one another. Soon they are acting on their intense chemistry & enjoying each other's company on an intimate level. Jensen never puts himself out there. He over thinks everything & his whole life lately has become predictable & routine. He's been afraid to try again emotionally & risk his heart. Jensen can simply just have fun & be in the moment with Pippa. She's funny, honest, genuine, has no filter, & overshares to the extreme. She's carefree & what you see is what you get. She knows her mind & her heart, and he finds her refreshing. She's fearless & lives her life in color. -It felt good to touch her like this. -I felt safe with him. I felt important.-I wanted to touch him everywhere, not only because I liked the lines and the tension of his body but also because I sensed that no one had ever made it their mission to learn each and every bit of him.-It was as if every bit of him needed contact. How could a man so restrained by his own rules not see how much passion he craved?Suddenly Jensen totally let's go with Pippa. He's adventurous & it's as if she's finally unleashed the beast. He's passionate & having the time of his life, but soon reality comes as their holiday ends. She lives in London & him in Boston, so where could this possibly go. What was to be fun & casual turned into so much more. As Jensen tries to get back to work & reins himself back in to his shell, Pippa feels lost & out of sorts after falling hard for this beautiful man. Can they figure out a way to be together?I really adored this book! Jensen was hot as hell & I thought Pippa was awesome! I really loved getting more of all the other couples in this series too!

  • Mysza
    2019-05-15 22:53

    Last book in the series and OMG I loved it!!! I loved the whole series actually, but some books were better, some just ok. This one - the best! I loved Jensen and Pippa together but I especially loved Pippa. This quirky, crazy funny, swearing and without verbal filter (more often than not) British gal and serious American lawyer were so different from each other but oh so perfect together. Sexy, funny, sweet and a little angsty at one point, just perfect.Epilogues for every couple in this series were just the cherry on top.

  • Marisa Sauco
    2019-04-21 03:50

    Me encantó. ❤️ Excelente cierre para esta serie. Adoré los múltiples Epílogos. Estas historias fueron ADICCIÓN PURA.Voy a extrañar a todos sus protagonistas.

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2019-05-04 01:56

    4.5 Beautiful StarsBeautiful Bastard – Chloe and Bennett’s storyBeautiful Stranger - Sarah and Max Beautiful Player – Hannah and Will Beautiful Secret – Ruby and Niall Beautiful - Jensen and Pippa’s Beautiful is a standalone but is part of the Beautiful B series. I feel like I should write an epic review because of this epic book. To sum up Beautiful I would say the authors wrote this for the fans. If you have read the series (like I did), then Beautiful is like the farewell book you don’t want to say goodbye to, but you are glad you got it regardless.Beautiful is Jensen’s Pippa’s story mostly, but there are HUGE chunks of the previous characters in the book, another reason why the book is longer than the other ones.Pippa lives in London but after finding out her boyfriend cheated on her she decides to go on holiday to the states.Jensen is coming back from a work trip and he’s on a plane from London to the states. He happens to sit next to Pippa on the plane. The way Pippa and Jensen meet and interact is funny and exactly what I expected and needed from this book. I love the lightness of the series and Beautiful is no exception. I found Pippa and Jensen just cute. Jensen is a workaholic, he lives and breathes work. After a lot of peer pressure his friends get him to take a two week wine tour with them. Little does he know, Pippa is on the trip too. But wait, so are Hannah and Will and Ruby and Niall, don’t worry the other couples are in the book too. If you haven’t read the series, you might be intimated by all the characters in the book, but I like all the couples, it really adds to the story and it makes it extra cute. Because of the other two couples are coupled off, Jensen and Pippa start to spend time with each other on the trip. They decide to tread lightly and be nice to each other.I love a good road trip book and I like reading all the dynamics they run into. The first half of the book is adorable and sweet and fairly entertaining. The second half is filled more with drama and little bit more angst, but equally good. Both Jensen and Pippa don’t want anything serious and it’s the easy going personalities that make the trip fun. I liked reading Pippa and Jensen’s relationship. I liked reading their POV’s and I like reading how they felt towards each other. I found the relationship very realistic and relatable. Both of them have their issues, more on Jensen’s side as he puts no time for anyone in his life besides his work. You can tell that Jensen and Pippa care for each other deeply and you will be shouting for them to work it out. As I said Beautiful is a light hearted read, but you can’t help but get teary eye because it closes the series to the end. Overall, I enjoyed it and I loved the way the authors concluded the series. It’s a book that every Beautiful fan needs to read, love and cry a little. An ARC was providedSeries Order REVIEW | AMAZON REVIEW | AMAZONREVIEW | AMAZONAMAZON | REVIEW | AMAZON

