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RITA Award winner, Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements.Former bad girl Katie Stone can feel the weight of her reputation settle over her as she drives home for the first time in years. Feeling deeply guilty about her past mistakes, Katie wants to do the right thing for once. But the small town where she grew up is not nearly as forgiving as she’d hoped. Despite itRITA Award winner, Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements.Former bad girl Katie Stone can feel the weight of her reputation settle over her as she drives home for the first time in years. Feeling deeply guilty about her past mistakes, Katie wants to do the right thing for once. But the small town where she grew up is not nearly as forgiving as she’d hoped. Despite it all, she’s determined to help her parents cope with her mother’s recent illness, and Katie finds a surprise ally in the man next door.Asher Powell never minded being the son of a small-town pastor until a recent breakup leaves him wounded by lifelong members of his church. He remembers his new neighbor as a mean-spirited high school troublemaker, but he senses that her newfound faith and desire for forgiveness are sincere.Through an unexpected friendship, two people from different worlds find peace, hope, and a second chance they never dreamed was possible....

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My Hope Next Door Reviews

  • Nicole
    2019-04-22 00:17

    My absolute favorite of Tammy L. Gray's novels. I've read this one a couple of times (both as a critique partner and as a reader) and I'm truly in awe of this tale of grace and redemption. YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK! My Hope Next Door contains all the vital elements of great storytelling--conflict, tension, romance, and a fabulous resolve. Make sure you add this one to the top of your list.

  • Kara
    2019-05-17 19:58

    Oh friends, where do I start with this one? It's gut-wrenching, yet hopeful, with one of the most authentic romances between two hurting people that I've read in a while. Katie and Asher's journeys are hard, they've both made real mistakes in their pasts and they struggle to move beyond those choices. So when you bring these two together? It's a beautiful story of redemption for both.Let's start with Katie. I don't believe I've ever really read a story from the perspective of a "mean girl" who's done a one-eighty and now regrets all the terrible things she used to do. Because the Katie from high school is so vastly different from the Katie from now! The downside to this change though, is the fact that hardly anyone from her hometown now believes her. Not even her own parents! It requires patience and persistence for her to convince people of her genuine change of heart, something which she sorely struggles with. Katie has a huge mountain to overcome, but it's her heart so full of regret yet still so hopeful that I connected to. And that's where Asher comes in. Because he reminds her again and again, in her lowest moments, that hope is still possible. That her heart is worth knowing and her ability to stay the course will eventually bring the rewards she desires. Her battles may be hard, but the results will come! And it's that tiny light of hope I could see clinging to Katie, even in her more unlikable moments, that truly won me over. :)I also related to the main reason she came home again. Her mother's disease and subsequent need for help drew her back, even as the pain of her parents inability to understand her made her wary. Moving back home, after years of being away, is never easy. Add in the fact that there's this disease that affects the entire family not just the patient, plus a difficult parent-child relationship, and everything becomes infinitely more hard. Still, Katie's determination to try and make things right between them showed me her beautiful heart and I knew I wanted to know more about her.As for Asher? His journey isn't quite so tall a mountain, but the guilt he deals with is still a miserable road some days. His willingness to look beyond the pain Katie had caused him in the past, and see the bits of her heart she unknowingly shares initially, is a wonderful example of what a truly nice guy he is. His past isn't quite as harsh as Katie's, yet he still has trouble holding on to hope himself. Which is where Katie returns the favor and reminds him, sometimes just by simple, everyday conversation. Their slow build from friendship to something more is fraught with hard, doubts, fears, happiness, joy, tears, smiles, namely just about everything. It's not an easy road for either, but they gradually come to realize that they make each other better and that hope is so much easier to cling to when they have someone to lean on! I loved watching them encourage each other, sometimes with hard, honest truth and other times with gentleness and hugs. Their relationship felt realistic to me, because while they had fun bouts of adorableness and cute, they also frustrated each other and struggled to understand some of the choices the other would make. But it's that very longing to understand which kept me yearning for their happy ending!This story is a beautiful example of two people who come together to choose to see the good, especially in each other, no matter how difficult it may get. They struggle, they laugh, they cry, they hope, and you are left with smiles and happy as you reach the final pages. Read this one, friends! It's a good one. :)**I received a complimentary copy from the author via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    2019-05-01 04:13

    This was an intricate look at a new believer's path to overcoming her fears by confronting her past. Her MO to coping with her dysfunctional childhood and choices as a youth has been a mixture of fight or flight, but when devastation results from her actions, it's easier to run to escape the pain. Her journey of redemption is not an easy one and I felt the author portrayed all the aspects of the situation in a realistic way, not shying away from the grittiness but also maintaining an overall feeling of hope. I loved that Asher sees the real Katie, and is able to support her in her trials even as she unknowingly pulls him out of a fog of bitterness and despair. Even though they are both flawed, they are wonderful examples of how God can transform us when we turn to Him and make courageous decisions to bring about change in our lives.(Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

