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The ultimate guide to branding and building your business in the era of the Social Web--revised and updated with a Foreword by Ashton Kutcher Engage! thoroughly examines the social media landscape and how to effectively use social media to succeed in business--one network and one tool at a time. It leads you through the detailed and specific steps required for conceptualizThe ultimate guide to branding and building your business in the era of the Social Web--revised and updated with a Foreword by Ashton Kutcher Engage! thoroughly examines the social media landscape and how to effectively use social media to succeed in business--one network and one tool at a time. It leads you through the detailed and specific steps required for conceptualizing, implementing, managing, and measuring a social media program. The result is the ability to increase visibility, build communities of loyal brand enthusiasts, and increase profits.Covering everything you need to know about social media marketing and the rise of the new social consumer, Engage! shows you how to create effective strategies based on proven examples and earn buy-in from your marketing teams. Even better, you'll learn how to measure success and ROI.Introduces you to the psychology, behavior, and influence of the new social consumer Shows how to define and measure the success of your social media campaigns for the short and long term Features an inspiring Foreword by actor Ashton Kutcher, who has more than 5 million followers on Twitter Revised paperback edition brings the book completely up to date to stay ahead of the lightning fast world of social media Today, no business can afford to ignore the social media revolution. If you're not using social media to reach out to your customers and the people who influence them, who is?...

Title : Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web
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ISBN : 9781118003763
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Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web Reviews

  • Blog on Books
    2019-02-18 08:54

    Much like the de rigueur necessity of having a website a decade ago, it has become increasingly apparent that any company looking to establish a direct connection with their consumers now needs to have a social marketing strategy as well. Yet, with a daily growing array of platforms and tools now available to accomplish such goals, the choices and strategies needed to achieve such relationships can often seem overwhelming at best.With a surfeit of so-called social marketing ‘experts’ now in the marketplace, how can a brand be sure they are getting the best advice and a full understanding of the expanding number of options available to accomplish this mission? Enter Brian Solis. In recent years, Solis has emerged as one of the foremost experts on social marketing. His new book, ‘Engage! The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate and Measure Success in the New Web,’ offers a truly comprehensive guide to managing a company’s online brand awareness and customer interaction that is second to none.Solis opens the kimono on everything from establishing a company’s initial messaging goals and approach to a deep dig into the tools and platforms currently available to facilitate and evaluate the success of an effective social media campaign. While admitting various brands have different needs, Solis lays out his program like a college curriculum offering fourteen chapters that create the rubric for ‘The New Media University: 101 to MBA.’‘Engage’ reveals the best practices for establishing brand identity, reputation, rules of engagement and feedback, both through carefully planned corporate planning as well as through the use of tools ranging from social networks, widgets, feeds and more designed to facilitate the best messaging systems, listening devices and conversational workflows. Solis provides access to a broad array of resources, some so new that they aren’t actually even in full operation yet when we tested their websites!At the end of the day, Solis appears to cover every single aspect of social marketing and while the book eventually gets into some very heady stuff regarding feedback metrics, charting and tracking programs, it is clear that this book goes further than any volume we have yet to see on this subject. Whether most companies can keep up with the extensive options Solis presents has yet to be seen. Of course, this new medium is far from a static state and therefore there are clearly more platforms and tools just around the corner (Gowalla, anyone?) For that Solis offers a website to carry on from here. Well done!

  • Natali
    2019-02-15 02:57

    There are few people with as much enthusiasm and passion for social media as Brian Solis. He is smart, sincere, and dedicated. There is a lot to learn from him. That said, I skimmed most of this book because it was kind of a Social Media 101 textbook. I use these tools and already see the value. I read the book for a shot of enthusiasm to keep at it but I didn't need to read it studiously. I would recommend it be read studiously by small business owners looking to learn how to start implementing social media.

  • Jim Lewis
    2019-02-04 08:46

    Brian Solis is a true expert at social media. The advice and insights he offers through his streams (twitter et al) are invaluable. All that being said, this book was a real disappointment. It went over and gave the same advice as pretty much every generic piece of information about social media. I was looking forward to hearing about some hidden gems and unfortunately there weren't many.

