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The benefits and uses of natural Apple Cider Vinegar


Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar


Quantites and variations:

Two methods of giving Apple Cider Vinegar are described here. They are both effective but it is probably best to stick to one method once you decide which to follow.

Method 1 - 25ml of Apple Cider to be added to 1 litre of drinking water which is given to the hens for a period of 10-14 days to adjust pH and establish healthy gut flora. Followed by maintenance periods of either 2 days a week (the weekend for example) or one week per month.

Method 2 - 1 ml per litre of water given on a constant basis - this is very effective for rearing chicks and growers to 8 weeks or so.

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elememts, particularly potassium. It's chief actions are to normalize pH levels in the stomach, which helps aid digestion, and to purify the blood. This leads to a host of other benefits, which is why Apple Cider vinegar is THE number one natural health product used by Eden Livestock.

Bacteria and harmful micro organisms thrive in a weak acid or mild alkaline environment. Apple Cider Vinegar contains acetic acid which lowers pH levels (raises acidity), which in turn disrupts the energy, sustenance and transport mechanisms of aggressive pathogens. Natural pectins in the fruit bind to toxins, assisting their transport out of the body. In this way potential infections can be targetted and the natural immune system is stimulated and supported in fighting back.

Apple Cider Vinegar also contains malic acid which acts in a similar way to lower pH levels in the gut. This stimulates appetite and improves the digestive process. Potassium assists in helping maxiumum nutrition to be obtained from the feed - particularly the absorption of calcium which is very important for growing chicks and laying hens.

Organisms in the gut can affect the health of chickens and compete with them for nutrition. By lowering the pH in the gut beyond that in which a specific organism can survive, the organism is eradicated. This has been demonstrated to be effective with control of pathogens such as Salmonella*, coccidiosis oocysts and internal parasites.

Apple Cider Vinegar is best given as an additive to drinking water. It can be fed to any age of bird. There are several methods of adding the vinegar to the water, they are all effective and can be adapted to suit your own requirements or regime.

The most effective sort of Apple Cider Vinegar to use is cold pressed and unfiltered as it retains more of its essential and effective vitamins and minerals.

Cautions: Do not use metal water dishes, except stainless steel - plastic is preferred. Do not use on birds which you already suspect of having excessive internal inflammation or irritation.

*Acidified poultry diets and their implications to the poultry industry (B.F. Miller)

Important: Ths information is offered to help you establish a natural and holistic approach to basic poultry care. If your chickens become sick you should consult a veterinary practitioner for medical guidance.

Benefits of Oral Apple Cider Vinegar include:

  • Reduction of fecal odour
  • Improvement to appetite and digestion
  • Help break down minerals and fats in diet
  • Help assimilate proteins and absorb calcium
  • Improve shell quality in laying hens
  • Maintain fertility and stamina
  • Improve feather quality and strength
  • Improve overall wellbeing to lower stress and support the immune system
  • Control and eradicate internal parasites and pathogens

Benefits to young stock include:

  • Chicks feather up quicker
  • Generally hardier and resistant to coccidiosis
  • Reach their potential sooner when combined with a suitable diet

Other benefits include:

  • If used in the bath water of show birds it imparts a shine to the feathers
  • If applied to minor wounds it decreases pain and promotes healing
  • Helps control minor bleeding
  • Relieves itchy skin or feather problems

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