  • PaulaPhillips
    2019-04-20 00:11

    Have you ever tried to run away from your past? Do you believe that it is possible for you to turn over new leaves? For Katie Stone, growing up she was a rebellious child and had a nasty mean streak. She was the type of girl that you never wanted to mess with and was the Queen B. After an incident which spiralled out of control and caused a huge backlash in her friendships. She realised that if she was ever going to move on with her life and become anyone, she had to do it far away from her hometown and start new where nobody knew her and her past. During this time, it was a bumpy ride for Katie, but she changed her appearance to going along to church. She felt fresh and believed that God had forgiven her for her past transgressions. Katie returns home, and it seems that her hometown hasn't changed much and her relationship with her mother is just as worst as she and Katie never saw eye to eye. During this time, Katie that she has changed? What will happen though when her old crowd discover she is back in town and wants to meet up for old times sake? Can Katie be strong and not give into temptation or will be in this small town lure her back to her old ways? My Hope Next Door was a good bmeets her neighbour Asher. The two of them went to the school together but ran in different circles. For the past few months, he too has been struggling with backlash from church members after a relationship fallout. Is he the encouragement that Katie needs to stay strong and prove ook, and though it touches a little bit on religion, it was a family saga type novel and shows readers the answer to the age-old question of whether people can change over time or are people just pretending to be someone else and hiding their true colours? One thing that is for certain is that you can never run away from your past, but to grow and prove you have changed you will have to confront it, and your actions will speak for your character and the person you are today.

  • Lydia (Overweight Bookshelf)
    2019-05-18 00:53

    Full post here:"The only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man..."When I first heard the premise for Tammy Gray's My Hope Next Door, I must admit this is the refrain that was imprinted on my mind. Thankfully, this book is anything but a saccharine sanitized redemption story. My Hope Next Door is a soul-stirring and faith affirming atonement story about broken individuals striving for peace and hope. Katie Stone was the poster child mean girl in high school. When she returns to her hometown, her path is wrought with destruction of her own making. Her newfound faith is discredited by her community and family due to her malevolent history, and their misgivings seem insurmountable. Without Asher's infallible devotion and steadfast encouragement, Katie may have capitulated to the demons of her past. Asher is not to be mistaken as a sanctimonious hero; no, he is a man in turmoil and reeling from betrayal who finds a kindred spirit in Katie Stone. More than ever, my book tastes crave stories steeped in authenticity with the storylines that are nuanced. Tammy Gray has gifted readers with a novel that honours our need to connect with characters whose struggles and burdens mirror our own. My Hope Next Door is a beautiful story about the fragility of new faith, and the enduring hope in salvation.**Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.**

  • Rissi
    2019-05-19 03:54

    "Every emotion is heightened thanks to these characters and their troubled pasts. There’s highs and lows as they reconcile with their mess of a past (especially for Katie) and amid it all, you’ll smile through the tears.”Katie Stone is walking trouble. Or so the people who once knew her expect her to be. Now, years later, Katie has done a lot of growing up and with it, her life and outlook has shifted.Circumstances have changed her since she walked out on her small town five years ago. But in the wake of her return, ghosts rise up again to haunt her. Her past is as close as next door with PK, Asher Powell. Though Katie and Asher weren’t friends in high school, seeing a classmate again stirs up old memories. But the difference is, Asher is no longer the same person either. Gone is his former “good kid” reputation and in its place, a jaded heart that just may be in need of renovation.When this novel was pitched for review, I was told not to let the cute scene dripping with summer love, as depicted on the cover art, fool me. There was a whole lot more hidden underneath the beautiful “face” of "My Hope Next Door." How right that assessment is. This novel, though it gives in to the sweeter side of life when needed, is a genuine and messy story. My use of “messy” being only in the best sense considering the picture it paints is heartbreaking, a needed situation to reach the heartwarming."I was wrong to say I've never fallen in love. Because I've fallen more than once. ...I've fallen in love with you over and over again.” - Tammy L. GrayStepping inside this story immediately proves first impressions wrong. We meet Katie as she returns to her small town, and though we know the return haunts her, we don’t’ know why. The dynamics of Katie’s family are page-turning good as is the “first meeting” between Asher and Katie. Theirs is a slower “burn” relationship, but it’s not without sparks (I dare you to cite a more spark-laden – though I’ll give you as good, first kiss scene) and crackling chemistry. It’s not one that gets life from a friendship so much as it’s driven by mutual “need” and understanding of what the other has gone through. Sometimes this kind of magnetic friction can be a dangerous place, but the author manages the themes with grace, class and romanticism of the highest caliber.Cacophony aside, Katie and Asher’s story will still appeal to those anticipating a HEA, and anyone seeking a story to inspire smiles. The hostile environment seems contrary to this, but in my opinion, it only makes the story that much stronger. Every emotion is heightened thanks to these characters and their troubled pasts. There’s highs and lows as they reconcile with their mess of a past (especially for Katie) and amid it all, you’ll smile through the tears.Those wanting a contemporary with deeper meaning and purpose but with the promise of light at the end should look no further than "My Hope Next Door." It’s an unforgettable journey with two characters seeking forgiveness, redemption and a hope to last a lifetime.Sincere thanks to the publisher, author and Rel for providing a complimentary e-copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    2019-05-11 19:51