  • Riley
    2019-02-07 05:48

    I was very skeptical of this book, but not until I started reading the introductory pages. It felt like the author wanted you to join a cult to embrace social media, now! (complete with multiple “Engage or Die” graphics) I was prepared for this to be a very LONG journey through a lot of puffery. But once past this introductory hype the book was a complete, and welcome, deviation from that notion. Well though out and immensely insightful.The first few chapters really introduce you to what social media is, and isn’t.“The secret to successfully navigating the new landscape of marketing and service is understanding that socialized media is about anthropology, sociology, and ethnography and less about technology and social tools that captivate and connect everyone today.” Social media usually results in a few names that come to your mind (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); just the tip of the iceberg. The more important question is what outlets are important to your brand and business. Understanding this one can observe the cultures and navigate to the appropriate person.I hadn’t really though about it, so I was surprised to learn that Nielsen has now ranked member communities and blogs #4 as the most popular online activity AHEAD of email. (Searches #1, general portals/communities #2, File storage #3). Another interesting study said that only 16 percent of online consumers who read corporate blogs admitted to trusting them. This is attributed to corporate propaganda, and a blog with out a strategy only contributes to this distrust for your brand. After this general introduction the book transitions into a type of “university class” structure where it delves into building – and further exploring – social media. From wigits to content distribution, the book does get into a lot of detail, but none of which seems overwhelming.Chapter 12 was the most pertinent for what I was looking for regarding establishing an online presence and defining the brand persona. It was not by far the most detailed, but it shouldn’t have been. This was a book on social media application, not branding. From here the book graduated you to more insight into where social media is and where it is going. I found this interesting so I’ll include a few key takeaways. Now and in the future, information will be finding you. Power is shifting from tightly controlled publishers, broadcasters, and corporations. Yet with this power, if it is to be used to better human life remember that this virtual information space is not a world unto itself, but merely a supplement to life. (“How many of our most joyful memories have been created in front of screen?). It is the goal for business to tap into these opportunities to “earn awareness and more importantly, build relationships with those who share affinities for the information products, and services they represent.”Now it gets into the topics of how to listen to customers via social media. This introduced the “conversation prism” concept referenced throughout the rest of the book. It goes into more detail on classification of social media sites. The author’s theory is that it is more important to look at the groups. Given the rapid change social media sites, some may not be there next year and new ones will be; don’t just look at the usual suspects. This prism can be used to “discover social news and conversations that are relevant to defining and positing the sentiments, perceptions, and resonance of the brand in the Social Web. It is the cornerstone of the bigger discussion as to where, why and how to engage. The purpose of the prism is to inspire action and research that leads to earned relevance.” This sift from top down broadcasting (press releases, trade journals) to embrace the consumer directly is a good blue print to shorten the gap between brand, personification, and the ability to listen and respond to input through adaptation of product and services. Interesting, every social network has a search box, but those results are often not included in from the monitoring services of web data! Next we move on to what the demographics of a social network look like. A 2008 study said that 1% of are creators, 9% are editors/intermittent contributors, and 90% are an audience. From there it gets into the real details of developing a Social Media Plan Outline (page 277). Another tid bid, Whole food has more than 50 twitter accounts based on product topic!So what does social media mean and why is social media important? Looking at a 2003 loyalty and profitability study found that not all loyal customers are profitable, and not all profitable customers are loyal. The author claims that the social customer is, becoming more prominent and influential than ever before. But it also discusses more tangible ways to measure ROI on social media from companies. (See page 328 for list of possible measurements).• Best buy measure the ROI of its internal “Blue Shirts Nation” community in terms of lower turnover rates.• The National Association of Manufactures measures the ROI of its blog in terms of greater access to the halls of Capital Hill• Dell measures the success of its IdeaStorm community both in terms of lower support costs and the number of new ideas generated.• Seaworld reached out to roller-coaster enthusiast with its social media program and measured ROI in terms of lower out reach costs as well as tickets sold.In conclusion, not only was this a great read, but I would put it up there with some other great business books. True to the secondary title, this book truly was “a complete guide for brands and businesses to build, cultivate, and measure success in the new web.” Or maybe I just had a few too many sips of the Koolaid and support the “Engage or Die!” introduction mantra.