  • Wendy
    2019-05-08 23:57

    I hate saying goodbye to yet another great series :(I have loved all these characters since I've first read Beautiful Bastard. Some I liked more than others, but I enjoyed reading every single one. This time it was Pippa and Jensen's story. Pippa is Ruby's best friend (Beautiful Secret) and Jensen is Will's best friend (Beautiful Player). He's also Hannah's brother.They meet on a plane ride to Boston. Pippa is on her way to meet up with some friends, to go on a wine touring vacation. She needed to get out of London, because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her in her own bed. Jensen is on his way home after a bussiness trip to London. To say their encounter was hilarious, is putting it mildly. Then again, this whole book, was freaking hilarious. I laughed my ass off and it really made me think of Will's book. I was hoping for another really funny story and I'm so glad that that is exactly what I got.Ofcourse it also helped that Will and Hannah were a big part of this book. Anyways....Jensen is not all that impressed with Pippa's loud and drunk personality. He can't wait to get of the plane and go home. Jensen is quite a bit stuck up. He isn't having any fun and his whole life revolves around work. Which is why his sister feels it would be in his best interest if he joines her, Will and some other friends on a little road trip vacation.You know what's gonna happen right ????Ofcourse Pippa is one of the friends, joining them on this trip. I'm not gonna spoiler anything else. Just that their antics had my rolling on the floor laughing. I also really enjoyed the bits and pieces we got about Bennet and Chloe and Sarah and Max. We also get a little epilogue about each couple in their pov, which I thought was great.Like I said, I hate saying goodbye to all these wonderfull characters and this amazing series, but hopefully there will be many more great series by this author. I know I sure as hell am gonna give all them a try ;)4,5 Stars, rounded up, because I loved reading about all the old characters again !!

  • Andie
    2019-05-10 20:56

    4.5 stars I have been a huge Christina Lauren fan and supporter since I first cracked that spine ofBeautiful Bastardso long ago. These ladies always deliver wildly entertaining storylines, strong female heroines, and drool worthy men on a silver platter, making theBeautiful Bastardseries one of my all time favorites. And although bittersweet, this was one hell of an ending to a most beloved series! While getting to know and fall in love with some new characters in this last installment, we're also blessed with the presence of the entire series cast and an immense amount of time spent with my personal favorite couple - Will and Hanna! While on a flight from London to Boston, Pippa Cox (Ruby's best friend) finds herself in a drunken stupor spilling her latest relationship woes to her seat mate - Jensen Bergstrom (Hanna's brother). Poor Jensen spends a good amount of the long flight wondering if the girl is off her rocker and the rest of the time feigning sleep just for some peace and quiet. Their whole first encounter was hilarious in so many ways and everything that you hope you never encounter yourself on a lengthy flight. Unbeknownst to either of them, they have friends in common and will be seeing each other again very soon. On an east coast road trip visiting wineries, Jensen and Pippa are thrown together out of default as the only two singles in a group of couples. Things are awkward at first between these two but as the trip progresses, so does the ease of conversation. While the group is not so secretly pulling for these two to pair up, Jensen and Pippa naturally find themselves gravitating towards each other all on their own anyway. Jensen is that quiet, easy to love guy but for far too long his entire life has revolved around his work resulting in loneliness. He carries around a load of baggage from a past relationship and has all but given up on the idea of letting anyone in again. Pippa is fun and quirky and just what Jensen needs to let loose for the first time in years. What starts as a mutual attraction and fun fling, quickly escalates to very real and very strong feelings. They were never supposed to fall for each other, they live on opposite sides of the pond - how could anything possibly continue afterwards? This road trip was a huge ball of fun! When Jensen was reserved, Pippa was quick to jump in and lighten the mood. These are two personalities that you wouldn't expect to mesh but somehow it works! And the result is Beautiful. My favorite part may just be the epilogue. Now this is how you do an epilogue guys! Each couple from the series had their own few pages and it was so awesome to get to hear from them again in these new chapters of their lives. I'm sad to say goodbye to all these amazing characters but I'm so happy that it went out with a bang. Thank you Christina Lauren for this incredible journey! *Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Anna Serene
    2019-04-26 22:05