    Real characters dealing with real life, some really great chemistry and some really hot kisses – right up my alley!Katie and Asher have both made mistakes they regret, but they come from very different backgrounds and have very different reputations to overcome. The classic “bad girl” image follows Katie around town, even at home, no matter how deeply she knows she is a new person. For Asher, it’s just the opposite. He has to fight the “pastor’s son” reputation – of being held to a higher standard by the church and by the community. Both are afraid for people to really see the depth of their failures, and both are weary of the facade each has been maintaining. One of the most beautiful and touching things to me about My Hope Next Door is watching their friendship develop and deepen – long before they fall in love – into one that allows them to be flawed safely with each other.If you were a bit of a wild child before you met Jesus and you’ve got a past you regret, you (and Katie) will find much grace in this book. If you, like me, were the “good girl” but you have a moment you regret, you (and Asher… though he is not a girl lol) will find much grace in this book. If you find it difficult to move beyond your reputation, you will find much grace in this book. And if you’ve ever been bullied or belittled by people who should have been your biggest champions, you will find much grace in this book.You will also find some fantastically fan-requiring kisses in My Hope Next Door! And a swoonworthy hero (once he sets his mind to pursue Katie… watch out!!) and a heroine you’ll want to hug. And an antagonist you’ll want to purse whomp – on a day when you’ve returned from the library with an extra large haul – at least until you find a whole lot of grace in his story too. You’ll also find one of my favorite depictions of a pastor and pastor’s wife ever – I adore Asher’s parents!!! Wise and compassionate and fun and full of … you guessed it …GRACE.In fact, Tammy L. Gray wraps every page of My Hope Next Door in grace. Gray doesn’t shy away from the raw reality of brokenness but it’s written tastefully and with great care, and the spiritual elements are equally met head-on without being “in your face” or preachy. The main characters have an electric chemistry, but their romance is more of a slow burn – and the friendship that forms first is one of my favorite things about the book. But… never fear! Once the slow burn gets some heat behind it, you’ll need to break out your trusty fan for the kisses that follow! If you like Julie Lessman’s Isle of Hope series or Kristen Heitzmann’s novels, make sure you check out My Hope Next Door and Tammy L. Gray as well.(I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)See my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower

  • Megan Besing
    2019-04-27 03:21

    Megan’s thoughts:I’m sure everyone has those authors that no matter what they write, you’re going to read it.For me, Tammy L. Gray is one of those authors. Having devoured everything Ms. Gray published, I trusted her newest release would be equally enjoyable. I’m not even sure I looked at the back cover of My Hope Next Door before I decided I had to read it. And I’m happy to say, this book is everything it needed to be.Like her other stories, Katie and Asher are characters who struggle with problems. Real ones. There’s sin, despair, grudges. a wanting to have a better life…. The journey the heroine and hero take may only be fiction, but the hope shared inside their imaginary lives can bring the real world encouragement.On top of being a new Christian, Katie still hasn’t forgiven herself from her past, especially now that she’s returned home with her unchangeable mistakes following her everywhere. Her family life was never perfect, and she’s knee deep back in it. From Katie’s hording mother to her worn father, the supporting characters are just as authentic as the heroine. I love this about Ms. Gray’s writing. She puts effort into the smallest of details.Asher struggles with his own form of forgiveness. He was hurt by those in his church, and I liked that the story didn’t dwell only on how hypocritical churches can be, but that healing can happen if we open our heart to the idea.My Hope Next Door is more than another second chance theme, it’s a page turner filled with faith, healing, and love.Fans of Varina Denman’s Mended Heart Series, Julie Lessman’s Isle of Hope, and Kristen Heitzmann’s Told You Series will love this story. And if my review hasn’t swayed you to check out Ms. Gray’s writings, the 1st book in her Winsor Series, Shattered Rose is currently free on kindle.