  • Fred Zimny
    2019-02-10 02:44

    Brian Solis thought leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist and so on. Solis uses his role as principal of consultancy FutureWorks to urge businesses to interact with and learn about their customers. Solis, was recently mentioned as one of CRMmagazine’s Influential Leaders of 2010,Having followed Brian Solis for about two years on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, I have to admit he is – as so many social media gurus – highly accessible.I started reading the book and – though i do not know the author in person – it felt like he had been so kind to deliver he book him self. Being acquainted with his work and insights it was an easy and entertaining read. Considering myself to be a seasoned veteran in the field of social media, i still could and can find many profound insights and references (hidden in a well written text).The book is rich in research, information, theory and experiences. The book has an excellent coverage of marketing, public relations and customer service items. As the author states himself ”it is intended to empower you with ideas, purpose and direction”. And in line with the CCCCC-approach of connecting to a construct and accordingly changing, the author mentions that “it is how the information in the book is applied that determines relevance in your world. The data that you gather is specifically relevant to your reality and what you discover, learn and observe determines your next steps.”The coreBusinesses that don’t listen to or speak with customers are missing an opportunity to demonstrate adeptness and vision. Seems obvious, but it’s not—which is why it’s one of the lessons that form the basis for Brian Solis’s book Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web.Curious about the content?Welcome to the revolutionThe new reality of marketing and customer serviceForever students of new mediaBrand representative versus the brand youWe are the championsThe social architect: developing a blueprint for new marketingA little less conversation, a little more action: rising above the noise.My rating4,5 stars on a scale 0-5.Engage clearly shows more than passion for brands and business. It enables one to build, cultivate and measure success in the new web.The book is written for anyone who wants to improve. In a context of constant change: new ways of value creation, new demands by employees, changing demands from customers who more and more own the conversation.Moreover, his entertaining book is an accessible description of some of the fundamental trends. It offers instructive lessons for every business leader and professional in the field of marketing, pr and customer service.Realize that the companion site for the book,, includes many lessons and stories that did not make the final cut of his book as well as up to date stories that capture and define the progress of interactive media. The site also serves as a resource to continue your education supporting your efforts as you blaze new trails.Many operational managers will finalize their yearplan 2011 in the forthcoming months. ENGAGE may help them to design their business in 2011.Being able – and willing – to build successful businesse, one needs to construct the fundamental underlying concepts and trends in the real world. The book enables you to get a basic understanding that helps you identifying challenges and frame opportunities.This book is recommended reading for anyone who is interested in connecting to the changing context in the customer service business world. It is then up to you how that knowledge and information will be applied by you to achieve business, professional or personal success.Read, connect and act! Or as the author ends the book: “Now, let’s go to work”.

  • Katie
    2019-01-23 01:59

    I'll admit, I skimmed the majority of this book, and that's after taking several months off between starting and finishing it. I felt that the last third did a great job of discussing influencer marketing, engagement, etc., and there were some good nuggets in the beginning as well. These all required a moderate to advanced knowledge of social media, in my opinion. So I was confused that the middle of the book was made up of intro level social media information. I understand the author needed to make sure everyone was on the same page, but I think his content would be better served if this backgrounder information was put in an appendix and the bulk of the book focused on expanding the engagement/influencer ideas.