    Before ReadingNOOOOO!!! I refuse to accept that both the Beautiful AND Wild Seasons series is over! Never! Christina Lauren, you must crank out at least 17 more books. That is my one and final offer of which I will not take 'no' for an answer!Update: Still unhappy and dreading the moment I finish devouring this book and my inevitable ugly tears. And yet I'm going to end up reading it in about five minutes because that's just want CLo does to me!!! I lose all control and can't slow down!

  • Dee Montoya
    2019-05-12 21:45

    4.5 Holiday Love Stars*****(ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)I had forgotten how much I adore Christina Lauren's books; luckily for me Beautiful was the perfect reminder. This new book was the perfect memento for everything I've always love in these stories and more; new characters as well as all our beloved previous ones. Utterly charming and beautiful, I couldn't get enough.Pippa is an engineer and she works a lot! One day feeling guilty for always putting more time into her job than into her relationship she goes home for lunch to surprise her boyfriend, but she ends up being the one to be surprised when she finds him having sex in her bed, at her apartment, with another woman. Upset she runs to her mother's house seeking comfort, both her mums; yes, Pippa is the only child of two wonderful mothers. After hearing herself talk, Pippa realizes that she's not as heartbroken as she should be by her boyfriend's betrayal, she's learning that she's not happy with her job, or how her life has turned out to be, so her mums offer her the perfect solution, a holiday to Boston. Overwhelmed by her current life situation and the comforts of a first class plane ticket Pippa drinks too much champagne and becomes a crazy flight companion to the guy sitting next her. Little does she know that her embarrassment will follow her into her vacation as she runs into the gorgeous guy who sat next to her in the plane, on her holiday. Jensen is at a party telling people about the story about the crazy-drunk lady he sat next to in a plane, when he sees those beautiful eyes again. Jensen too, works a lot! Ever since getting divorced six years ago from his college sweetheart, he doesn't see the point in trying to love again, so he has thrown himself into work. He dates and hangs out with his friends and family but in reality, he lives a pretty control and contained life. When his sister Hanna invites him to be part of the road trip that she's planned with Pippa and other fiends, he is skeptical, because everyone is paired up, which means this trip is more than a set up to get him close to Pippa and outside of his comfort zone. He agrees to go, and the three couples embark on a beautiful adventure.Beautiful sceneries, delicious wine, romance and someone from Jensen's past will make this trip an unforgettable event. Can Pippa and Jensen have a holiday fling and then go back to their empty lives, or will they find something neither of them knew they were looking for?I think of this book as a present to all of us fans of this amazing series. We get a vibrant romance with Pippa and Jensen, but we also get a juicy glimpse into the beautiful lives of all of our favorite characters from previous books, making this last novel a blissful experience. A wonderful book NOT to miss!!!!My Beautiful music playlist:*Mercy by Shawn Mendes*All Of Me by John Legend*If you Ever Wanna Be In Love by James Bay*You're Beautiful by James Blunt*Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

  • Inés Izal
    2019-05-03 03:53

    Un buen final para un serie que ha dado mucho que hablar.Pippa y Jensen me han encantado, tanto juntos como separados. Pero mi parte favorita es cuando todos los chicos de la serie se juntan.Un broce perfecto.