  • Paula Vince
    2019-05-19 01:53

    Tough, mean kids used to make my school life very hard, so I wasn't sure I'd be able to sympathise with Katie, based on what I read about her in the blurb. When I went to High School reunions, I was always wary of former bullies from my past who now seem to behave as nice as pie. Can people really change their stripes to that extent? That question prompted me to read this novel after all. In a way, I challenged Gray to convince me that it's possible for someone to have a personality transplant. She didn't do a bad job.After fleeing in disgrace several years earlier, Katie returns to her judgmental home town to help her father care for her ailing mother. The first person she runs into is her controlling, aggressive former boyfriend Cooper, who clearly holds something over her which may be used as blackmail, but we don't find out what it is yet. Her parents are definitely not the most supportive and kind, and it's not hard to feel sorry for her.Asher is easy to understand too. He's someone who feels he gave his all to his church community, but was deeply wronged by several others. Resentment is a strong force, especially when you're trying to muster friendly feelings toward people you think should never have believed the worst of you in the first place. The feelings he's dealt with as a pastor's kid make an interesting study too. Asher is sick and tired of being regarded as a stereotype.The plot cleverly gets us wondering about each of their back stories. Katie and Asher are the only two characters whose points of view we get to see, and they're both deeply hurt by events which happened in their pasts. Yet it takes a while for us to get to the bottom of exactly what happened in each case. That's good writing, when we sympathise for characters without being entirely sure what we're sympathising for. Not to mention it keeps us wondering what the big reveals will turn out to be.I'm sure anyone who picks up this book because they love romances won't be disappointed. Stripped down, it's the same 'exemplary citizen falls in love with former wild child' theme we've surely all come across before, yet it moves steadily and the dialogue is excellent and fun, so I was willing to roll with it.Finally, if I lived there, I'd attend Asher's father's church based on his character. Brian Powell comes across as an outstanding pastor. He has some good advice for his son about not setting people on pedastals, and also delivers lines like, 'Either be with her and accept the bad with the good, or get out of her life.' I'm not always a great fan of books which drag us into the characters' church culture, with Sunday morning services, home groups, after church lunches and all, but it works okay with this one. Maybe that's because all this just helps to emphasise the huge differences between Katie's and Asher's backgrounds.I don't know whether their marriage will be completely smooth sailing, but if they can weather what happens in this book, we would hope they'll make it.Thanks to Waterfall Press and NetGalley for my review copy.Find more reviews on my blog,

  • Anita
    2019-05-11 03:17

    Tammy L Gray has become a pretty consistent 1-Click Author for me, mostly because her stories are filled both with real-life and hope.What I Loved: So many words out of this novel are nearly the same things that come out of my Pastor’s mouth on a regular basis, a message of being real and genuine as a Christian, and through our daily walk with those who aren’t. She mentions so many hot buttons, such as how Christians are hypocrites (true), gossips (true), sinners (well duh), but she also brings light to the fact that despite these things, there are Christ-followers who are real and genuine. People who struggle on a daily basis to just get it right. How if we are truly “Christ-Followers” we would do as He did, sit at tables with sinners, show them love and compassion and not judgment and rejection. It was also touched upon how Christians have their own “language” using words that are unfamiliar to those who did not grow up in Church. Using these words don’t make us holy, and if they make people uncomfortable or becomes a stumbling block, we need to be aware of it, and just be real. I very much love these mini-messages of being relevant and real.This story was a sort of an opposites attract type story, but both Asher and Katie had issues. I loved the struggles portrayed from both the lifer-church-attendee, and from someone completely…opposite. It was nice to see the story bring together both stories and the love and truth and healing that came through in different ways. Of course, I love to see real romance, love and passion coming out in a Christian novel that feel much the same as my own relationship with my husband. I love that Tammy L. Gray does not shy away from passion, but embraces it.Not So Much: While both Asher and Katie both have their own healing, I felt like this was more Katie’s story. I’m pretty sure this was the intention actually, but I was also interested in seeing more of Asher’s process as well. There was a reconciliation and forgiveness, but I felt like at the beginning of the book he was dealing with many internal struggles that seemed to clear up with a simple lecture from his Dad. I would have loved to have seen it flushed out just a bit more.At times I did feel like the book was a little long. At some point I kind of felt that Katie’s devastation was abundantly clear and was ready to proceed forward with the story. All these things did happen, it just took a bit longer than I felt was necessary.The Verdict: I know that there are many of my readers who won’t consider this book because I’ve openly reveal how it’s Christian in nature. That is fine. I do think that this was a very beautiful piece of written art and is perfect for any Christ-Follower who prefer books based on Christians rather than not. I also think anyone who likes clean-reads would love this book as well, regardless of their beliefs. I highly recommend this author because she writes great books of struggle and reconciliation, and of hope.

  • Madison
    2019-04-27 01:59

    My Hope Next Door is a sweet and heartfelt story of second chances, regrets, guilt, mistakes, finding peace and starting again. Katie never thought she would come home. She left town four years ago after making some of the biggest mistakes of her life. But a new-found faith and her mother's declining health give her a chance to face her mistakes and maybe find some peace to start over. But she never expected how her next-door neighbour, the paster's son now all grown up, could make her want to look more deeply at her life, fall in love and maybe even stay.Katie is a flawed and realistic character. Headstrong, fiery, beautiful, stubborn and deeply troubled by her past. I loved how realistic this book is, especially on the topic of mistakes and the guild one feels. Katie has a big reputation in town, and certainly not a good one, so returning home is hard. I felt her guilt, anger, fear and sorrow pour through the pages. I also thought the way that her pathway to peace and understanding forgiveness was realistic and never rushed. Asher, the boy next door, is also a wonderful realistic and relatable character. He has lived a very different childhood from Katie. He grew up in a loving, Christian home, but in the last year has felt the sting of disappointment in himself and those he loved. He too wrestles with guilt and anger, and is the perfect sounding board for Katie. I enjoyed the chemistry between Katie and Asher, loved how they value honesty and never brush over their passion. But most of all, I loved their friendship. Their journey starts off tentatively, as they start to confide and lean on one another. It makes for a beautiful relationship and perfectly compliments this story of second chances, forgiveness and love. The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Find more reviews on my blog Madison's Library.

