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Point of Lay Hybrid Hens

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Introducing the "Coral Nova" - Eden's new variety of point of lay chicken

The Coral Nova is an attractive hen with white plumage, laying a cream coloured egg. She can produce up to 355 eggs during an 80 week period of lay. Larger and heavier than the popular White Nova, as a docile and friendly girl she is more suited to family situations.

Eden Livestock has chosen these point of lay (POL) hybrid pullets as being particularly suited to both domestic and free-range environments, small or large scale. These colourful, hardy, point of lay chickens also offer a variety of attractive breed types, plumage and coloured eggs.

Based on traditional utility poultry farmyard favourites, including Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, French Maran and Italian Leghorn, the hens have been carefully selected over generations to combine the stamina and reliability of modern hybrid hens with the attractive looks of traditional pure breeds plus the additional choices of coloured eggs.

All pullets are supplied at point of lay (POL), aged 16 weeks minimum, and fully vaccinated. They are professionally reared to Freedom Foods and Lion Code welfare standards.

These chickens are extremely popular and sell out quickly. Reserving pullets in advance is advised. A deposit may be required. For further information or to reserve hens please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Delivery of point of lay hybrid pullets possible to most areas of the UK - please call or email for details and availability

The new Coral Nova point of lay pullet from Eden Livestock
NEW! Coral Nova point of lay pullet

Chickens enjoy being in a mixed flock
mixed hybrid flock

Nova Ranger pullets
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Rhode Island Type Hybrids

Nova Ranger Pullet
Nova Ranger

Nova Ranger - A Rhode Island Red based utility layer. The benefits of the reliability and economy of a hybrid, balanced against the traditional good looks of the chestnut coloured farmyard fowl. Placid, hardy and highly productive bird. Suited to commercial as well as domestic flock conditions.
Egg Colour: Mid-Brown. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 300+

Cuckoo Nova - A classic French utility cross based on the Cuckoo Maran. Perfect balance between dark egg colour and production. A large bird with attractive blue/grey and cream striped or speckled plumage and occasionally having feathered legs.
Egg Colour: Brown. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 260-280

Maran Type Hybrids

Cuckoo Nova Pullet
Cuckoo Nova

Amber Nova Pullet
Amber Nova

Amber Nova- A Rhode Island White based hybrid brown egg layer. Achieves a higher body weight than its RIR based cousins which makes it more tolerant of organic systems. Attractive plumage in variations of coffee and vanilla. Reliable and friendly, easy to manage.
Egg Colour: Light Brown. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year:300+

Blue Nova - One of the most popular domestic hybrids. A stunning looking bird with splendid slate blue plumage. A very docile and friendly temperament. Suited to children and beginners. Typically lays dark brown eggs.
Egg Colour: Brown. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 260+

Blue Nova Pullet
Blue Nova
Black Nova Pullet
Black Nova
Black Nova - A classic Rhode Island Red/Barred Plymouth Rock utility cross, bred for over 40 years. Very hardy. Well suited to commercial free-range flock conditions as well as the garden.
Egg Colour: Brown. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 300+
Nova Noir - Strikingly beautiful hybrid based on the French Copper Black Maran. Famous for producing eggs of fabulous shell colour and quality. Beautiful Black and Gold plumage with a beetle green sheen when mature. Hens frequently have feathered legs.
Egg Colour: Dark Brown/Chocolate Speckled. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 240+
Nova Noir Pullet
Nova Noir

Sussex Type Hybrids

Sussex Nova Pullet
Sussex Nova

Sussex Nova - An excellent utility strain of the popular and very beautiful traditional British Light Sussex. A large bird with excellent temperament happy in a garden or on free range.
Egg Colour: Light Brown/Pink Tinted. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 260-280

White Nova - Bred from utility strains of traditional White Leghorn. This bird is a prolific layer of large eggs. Classed as a light breed due to its small size, the White Nova is inclined to be a bit nervous but brims with character.
Egg Colour: White. Approx. Number of eggs laid in first year: 320+

Utility White Leghorn

White Nova Pullet
White Nova Utility Leghorn

Silver Nova Pullet
Silver Nova
Silver Nova- Large farmyard type domestic fowl similar in appearance to the attractive Silver Sussex pure breed. Glossy black plumage typically laced with silver or white around the throat and breast. Lovely garden hen and a striking addition to a small flock.
Egg Colour: Light Brown/Pink Tinted. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 260-280

Columbine- Bred from selected strains of the Cream Crested Legbar, this bird is currently being developed as a blue egg laying hybrid with commercial properties. The breeding programme uses British bloodlines and gives birds of variable colour, typically being of a reddish brown partridge feathered type with salmon coloured breast, with or without a crest and varying size of comb. The hens thrive on free range forage, where they consume large amounts of vegetation.
Egg Colour: Probability of blue eggs from these hybrids is around 85%. Approx. number of eggs laid in first year: 260-280

Blue Egg Laying Hybrid

Columbine Pullet

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