  • Beatrice Masaluñga
    2019-05-13 01:42

    One last hurrah for the Beautiful Bastard series! I'm terribly going to miss this gang for all their steamy romances and funny moments. In this book, we'll get to see Pippa Bay Cox - Ruby Miller's former officemate and Jensen Bergstrom - Hanna's eldest brother. Their first encounter is awkwardly adorable as they met on the plane flight to America. Then coincidentally meet again on a party where they have mutual friends in the Beautiful crew. It's so hilarious especially when Jensen recall drunken Pippa blabbering how her boyfriend cheated and he patiently listened despite of exhaustion from a business trip. These two are opposites. Pippa is sassy, witty, bold, carefree and eccentric while Jensen is laid-back, socially awkward, organized and formal.Hanna is concerned with her brother's dull, boring and routine life and convinced him to join their vacation trip for 2 weeks to loosen up. He became a workaholic after his failed marriage six years ago, though he had casual dates, he hasn't find the right woman for him and I guess afraid of being hurt again. Things got more interesting as he joins the trip and Pippa's presence somewhat brings extra fun. Undeniably, they're both attracted with each other and he's enjoying her loudness. She gives color to his life but are they willing to give their relationship (It's a spoiler how these two developed their feelings) a chance despite of living miles apart?Pippa Cox is officially my favorite lady in this series. She's so sassy, confident, straightforward and loud. She never fails to make me laugh on most parts and when she loves someone, she's all in. However, I'm not a huge fan of Jensen Bergstrom. He may be sweet, sexy and thoughtful but on the last chapters, he's stubborn. Will Sumner is still my favorite! --- When a man cooks for his woman... DAMN. HOT. As a whole, I really enjoyed this series.

  • Pepa
    2019-05-03 21:01

    3.5... le hubiera dado 4, pero llega un momento en que pierde bastante de la frescura que me estaba gustando tanto.Lo terminé hace bastante. Entretenido, quizás uno de los mejores de esta serie. Fresco y en algunos momentos divertido. Me ha gustado, sobre todo, al principio luego ha sido un poco más de lo mismo. No me quejo, es lo que buscaba, algo que entretenido pero que no me enganchara lo suficiente como para no querer soltarlo.Los epilogos del final serán una delicia para las amantes de la serie

  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    2019-05-07 22:50

    Perfect Last Book in this amazing series! I just adored Pippa & Jensen and I was sooo happy to have that much of my darling Will in there too! ♥

  • Wil Loves Books!
    2019-05-04 23:37

    Absolutely fantastic! Red this one in one sitting. No doubt this is one of my favorite series ever!!!In the past two months, I've taken a break from reviewing that many upcoming ARCs for the blog and have been concentrating on finishing some of my favorite series. I recently finished the last book of the Addicted series by Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie and now I picked up Beautiful, which is the last book of the Bastard series. I definitely recommend you read all books in this series. I personally don't think they're standalones, the stories are very interconnected and you will be lost in some of the comments and jokes if you haven't read the other books. However, it's so worth it, all of them are awesome!Beautiful is mostly Jensen and Pippa's story. Jensen is Hannah's brother and has been featured in other books before, and Pippa is Ruby's (from Beautiful Secret) best friend. I absolutely loved Pippa! She was a great heroine. Funny and sassy and overall great. And Jensen was hot headed and a workaholic, but also super swoony. Jensen is a divorced workaholic and Pippa got out of an awful relationship. When they find themselves single and in a wine tour with 2 other couples (Will and Hannah <3 and Niall and Ruby) sparks between them simply fly. They have amazing chemistry! Anyways, I read this in one sitting, devoured it and loved every second of it!The book also features amazing epilogues by all the other beloved characters in the series, including George!!! And well, you know how much I love epilogues so I was in heaven!So, pick up this book, and this entire series!!!

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-23 02:46

    You know that excitable clapping and shrieking thing the live audience does when a much loved character walks back into a scene after they've left the series and the programme just hasn't been the same without them in it? Yeah, so that was me reading this.Every time there was an appearance by Bennett or Will or Max or Niall or well, anyone really, I was grinning like a loon and my heart skipped a beat. I think this is probably my fave series of all time, each book has been a winner (with the exception of Max and Sara's story, but only because their brand of kink doesn't rock my boat) and I adore the banter, the friendships, the humour and most particularly, the smut.This is Jensen and Pippa' s story. They're attracted to each other but wary after previous failed relationships. They go on a wine tasting tour accompanied by Will and Hanna and Ruby and Niall plus there's plenty of interaction with Bennett and Chloe and Max and Sara thanks to an ongoing group text.I feel like I've spent a couple of days with old friends. I loved it.The only thing that I was disappointed about was the timing of the epilogues (yes, plural) at the end. I really wanted to see Hanna' s reaction to Jensen but that was skipped over. That said though, the epilogues had me in happy tears so it was no great loss.Definitely one to re-read but read the whole series to get the best from this. Highly recommended.