  • Dana Michael
    2019-05-12 20:04

    My Hope Next Door by Tammy L. Gray was a page turner from the get go. I am a huge fan of the author and she gets better and better with each book. This book, as with her others, deal in real life issues that unfortunately, in this fallen world are way too abundant. She writes as to make the reader feel the emotions and feelings of the characters. I honestly, couldn't put the book down because I was so invested in my fictional friends lives. As a result, I have a new book boyfriend in Asher. He was so selfless and service oriented with showing the hands and feet of Christ to his neighbors. I also felt the heroine, Katie was also very service oriented in dealing with her parents. I really enjoyed seeing her growth in the Lord as a new Christian and Asher encouraging her in her faith. All this to say, I highly recommend this book!!*I was given this book by the publisher for my honest review, which I have given.

  • Diane K. Peterson
    2019-05-18 00:13

    An excellent inspirational romance. The Christian message was strong, but not overwhelming. I loved that it dealt with difficult personal issues -- drugs, theft, abusive relationship. The answers did not come easy for the characters, but nothing worthwhile ever does. The story touched me emotionally and spiritually. I would like to see more inspirational books like this.

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-04-28 02:52

    My MusingsI recently met Ms. Gray at a convention and received a signed copy of this book. I am so glad I found this wonderful book. I loved the characters and the moving plot. There is a lot of substance, more than is usually found in a romance. I'm fact, I have just downloaded another book by this author and can't wait to read it. I listened to the audio version and the narrator is excellent. Kindle Unlimited offers this book with the audio for $1.99,great deal. Happy ☺reading 📚!

  • Fiction Aficionado
    2019-05-13 23:57

    This story was all kinds of satisfying, and I'm warning you now, this will be a long review. If you want the short review, stop reading after the next paragraph!You’ve heard the saying ‘Got me in the feels’? Well, this story got me in just about every ‘feel’ I’ve got! My heart alternately ached and swelled, my pulse pounded, my eyes leaked, my soul smiled, and I actually put the book down for half a day when I was about 90% of the way through because I didn’t want it to be over yet. I wanted to savour each and every step of the journey, and I wanted to take those final steps at the end of the day when I could sit down and forget everything but this story.First of all, don’t let the cover fool you. This isn’t a sunshine and rainbows kind of story. But it is full of hope, and oh! is it rewarding! Katie has never had a great relationship with her parents, and her bad-girl reputation in Fairfield was well-earned. She always considered her best friends, Laila and Chad, and later her boyfriend, Cooper, her real family, but four years ago, after a night of disastrous choices, she fled Fairfield without a word. She’s never spoken to them since. Four months ago she finally hit rock bottom and found herself at a women’s shelter where, with the help of Reverend Snow, she prayed a prayer that changed her life. Having so recently broken free of the past, the last thing she wants to do is return to Fairfield where it will confront her at every turn. But her mother has recently been diagnosed with MS and her father has pleaded with her to come home. That, in itself, speaks volumes. And it’s her chance to finally do the right thing; to live the change she has been embracing. And that’s where this story starts.Asher is Katie’s antithesis in many ways. He’s grown up with the pressure of being a pastor’s son – the example for everyone to follow - and he’s always done his best to meet that expectation; until a year ago, when a lapse in judgement turned into a public crucifixion of his character. He knows he made a mistake, but the lies, judgement, and hypocrisy levelled at him by members of his own church family have left a bitter taste. He hasn’t abandoned his faith, but he isn’t ready to return to his father’s church either. It was achingly beautiful watching Katie and Asher’s friendship develop and deepen (not to mention downright swoony at times!), and it was refreshing to have a hero and heroine who were so real with each other. Katie has never had the experience of forming a healthy relationship with someone – especially a male – and as much as she wants to leave her past behind, she also struggles to learn healthier patterns for the future. As Asher struggles with exactly what this means for him, his father gives him some very sound advice:“You need to make a decision. Either be with her and accept the bad with the good, or get out of her life. Because like it or not, you represent Christ to her, and the last thing she needs is for you to talk away when things get hard.”What wonderful words of wisdom! (I loved Asher's parents, by the way!) And perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this story was the way in which Asher followed this advice, giving Katie the grace and the space to make mistakes, even as he worked through his own regrets and pain, and being willing to make himself vulnerable in order to be the example Katie needed. The way in which Katie helped her parents was also a beautiful metaphor for her own journey through the story. At the beginning of the novel, Katie’s parents’ home is a hovel. It reeks of urine, cat litter, chicken stock, and soiled laundry, all magnified by hot, humid air, and every room is stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of wholesale stock her mother has been buying to sell on ebay. It’s difficult enough for an able-bodied person to manoeuvre through the house, let alone someone with MS. And so box by box, day by day, Katie sorts through her parents’ house, throwing, selling, donating; and slowly, room by room, the house becomes habitable again. Conversely, Katie wants to ignore past she has 'boxed' away, the most confronting aspect of which is Cooper, her emotionally manipulative ex-boyfriend. (I should point out that this book deals openly, but tastefully, with the subject of physical intimacy outside of marriage; both its temptation, and the way it complicates and brings pain when not kept to its rightful place.) With Asher's help, Katie begins to see that the only way to truly move beyond her past is to open the boxes and deal with what’s in there. And yes, it will hurt; it will take time; and it will make her vulnerable in a way she has never experienced before. But it will also bring her hope and peace like she has never experienced before.This is such a dynamic, raw, and heartfelt journey. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. I've sent this one 'straight to the pool room'.I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