  • Dane Cobain
    2019-02-03 04:42

    I’m not going to lie – Brian Solis let me down. He’s a well-respected social media marketer, and I’d heard good things about his book, but I just can’t bring myself to rate it as highly as the books that were released by some of his contemporaries.The sad fact is that Engage! has aged much more than many other social media marketing books, perhaps because Solis placed too much importance on specific social networks – sure, he does agree that the message is more important than the medium, and some of his lessons in planning and deployment are well worth reading, but his work makes for tedious reading and, to be honest, he doesn’t say anything which hasn’t been said before.And that’s not to mention the typos – there are a shocking amount of mistakes scattered throughout the pages, more than you see in some self-published works. If you’re the sort of person who isn’t bothered by that then it might not be such a problem, but each time I spotted one it stopped me in my tracks.In all honesty, though, it’s still a good book – it just pales in comparison to some of the other social media marketing books that are out there, some of which were written earlier and yet have stood up to the test of time. There are lessons to be learned and diagrams to be studied, but you’ll find nothing here that you can’t find online or written about elsewhere, with more aplomb.Which is a shame, because Solis is a highly competent marketer and a great thinker and doer – he’s just more of a marketer than a writer, and that’s okay. Either way, good marketers seek inspiration everywhere, and when you’ve read everything else you can find then you should read this too.

  • W.G.T. Fernando
    2019-02-15 00:45

    With telecom companies dropping prices and giving better speeds, we see the internet penetration going up on a daily basis. Hence we see more and more companies joining into the social media platforms and gathering fans or followers. But is that enough? What about the engagement?Brian Solis, a digital analyst and prominent author of new media, comes up with a comprehensive 400 page book that is an essential guide for any team that is handling a brand on social media platforms. In the 25 chapters included, he breaks the content into 6 core areas which focus from starting out to being on top of the game.He makes it very clear from the very start: ‘Engage or Die!’ and takes us through the shift from traditional media to the online interaction. The first chapters highlight the concept of building a bridge between the brand and its customers.For a full review of this book, get a copy of 'Marketer Pulse' magazine (June 2011 issue, pg 50)

  • Paul Mirek
    2019-02-07 05:52

    I closely read the first half of this book before putting it aside for future reference. Brian Solis is obviously passionate about emerging media and its impact on societal systems at every level. However, the writing style here falls prey to the bloat that accompanies too many "academic" works, needlessly obscuring some of Solis's very good points.My copy was the revised edition, which is still several years old at this point. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. The first half of the book focuses heavily on the different social networks as they were at the time of writing, minimizing its value. Things get more interesting at the halfway point as Solis starts talking about how leading organizations empower their members to act on behalf of the brand. Unfortunately, the lack of an effective table of contents (there are chapters, but no overarching themes or sections) makes it hard for casual readers to find these key points. Instead, I would recommend checking out Solis's various web presences for "engaging" content that's more relevant to the modern marketer.

  • Tim
    2019-02-16 07:42

    As someone who is always looking to stay on top of social media trends and find information to support the value of these tools, I was thoroughly impressed with Brian Solis' explanations, examples, etc. Solis, a leader in digital media, offered excellent advice for those just starting out in using social media in business. He also provided practical information for companies that are already using it extensively. The greatest value of this book, I believe, is the blunt reasoning — and supporting data — to help people like me convince the C-Suite that social media is vital for businesses today.

  • Faye Oney
    2019-02-04 00:37

    Brian Solis said it best at a recent social media conference: "There is no such thing as a social media 'expert;' we are all learning this together." This is a textbook for all things social media... Brian takes a step-by-step approach to educating the reader about the social networks, the rules of engagement, and the metrics with which to measure your results. Although it tends to be somewhat "dry" like a textbook, it is an excellent guide for businesses who are ready to venture into the social media space.

  • Libby Baker Sweiger
    2019-02-06 05:56

    This is full of great information. It is not an easy read. I'm sure that was not the intent of the author. I am used to reading and writing and reading blogs. I need a book that moves a bit faster. So, I dragged my feet on this one.I certainly agree with Solis that engaging is the name of the game in Social Media and try to do so every day with my person accounts, business account and on behalf of my clients.

  • Aaron Glett
    2019-02-02 02:53

    Actually, I read the non-revised edition, but this was the closest version that they had listed. As a result, I will say this book lays the foundation for a solid future in Social Media. Don't assume that Social Media is a simple fix. After reading this book, I've realized that most businesses hoping to cash in fast into social media were doing it wrong. You don't cash in fast, you cash in the right way or it's the highway.