  • Jaime Jo Wright
    2019-05-07 00:07

    Enjoyed this book by a new to me author. I enjoyed the grittier elements of the book that were more real to life versus the typical Christian fiction. Definitely worth a read.

  • Tara
    2019-04-22 21:07

    This one was just ok for was a great story of how a person's life changes when they come to Christ, but they still have a past to face and rectify. To seek forgiveness from others and even forgive themselves. Katie did just that. The story begins with her coming home to take care of her parents and their home (which is a wreck), and her neighbor is Asher, the pastor's son. They strike up a friendship, each helping the other heal. But Katie has a hard time letting go of her past and truly seeing herself as worthy of Asher's love. I think the reason it was just ok for me is because I don't like insta-love, and for some reason this felt like that. They didn't fall in love right away, but they definitely liked each other right away and there just wasn't much tension, which I prefer in the beginning at least. But if you enjoy Christian romances (the Christian elements were definitely heavy in this one), you would still enjoy this.Source: NetGalley **I was given a copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions above are my own.

  • Stephanne
    2019-05-13 00:06

    Bring on the popcorn and the hot tamales because this is one of those books that makes you just want to sit back in a comfy chair with your favorite snack (or Asher's, hence the aforementioned popcorn & hot tamales) and just let time pass by while you read. I love Tammy L. Gray's books; I've read every one. Once again, she's hit the nail on the head--NO ONE is perfect. We've all got our faults, our baggage that weighs us down and steals our hope. Robs us of joy. Threatens to burden us for a lifetime. And it's refreshing to read about characters that are true-to-life and truly flawed, just like the rest of us. Maybe it's a mistake made in a relationship--moving too far, too fast. Maybe it's being a rotten, embittered youth with a crappy attitude, an ax to grind and the reputation to match. No matter your past, the hope of redemption exists for us all. "You can't have a future until you accept the past. That doesn't mean you have to live the way you used to, but it does mean you can't deny what made you who you are. You made mistakes. Own them and move on." ^^That was my takeaway. All of the Katies of the world need an Asher to remind them that in spite of the ugliness of our burdens & mistakes--both past & present--there is still beauty to be found within. We've just got to OWN IT (the ugly) and MOVE ON (to what God has in store in spite of it). A little chemistry doesn't hurt, either. After all, the truth sounds a little better when it's coming from the hot web designer-by-day, carpenter-by-night next door. Amiright?!So, like I said... get yourself a bowl of popcorn & hot tamales and settle in for a sweet romance with some truth to it. It'll leave you smiling!

  • Suzie
    2019-05-13 02:13

    I’ll admit it. I have my favorite authors and they are the ones I usually go to for my reading but every once in a while, I’ll find a book by a new author that sounds interesting. Tammy L. Gray’s “My Hope Next Door” falls into this category. I have not read a book by this author before, but after reading one, she’s being added to that first list. When Katie Stone returns to the small town of Fairfield to help care for her ailing mother, she’s immediately bombarded by her past—her past friends, her past mistakes. Coming home isn’t always easy, and Katie knows this better than most. Asher Powell has been doing his own form of hiding from hurts and his bitterness. Upon Katie’s arrival at her parents’ home, it’s the next door neighbor she is drawn to, Asher’s the one she feels safe and comfortable with but when he finds out what drove her away four years before, will their friendship end?This is a powerful story of love, a wonderful picture of God’s unconditional, unfailing love and of the growing love between a man and a woman who are about as opposite of each other as you can get. As Asher gets to know the new Katie, he knows with certainty she has changed yet she still has walls built around her. Katie’s past shadows everything she does. Until she let’s go, she will never fully know the love God and Asher have for her but Asher’s sure doing a good job of showing her he loves her without saying the words.***Waterfall Press provided me with a complimentary electronic copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Denise Hershberger (100 Pages per Hour)
    2019-04-29 22:17

    I love books that deal with real life issues and don't mince words. I also love books that talk of redemption and grace. Katie has been through so much. I honestly don't know how she even drove back into her hometown in this story but reading about it was both heart wrenching and at the same time a peek of hopefulness. And Asher had his own hard times himself. I think that if you aren't a pastor's kid or very close friends with one you don't understand how hard their lives can be. Always in the spotlight. Can't make any mistakes. I was glad to see his transformation throughout this book too.I also love Christian books that truly talk about the hard topics such as drugs, premarital sex, abuse, and neglect. No they aren't fun topics but they are important ones. Women need to know that they shouldn't put up with neglect or abuse. Teens need to know that it isn't right for anyone to push them to do drugs or have sex. But these are hard topics and I love that Christian fiction authors are tackling them because it will open doors for conversations with parents, aunts and uncles, and youth leaders.There were times this story was hard for me to follow because there was a lot of jumping from past to present. Often I had to reread sections to re-acclimate myself to where I was in the timeline. But aside from that aspect this was a marvelous book and a must read.I received a copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-29 23:51

    Nearly suffocating from fear and trepidation, Katie Stone limps back to her small town Georgia home at the request of her father. It's been four years, and her mother's worsening health condition has convinced Katie to pack everything she owns into her car and hope that she can maintain a low profile, while trying out her newfound faith among those who remember her previous paths of destruction. Upon arrival, she meets her "hope next door", when neighbor Asher Powell seems to offer Katie his no-strings-attached friendship and assistance. Asher is battling serious regrets of his own, but Katie is convinced that her failures run so deep, that she will eventually bring Asher's reputation down to her level of local despise. As their feelings begin to move beyond platonic, can Katie be persuaded to drop her emotional walls and take the risk of a lifetime? Asher would say that it takes, "Leverage. Sometimes it just takes a little distance and an extra dose of force to make a stubborn object move." . . . along with a boatload of unconditional love, "accepting her past, yet pushing her to seek out a better future". This story explodes the perimeters of redeeming love; offering a clear glimpse of the heighth and the depth and the breadth of God's loving forgiveness displayed in broken, fragmented, and ultimately restored human relationships. What an amazing example of inspirational fiction!

  • Carolyn
    2019-05-04 04:13

    I highly recommended My Hope Next Door to anyone trying to reconcile a dark past with a bright future. Katie and Asher's story of healing and hope is gradual and full of fits and starts. In other words, real.Filled with many brief flashes of wisdom, My Hope Next Door is the kind of book you can turn to in times of near-despair and re-absorb its messages about redemption, friendship, and life-giving love.Asher becomes an icon of Our Heavenly Father's love and fidelity (albeit a hot-looking one) to Katie's prodigal daughter. Though the gravity of their sins and the sordidness of their pasts contrast starkly, Asher must grapple with guilt, shame, and forgiveness in much the same ways as Katie, giving them each opportunities to extend love and support to the other.It was refreshing to read a story in which the pastor and his wife are flawed and human yet not hypocrites, as is often portrayed. It may make their story arc dull were they major characters, but that's not the case here.As always, Tammy Gray handles sexual attraction honestly, integrating natural physical attraction with love and not glossing over the specter of temptation.In sum, more than a lighthearted love story, it's a touching romance filled with the promise of peace from the source of all hope.I received an advance review copy from NetGalley for my honest review.

  • Sydney
    2019-05-03 01:19

    Tammy L. Gray has written an inspiring story of mistakes, forgiveness, redemption, and love. Throughout the story, Katie Stone struggles with the mistakes and choices from her past and the changes she has made and is continuing to make to be a better person; to heal the relationships with her parents and previous friends that she hurt. Katie begins a lovely friendship with the boy next door, Asher Powell (the preacher’s son). And their friendship blossoms into a precious and beautiful romance. But Katie’s past mistakes still haunt her and she doesn’t know if a good, kind man like Asher Powell really wants to be with her and stay with her, even though he has made some mistakes of his own. Katie must face her past in order to obtain the future that she so desperately desires. I love the powerful story of Katie’s change and change of heart. This story has deeply developed characters that readers will become attached to. A deeply heart stirring story, readers will not want to miss this delightful read.Genre: contemporary, romance, new adult, ChristianPublisher: Waterfall PressPublication date: September 13, 2016Number of pages: 310Content Rating: PG, some content may not be appropriate for kids, nothing graphicBook Rating: 4 starsA review copy of this book was provided by Tammy L. Gray’s influencer team.