  • Sam Rodriguez
    2019-01-30 08:37

    Brian Solis give a comprehensive assessment of social media. He starts with the big picture and drills down to the detailed while touching on marketing along the way. I don't consider this book to be an easy read, you have to really want to read about this subject. His style of using multiple, redundant, descriptive adjectives to make his points gets old pretty fast, but other than that his writing style is pretty okay.

  • destanie
    2019-01-28 03:47

    I'm tempted to give this a high review, just because some of these sentences are worthy of David Foster Wallace. For example: "The doctrines that we examine and propose are in fact representative of best-of-breed ideals and methods unearthed and mashed-up from existing and extinct tactics to renew, edify, mature and hone our proficiencies, conviction, knowledge and experience." But it takes away from the humor knowing that the author wasn't trying to be funny.

  • Luciano Palma
    2019-01-27 07:04

    One of the best books about socialmedia and digital marketing.Brian Solis talks about the impact of new digital media in a very complete way: from concepts to measurement tools, from intelligent reflections to working framework proposals.A must read for anyone that intends to "Engage" with customers in the XXI Century.

  • Henk van der Duim
    2019-02-01 00:57

    I did not enjoy reading this book, although there is some valueable information in it. But that is buried somewhere in the book. It basically takes the fun away from social media. Social Media is not that complicated, so why make it so?The End of Business As Usual was a much more enjoyable book!

  • Aubrey
    2019-02-05 00:50

    Found this book mentioned here:'t notice until later that Ashton Kutcher had written the foreword----might re-think reading it but I guess we'll see.

  • Koen Verbrugge
    2019-01-23 04:47

    Brian Solis is a great influencer, turning intuitive inisghts into marketable concepts like no other. That being said, you'll find more of those gems through his evolution podcast series than you will by reading this book.

  • Adam Jeske
    2019-01-28 00:37

    This sat on my shelf for a while, so it's already showing its age. However, Solis makes good points about: -the rise of new media, -what organizations need to be doing today, -transparency, -learning cultures, -some helpful planning documents, and -metrics.

  • Tushar
    2019-01-22 03:46

    This is the book for anyone who is looking for a digital media start up. Brilliant. The numbers and actions may differ cos of the updated websites and interfaces, the basic intention and idea remains the same.

  • Nicole
    2019-01-31 03:40

    This book is not an easy read by any means. It's almost textbook style. But that is not a bad thing. I learned A LOT, highlighted A LOT, took A LOT of notes, and use it as a constant reference for my business. Excellent read for entrepreneurs who do it all themselves!

  • Justin Silva
    2019-02-05 07:01

    I tried to read this book twice and never got past the first 50-75 pages. It would be a good read for someone that knows nothing about social media or digital marketing, but try a more advanced read if you are in the industry.

  • Audra
    2019-02-09 05:45

    I started reading this book in Sept 2010 and didn't get very far because of all the other books I had received from the library around the same time I received this book so I'm starting over as of today.

  • Yana Petrova
    2019-02-07 06:48

    A useful guide for everyone interested in social media, online reputation management and community management. Anyway, it's not your book if you're an experienced professional in these fields and want to learn something new.

  • Vittorio Veltroni
    2019-02-13 08:03

    Usual mumbo jumbo of a tech savant. they really don't get that the entire world is not made of device addicted, compulsive sharers and gadget freaks.a disappointing second step from his previous books.

  • Mark Polino
    2019-01-31 08:40

    I expected another book on how to use twitter. i got a great book full of social media info backed by great research. this book is very complete.

  • Liz
    2019-02-21 04:40

    This book is worth the read even if it was a bit long and dry at times. THere is a lot of good research and ideas here.

  • Charles Minguez
    2019-02-07 07:38

    Brian Solis is funny, witty and he knowledgable. This is a must read!

  • Rachgsmith
    2019-02-15 04:43

    evolution and future of social media. a million of these books, but not about the necessity to communicate as people on these platforms.