  • Amy Binkerd
    2019-04-23 00:21

    *I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley*I love Tammy L. Gray books, and this one was no different. Tammy has a way of taking hard topics for the church to confront, and crafting them in to a story that leaves you feeling hopeful that change and freedom are possible. Growing up in "the church", and also coming from an addictions background, I know first hand how destructive looks, words, and actions can be. What I love about Tammy is that she doesn't pretend that this doesn't exist, but tackles it head on and exposes that Christians struggle and are not perfect...and that is OKAY!In My Hope Next Door she tackles the struggle of two people who come from VERY different backgrounds, and how difficult it can be to overcome the obstacles of trust and honesty in a relationship. This story didn't pull at the heart strings like many of Tammy's other books, but it was still so good at exposing real issues and the emotions that go along with that. I also love that she shows how passionate we can be in a relationship without crossing any lines. Just because Christ is in you doesn't mean temptation doesn't beat at the door, and she weaves that into her stories perfectly. I definitely recommend this book!!

  • Iola
    2019-04-23 21:03

    Katie Stone escaped her home town of Fairfield four years ago and has felt guilty ever since. Now her dad needs help with her mother, so she’s home again. Reluctantly. Very reluctantly. But she’s changed: she’s no longer the drug addict who spends more time with her boyfriend than with her family. She’s become a Christian … as if anyone in Fairfield is going to believe that.Once home, she finds her new next door neighbour is Asher Powell. Asher, pastor’s son and town good boy, the guy she teased for being so boring all through high school. And she finds her dad’s new best friend is her ex-boyfriend, the person she’s least in interested in spending time with. Oops.Asher has his own issues with the church and mistakes and judgement. It’s not that he’s given up on God. Just the church his dad pastors, the church he’s attended all his life.My Hope Next Door was one of the best Christian novels I’ve read this year. It had a clear Christian message—a message it delivers as much to the people in the church as outside.Thanks to Waterfall Press and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

  • Tiffany Holmes
    2019-05-12 21:05

    Tammy Gray is an amazing author who always tackles hard, real life challenges, from bullying, to eating disorders, to past sins that seem too big for God's grace. She brings hope to situations that seem so bleak. She always has me on the edge of my seat, wondering what will happen next. She has an amazing way of developing characters so profoundly, you feel like you know them. I always find myself missing them once the story is finished. This book is no different from all the rest in that aspect. The romance elements always seem natural and the chemistry is strong. It's never forced, but makes you fall in love, too. In My Hope Next Door, Katie Stone, former bad girl, moves home after 4 years, and finding Christ. Her new, unexpected friend is Pastor's kid Asher Powell. This is an amazing story of healing, grace, restoration, and how God can use anyone who is willing to let Him. Asher is a beautiful depiction of Christ. Even though it may be fiction, this story can teach amazing truths for life. It's always worth it to do the right thing, no matter how hard it may seem. An unexpected romance blossoms, but with obstacles to overcome.

  • April
    2019-05-09 02:15

    4.5 StarsGray has once again written a deeply moving story. She excels at writing novels with grit, heart, complete realism - the broken beautiful. Her characters are far from perfect but are moving along on a journey seeking truth, reaching for hope and compelled by grace. I loved the open and honest look at those who have fallen and desire to live a redeemed life. The struggle, the hurts, the shame and grief come through; but so does the hope, love, grace and redemption. I was truly gripped as I watched both Katie and Asher navigate not only their friendship and feelings for one another; but also in the ways that they struggled with their issues, others, their trust, and how they grew along the way. Even some of the secondary characters tugged hard at me; giving me a desire to see their lives transformed as well. Although there is no indication that this will be a series, if Gray happened to follow up with their stories I would be delighted to read them. Another well told novel, that is both captivating and stirring!

  • Bekah (WillBakeforBooks)
    2019-05-07 20:11

    "Ignoring him wasn't working. As much as she wanted to push Asher away, as she'd been able to do with every other person in her life, she couldn't. He'd infiltrated and claimed some part of her soul." -Tammy L. Gray, My Hope Next DoorWow, it took me a while but I finally finished this gorgeous novel. I think a part of me was trying to delay the end, I enjoyed everything about this story so much. Katie and Asher were perfection, each with difficult choices and mistakes in their past. They felt so undeniably human. Emotional and downright beautiful, I recommend to anyone looking for a romantic contemporary!

  • Carol
    2019-04-28 22:07

    This book is heart tugging as it is a story of redemption and forgiveness. It highlights regret from mistakes of peoples past and others judgements of those mistakes. It is friendship that heals pains from the past. It is about sickness and how GOD is the strength that helps to make it through all of that. GOD sends a pastors son next door to Katie, who came home because of her Mom being sick - he befriends her and helps her stay sane through all the judgements from the community - as she is a new creation of CHRISTs. He taught her to trust, love and believe. How could you not love this book or this author?

  • Crystal Walton
    2019-05-02 01:57

    A lovely story of grace and redemption, of the journey of forgiving yourself, and opening your heart to the good things God has for you, even when you feel you don't deserve them. A moving read for fans of Christian romance, who enjoy stories with grit, emotion, and real-life struggles.